Hormonal Contraception Side Effects Part 2.

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by Raunchy-Row, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Raunchy-Row

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    Hey Ladies,
    Even though Holi is no longer a forum member, this was the post that started an 80 page, involved discussion about the many symptoms users of hormonal contraception can and do experience. The link is no longer working but I wanted to repost her original thread starter in its' entirety. Please continue to discuss and visit the 1st thread in the Archives!

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  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello any newbies coming to this site !

    please check out the archives on this subject. there is a group of us that have been posting for a long time now 3-7 months !

    some of us had this while being on bc while others had this when getting off bc, or a mixture of both..

    please go back and read the old stuff . it is informative !

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Side Effects of the Pill *

    Minor (non-life threatening)

    Allergic reactions, Breakthrough bleeding, Decreased immune system function, Disturbances in liver function, Eye disorders such as double vision, swelling of optic nerve,contact lens intolerance and corneal inflammation, Facial and body hair growth, Fluid retention and bloating, Fungal infections and tinea, Hair loss, Hayfever, asthma, skin rashes, Loss of libido, Lumpy or tender breasts, Migraines, Nausea, Psychological and emotional disorders, depression, mood changes, Secretions from the breast, Skin discolouration, Suicide is much more common among Pill-users than those using other forms of contraception, Weight gain, Systemic candida infection (candida or yeast infection), Urinary tract infection, Venereal warts, Vaginal discharges, including a much greater tendency to have vaginal thrush, Varicose veins.

    ok so i am so pissed as i continue to see these side effects listed as MINOR !!

    Yes i know they ae not life threatning in the sense that you can not die from them, but they are far,far from minor.

    Arg !

  4. AlyssTG9

    AlyssTG9 New Member

    Hi Clark!

    Isn't it strange that those symptoms are listed as MINOR? They're quite disruptive in terms of everyday life, therefore they are MAJOR.

  5. novi

    novi New Member

    I KNOW!!!! MINOR MY ASS!!!

    I guess the other MAJOR ones include cancer and things like that... so I see what they're trying to do... but I think SUICIDE belongs on the MAJOR list. LOL

    Did you get this off the link to the article I just posted under the "hope" thread?

    If not, here it is:


  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    if you could get rid of one symptom first what would it be ??

    mine would deff be the unwanted thinking !! (which is all related to the anxiety catagory , i know) but of all the anxiety symptoms this for me sucks the most......

  7. quittingthepill

    quittingthepill New Member

    Definitely, clark... the "what if its not the birth control," "what if I'll never get better." I also really hate the constant questioning of everything I do, etc.

  8. whattodo89

    whattodo89 New Member

    I agree with both of you!! The unwanted, intrusive, irrational thoughts! Those need to be the first to go....then i would at least feel sane! I'd rather deal with anxiety, or any physical pain then this emotional pain for my boyfriend, family, and friends!

  9. oriental

    oriental New Member

    Hello everyone.
    I'm new on the site but I can't believe I hadn't looked for forums before - the relief at knowing others are going through the same thing is immense!

    I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice because I'm getting so upset about the situation. I started seeing my boyfriend about 6 months ago and 2 months ago I started the pill. I'd been on it before but didn't think I had any side-effects (think I was ignoring the obsessive, jealous, paranoid tendencies!). But this time something started immediately - I basically can't shake a dull, nauseating feeling in my stomach that we shouldn't be together. I feel like crying often for no reason, I can't stop thinking of the worst possible outcome of everything, and all my negativity is directed towards my boyfriend, who is the sweetest, most loving, caring and supportive man I've ever met.

    It's worst in the mornings - I always wake up feeling low and try to get myself out of it. I realise I'm saying the same sort of thing others have said but I sort of want to hear something that might apply more directly to me. I've also just moved to China, so there have been major life changes, and I'm feeling pretty lonely. I guess I'm looking for reassurance that it's not a problem with my relationship, because I don't want to lose my boyfriend.

    If anyone can make sense of this jumbled message I'd appreciate it a lot! Thanks.

  10. Weirdartist

    Weirdartist New Member

    The only way to find out if its the hormones or your relationship is to come off the hormones, I realise if you REALLY don't want to risk a child right now that might be impossible, but there are other methods of contraception to consider, depending on how desperate you are to remain not pregnant, you could consider the coil/mirena, the implant (which is a different hormone system to the pill, but still hormones) and condoms with spermicide, or the cap/diaphragm with spermicide.. Or natural family planning, which is statistically most likely to make you pregnant (mainly due to usage errors or irregular ovulation).

    The next 3-6months could be hard if you quit birth control, because your body takes around 3 cycles to get back to normal (although many members here have found it much longer) Personally I feel fairly myself (although PMS is a little worse) after nearly 4 clear cycles. But if you don't quit and it is causing your unusual feelings... Well, I don't know if I would put up with that personally.

