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    The following are guidelines for how you should behave in the Discussion Forums. Please read them carefully.

    Our forum is moderated on an as-needed basis by volunteers. Moderators are identified by their colored display names. Aphrodite moderators are not health professionals.

    The information provided on this forum is designed to support, not replace, the direct relationship between patients and health professionals.

    We remind you that any message can be read, used, reproduced and cited by all. Thus, please take care regarding the information that you post.

    This message board is primarily for women to relate and discuss personal experiences. We have a low tolerance of links to commercial sites and there is a high probability that if you post a link to a commercial site then your post will be deleted (particularly if you are a new member). Deletion will be at the moderator's sole discretion. Links to non-commercial sites will be deleted if considered off-topic or for any other reason at the moderator's sole discretion.

    Aphrodite is a "spam free zone," this INCLUDES the private messaging (PM) system. If you are found to be using the PM system to send unsolicited messages promoting other websites and/or products, you will be banned as a spammer.

    Our forums are primarily for women to discuss personal experiences (yes, we're repeating ourselves, it's important!). We recognize, however, that there may be occasions when material from another website may provide value to our members.

    We would ask that you respect the copyright of the original author and only post a small portion (usually one or two paragraphs is considered fair use) of the original work. You should also explain in your post why the material is relevant and provide a link to the original material. Bear in mind that our low tolerance for spam may mean your post is deleted if we consider that it is not relevant to the topic being discussed.

    Calls for research participants

    Invitations for our members to participate in research are permitted, provided:

    * You first outline the nature of your research in the "Messages for Mods" subforum in "Housekeeping". We need to feel comfortable about the nature of your project.

    * It is not market research.

    * The research is related to women's health, or to the topic of internet communities.

    * No attempt is made to sell any products or services to our members.

    * The participants remain anonymous, with any personal information being collected only for the purposes of the research and not shared with any third parties.

    * The participants' right not to answer sensitive questions is respected.



    What you have in your signature file is entirely up to you, however:

    * Spammy looking SIGs will increase the probability that your post will be treated as spam.

    * Please don't link to multiple URLs in your SIG.

    * Please don't include imagery or text in your SIG that may cause offence to others.



    * Please don't include imagery in your avatar that may cause offence to others. Nudity is not permitted.


    Private messages are private. Please do not post or forward private messages.

    Please stay on topic. Posts that are not relevant may be deleted.

    Please do not post anything that may be unlawful, or, may cause a crime to be committed.

    Be aware that is a publicly accessible forum. We strongly recommend that you refrain from revealing your personal details to others.

    Religious or racial slurs will not be tolerated.

    Bullying, stalking and harassment will not be tolerated.

    Please don’t make personal attacks. Attack the argument, not the person.

    Got a problem? In order to keep the forums focused on heath-related issues, the "The Pit" sub-forum (within Housekeeping) is available for gripes and complaints.

    And finally, and perhaps most importantly, these forums deal with topics that carry considerable emotional weight – fertility, birth control, pregnancy, sexuality and parenting are all subjects that can arouse tremendous emotive feeling. Please be aware of this and carefully consider how your post or reply may be interpreted by others.

    For most instances where members break the rules, we operate an escalating serious of penalties.

    First instance – Warning
    Second instance – One week ban
    Third instance – Two week ban
    Fourth instance – Permanent ban

    In extreme cases, a permanent ban may be enacted immediately.

    For more information about the conditions governing your use of the discussion forums, please see both our terms and conditions of use and our privacy policy.

    Thank you!
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