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Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by kikimezza, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. kikimezza

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    I am SO very exhausted this week. Its not been a good week. ds has woken up the past 2 nights at 2:00 a.m. The first night I thought maybe he was hungry, so I tried to give him a bottle, he didnt want to eat. But then went back to sleep after a little bit of fuss. Last night again he wakes up, I pick him up adjust his bed put him back down, when I do, he starts to scream and cry. He doesnt want to eat, he doesnt want a pacifier, I dont know if he is teething, or if its night terrors? I dont know. I tried tylenol, it didnt really work, but kicked in after like 20 minutes and got him back to sleep. But then I am wired and agitated takes me time to get back to sleep, poor Dh is exhausted, atleast I was able to get another hour or so of sleep after he left for work (damn alarm clock always wakes me up!). I dont know what this thing with ds is but I hope it passes soon! So this has not been a good week, that and with my period, ugh, I have been back on the coffee train again!

  2. mw7244

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    Is he not feeling well sweety. It is probably teething though like you said. Hang in there, I hope it gets better.

  3. kikimezza

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    He's definitely not feeling sweaty, gosh I hope it passes soon! lol

  4. lucashem

    lucashem New Member

    sounds like teeth to me with refusing his bottle and pacifier. It will get better...hang in there.

  5. id.ka

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    If nothing else is wrong as far as illnesses are concerned, I know that whenever A's normal sleep pattern becomes disrupted, low temp of 98 or so, super-stinky diapers, lower food intake and slightly crabbier than usual, then it's teeth. You can check the gums and see if where the teeth are expected; A got blister-like, red and watery swellings where her top teeth were coming out. The bottom gums didn't have them for some reason. Hope this helps.

  6. dee

    dee Active Member

    Could be teeth, could also be a "phase". Unfortunately they sometimes just get a weird blip where the sleep pattern just goes pear shaped. Or it could be a growth spurt? although then I would expect him to be asking for food at that time if that's the reason he's waking. He might feel the need for a cuddle! Again, sometimes they just hit a weird phase. Phases stink, but they pass [​IMG]

    Re the teeth, before J's came through at the bottom you could see them at the Front of the gums, not from the top (if that makes sense?) After a few more days then the blister that id.ka says about appeared, that lasted a few mroe days and then the teeth began to pop through.

    Hope you can get some more rest soon x

  7. erin321

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    Hey kiki.

    I’ve been talking about this A LOT in the Feb/Mar Mommies thread. Hailey has been sleeping terribly for a while now. It’s been nearly a month and a half. She slept great from 9 weeks to almost 5 months and then it all went to hell. It’s been too long for a growth spurt, or teeth. The doctor saw no signs of teeth at her appt last week, and neither do I. Some nights are better than others but there is not ONE night where she doesn’t wake up and stay up at least once. Sometimes she stays awake for 2 hours! And aside from that, she wakes a few other times too where I have to go in and settle her. I wish I had some advice for you, but I’ve been begging for advice myself! It is really hard, especially since I work full time, but I haven’t found a solution to this yet. I hear that a lot of babies just go through this type of thing and it will pass…eventually. I’m sorry I don’t have anything to offer, but I wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone! I hope it gets better for you soon hun. (And me too!)

  8. JoanieD

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    Kiki I know how tired you are and like the other ladies said it should pass and soon I hope. Squeaker was doing this for a week or so about a month back because she had bad gas pains. I laid her across my legs on her tummy and did the bicycle thing with her legs and it helped a bit. Oh and Tylenol takes at least 20mins to kick in so if he was better after about 20 mins it could definitely be pain from teeth. Squeakers teeth showed on the front of her gums before they did on the top too.

    I hope this passed quickly and you get some much needed rest. It is awful to be so sleep deprived. Good Luck!

  9. kikimezza

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    Dee- I know exactly what you mean, zach has 4 of those on the front of his gums. So maybe it is his teeth?!!
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  10. Bear

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    Kiki, it sounds like teeth, but if not teeth have you had your little boy checked for ear Rhys suffers with ear infections a lot...he is fine during the day, but about half an hour after you lay him down he is screaming in pain if he has an ear infection...if not teeth, get his ears or throat checked (tonsilitis has the same effect...I know this from previous experience with my other son!).

  11. MizzAmber

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    Sounds like either teething or growing pains. My little has been doing the same thing. I usually just bring her to bed with me and nurse her to get her back to sleep and put her back in her bed. I know some people would say not to do that, but I think whatever helps her sleep helps me sleep so its a win win. Sometimes they just want to cuddle with mommy. I hope it passes soon, good luck


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