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Discussion in 'Overcoming Infertility' started by AnnaM, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Hello everyone. I am hoping you guys can help out. I am the mum of a 17 year old who has just finished her first cycle of ABVD chemo for the treatment of stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. Apart from all the professionals on our team treating my beautiful girl, I was after any advice, tips or stories from any one who has experienced this and how this has impacted fertility and success in starting family. We are aware that the ABVD can induce early menopause and can 'fry' her eggs (for the want of a better word). She isn't ready just yet to have bubbas but it has always been on her list of heartfelt desires and as her mum (and midwife) I want to see her fulfil this dream. She has one more cycle of the ABVD before the next PET scan and then depending on the results from the scan she either stays on the ABVD for another 6 cycles or goes on to another regime that obviously will be stronger.
    I am aware that egg harvesting is often the course of action, but she didn't have time for this due to the exacerbated stage and the rate is was spreading ( don't even ask me how p*****ed off I am with the Dr who saw her every fortnight for 10 months and just brushed it off as anxiety secondary to anorexia- for which she was well into recovery, despite being a bit tricky to pick up, I am still cross).

    Any tip, comment (preferably the constructive ones) will be very much appreciated.

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    No knowledge here Anna, but best of luck and high hopes. :)

  3. AnnaM

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    we got an appointment with a specialist for next week. hopefully we'll get a better idea then MatthewM. You been very quiet on site so to speak.

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    Hey Anna, not much going on here I guess lol, and there's not often a lot of response even when there is. ;)

    Good luck with the specialist. Hope you're staying strong. :)

  5. AnnaM

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    I am doing pretty well thanks. I am coming up against so many character building events lately that I am positively bursting wth character! Hope all good in your neck of the woods and you are having the best of times.


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