    Good luck whatever you decide.

  11. zoii123

    zoii123 New Member

    I am on pills from last 6 months and always have irregular periods. I am feeling fatty and moody whole day. What is going wrong with me? Doctor said it is normal and it happened due to hormonal change. Are all birth control methods hurt like pills?

  12. Zax

    Zax New Member

    I started the pill about 7 months ago, which was prescribed by my gynae, problem was she didn't take a blood test to determine which strength would be suitable for me as I am about 47kg's and 1.5m tall with a heart murmur and a duodenal ulcer. At first, I felt extremely irritable and tired, and in the days following I started to feel bloated, nauseas and tenderness in my breasts. I was always happy, laughing and positive before the hormonal changes but now I feel utterly depressed, as though I am numb and every little thing depresses me or gets me down and I think way too much. I have considered suicide more times in the past few months than I have in my entire life. My hair loss has tremendously increased, my skin looks pasty and I often get chest pains which are accompanied by dizziness and shortness of breath. I have gained abit of weight and I feel uncomfortable with myself as my libido is far lower than it used to be. I can't wait to leave the pill as these symptoms are taking its toll on me and I cannot put my loving, wonderful and absolutely patient husband through this as we are only married for 3 months and these unstable feelings and excessive anxiety and depression are beginning to get him down too.

    @ Oriental: I know exactly how you feel, rather opt for an alternative contraceptive method, I'm planning on getting an IUD within the next 3 weeks and completely leaving the pill.

  13. Temptress Tally

    Temptress Tally Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the board Zax

    Your symptoms sound serious, have you told your gynae about them?

  14. Zax

    Zax New Member

    Thanks alot Tally (",)

    I hsve relocated about 3 months ago and found a brilliant fertility specialist in the area and he will be fitting in an IUD for me next week as the symptoms have not really subsided. Also I have started taking vitamin B12 and ferrous sulphate for my anaemia. Would the Paraguard be a good idea as I have only been sexually active for the past 4 months and am not certain which to opt for.

  15. D Scully

    D Scully New Member

    I have been on several types of birth control since my senior year of high school.

    YAZ:6 months

    Mostly mood problems. Irritability, depression, anxiety. However, it also caused stomach upsets and this constant low-level nausea.

    PATCH:2 years

    Serious migraines, fatigue, bloating, cramping, weight gain, depression, low sex drive, acne

    NUVARING:2 years

    insidious weight gain, bloating, cramping mid-cycle, arrhythmia, migraines, low sex drive, vaginal irritation, really bad mood swings directed mainly at my boyfriend, giant boob growth (I went from a C to a DD in like 2 years) Sounds cool, but wasn't since nuvaring made me hate sex, which was kindof mean to my boyfriend.

    I have gone off all of it cold turkey! 1 month so far! No normal period yet... [​IMG]

  16. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    If you're getting an IUD and you've had a bad reaction to hormones, definitely get a Paraguard. The only other choice is a hormonal IUD, and if you've had problems with hormones, you could have the same problems with a hormonal IUD--only it would be worse because, unlike the pill, which you can stop taking at any time, you couldn't do anything about it yourself. You would have to get the IUD removed, which could be a big hassle at the very least.

    That is, the hormonal IUD is the only other choice in North America. If you live in Europe, there's another copper IUD available (I think it's called Gynefix) that's designed specifically for women who've never had children.
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  17. Maygem82

    Maygem82 New Member

    Suicide is much more common among Pill-users than those using other forms of contraception

    How in the hell is this a minor side effect?! Really? I have most likely been one of the lucky ones, on the pill for 5 years and no real side effects (to the naked eye anyway) I had a bit of wonky emotions for a while, switched pills and was fine. I have just recently decided to take the plunge and go au naturale, using lady comp and FAM, here's my question; has anyone else noticed a loss of orgasm while on the pill? I didn't really think about it so much (as I wasn't sexually active before the pill) just figured I was one of the ones who had a difficult time achieving (through SI) however, I come off the pill and viola, there it is! I read that it can be pretty common, just curious as to anyone else's experience.

  18. TheShortOne

    TheShortOne Member

    I'm on the pill now, and the one good thing it's done for me is made me a raging sex maniac. :\ Before I was with my boyfriend I didn't do a lot (never anything with someone else) so I can't really compare it, but... He gives me multiple orgasms no problem now, I have to do something sexually almost every day or it gets to the point where I can't concentrate...I suppose I've got the opposite problem from everyone else then. :3

  19. Orpheu

    Orpheu New Member

    Any opinion on the Lisvy patch(Gestodene/ethinylestradiol 60 mcg/24 h + 13 mcg/24 h)?

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