How to Make a Woman Feel Hot For You

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    You might have heard that eye contact is extremely necessary when you're trying to seduce the hottest women around. Just by looking at her a certain way, a woman can feel your attraction, and she can see the subliminal offer to interact in your gaze.Therefore, for you to really be successful with women, you must learn how to load your feelings into your gaze.

    Triangulate Your Stare. Girls feel a bit freaked when guys simply stare at them (usually without blinking). To avoid being tagged as a creep because all you can do is stare at her while she's talking, try this method.

    First, gaze at her left eye, then move your gaze to her lips while she's talking. After a few seconds, go back up and gaze at her right eye. This way, your eyes shift across her face in a manner that is completely natural and non-creepy.

    Wink. When you tease a girl, wink in a naughty way. You can maximize the effect of this method by doing it over the rim of your drinking glass while she's coming up with a clever reply to your teasing. Doing this will increase sexual energy and will make her realize how incredibly sexy you are.

    The Stare Illusion. To avoid looking at her with unfocused eyes, you can concentrate on the spot between her eyes.

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