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    Inducing attraction in a girl is indeed difficult, particularly if you don't know what you're doing. Attraction is a complex emotion that involves a lot of vibe. To be able to make a girl feel drawn to you with an intensity that rivals a stunning earthquake, you have to learn the following tricks.

    1. Push Those Hot Buttons

    Pique a girl's curiosity and make her stick around to exchange banter with you. This is what most guys will tell you. However, there's a subtle way of making a woman stick around during conversation, and that's to make her feel confused about your real intentions. Use covert tactics to make a woman rankle with feelings for you. Most of the time, the more powerful these feelings are, the more she can't get you out of her mind, even when the conversation is over.

    2. Irrational Feelings

    You know what could make women do things that they won't normally do? These are extreme emotions like insecurity and jealousy. Make a girl jealous of other women who seem to be better than her. Play this up by making it seem like she doesn't measure up. Most women will feel challenged, and only a paltry few will sulk in acceptance. Women are competitive creatures by nature, so use this tendency to your advantage.

    3. Fractionation

    A standard set by many expert seduction artists includes hypnosis in attracting women. The good news is that this is available to any man who wants to make a woman fall in love easily by way of emotional dependence. Be her prince of charm by making her feel emotions so strong that she can't shake them away - in less than 15 minutes. This technique involves usage of simple conversational "anchors" which make a woman feel emotionally addicted to you - and in the end make her do anything you ask her to. Amazing stuff!

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