Have any of you tried penis sleeve extenders?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by agolagol, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. agolagol

    agolagol New Member

    Would you consider it if your male was slightly on the small side?

    Will it turn you on because you know it will officially make your man a 'larger male'?


  2. agolagol

    agolagol New Member

    My husband has tried a penis sleeve extension on me and it was extremely pleasurable. I didn't want it initially because I love him for the way he is. I just wanted to purchase the creams but he just whacked one on out of no where, and it felt great.

  3. Sam I Am

    Sam I Am New Member

    My boyfriend and I discussed a sleeve (he's not exactly endowed) last week and the conversation was a bit embarassing for him. However, just last night he introduced one that he picked up from the internet and ohhhh......... this might save our relationship.

  4. JillF

    JillF Member

    A bit of a caution though ladies-- I moderate on the altpenis forum, and if women show too much enthusiasm for an extender, it just makes the man feel all the more inadequate.

    If they know its just a fun thing for sex, then it should be ok-- but if they believe that you prefer it over just them, then it could cause a lot of anxiety and worries.
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  5. billy1969

    billy1969 New Member

    Just to get back to you guys, looking all over the net, found this company that said they are working on several shapes and sizes.
    I do not have one but, I email them and they sent a photo of one, anyhow looks promising.
    it was found at lolajake.com
    THe most realistic thing I have seen. THe rep. "ruby" sent me a photo.. so I would let them know you would like to see a picture

  6. Daisy Delayne

    Daisy Delayne New Member

    I don't totally get the purpose of the 'extendor'. Personally, I don't find there's a difference between a five incher and an eight incher as far as sensation goes. As long as it's hitting the clit and all the important surrounding areas, it's all good and even if a guy is very small there are ways to do it so that it hits the clit every time, just like men who are very large can still manage to miss it every time.

  7. pinkFlames

    pinkFlames New Member

    I think a sleeve over the penis would defeat the purpose of making love. I allow my man into my body so I can feel him, not some silicone device. If I want silicone, I'll play with my vibrator otherwise it's human flesh I want.
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  8. biker_061

    biker_061 New Member

    did you see the prices on those things??? must be something i'm missing??? of course they are a medical grade prosthesis from the looks of them.

  9. Amara23

    Amara23 New Member

    what ways? Just curious!

  10. Vexed

    Vexed New Member

    I would happily wear one for my girlfriend. I would like to make love to her without it often also, but I'd be turned on to know that she was enjoying feeling full from the extra size that the extender provided. Basically, her reactions and willingness to explore with a larger size is what would turn me on about it.

    Yes, extenders do increase the length, but they also increase the girth of a penis. It depends on the extender.

    My girlfriend enjoys pressure on the deepest part of her vagina. It's called the cul de sac by one author. For my girlfriend, it is more stimulating to her than her g-spot. She can't orgasm from hitting these spots alone, but pressure on her cul de sac, combined with rubbing her clit gives her the orgasms that she desires.

    So, an extender would help me reach the cul de sac in positions that I can't otherwise reach it in. My penis is 6.75" long measured from the pubic bone (the correct medical comparison), and I can only reach the cul de sac on the deepest perfect strokes when in doggy, and also is she lowers down on my "all the way" when on top, and my penis is rock hard. Otherwise, I can't put sufficient pressure on the cul de sac for her. Yes, she appreciates girth too, but the cul de sac & clit combo is what really does it for her. Other women might appreciate length too if they knew about the cul de sac hot spot.

  11. Jopez

    Jopez New Member

    Ahh I see this thread is sort of old, but I'll bug in anyways.

    So the thing is that like the last poster said, I'd like to give my girl a "bigger" experience, so I bought one of those penis sleeves in the internet.

    Problem is that when I tried it I couldn't get it in. I also tried getting it inside while it was flacid, didn't work either. Actually when I compared my penis to the sleeve, my own penis was way bigger(and it's not like I'm a porn actor) than the silicone device.

    So to those who have used it, did you find the same problem? How did you solve it?

  12. beachgirly

    beachgirly New Member

    My hubby suffers from ED, we have tried so many types of sleeves in the past year. Most of the ones you purchase at the Toy shops are tight and stop the blood circulation. Also, some are so hard to get his testicles into. When we would put it on, with a ton of lube it would ruin the moment. He found a company that sells professional grade models, they cost a ton so we are saving up this summer to get one. I'm going to look at and ED forum and see if they have any info about it. It's call RXSLEEVE.COM hope this helps any of you. If you buy one please post your review as we are saving up this summer for one.

  13. happyhub

    happyhub New Member

    I could certainly be convinced to wear something like for my wife, on occasion. She has always been wonderfully complementary of my natural size, but I think it would be rather erotic for me to get to watch her be entered and penetrated by something just a bit larger than normal. My ego, and my penis' ego :) , could handle it... as long as she didn't insist on using this device all the time!

  14. lee spivey

    lee spivey New Member

    Have any yall ladies ever thought about wearing the 'extender' yourselves, on your clit? If it's large enough....

  15. are you male?
    well, never heard of a clit extension.
    what would be the purpose?
    have you used it or seen it being used?

  16. lee spivey

    lee spivey New Member

    Well, the two would basically the same item with the exception of the diameter at the hallow end. It would be used by females that either want to penetrate someone else (i.e. trans ftm, lesbian(s), or role reversal). And, some females /w clitmoglty could `pull it off' a little easer than other females. It wouldn't be much different from a clit pump.

    Besides, their are `strapless dildos', like the feeldoe, that would allow a female to function little closer how a male would during sexual intercourse.
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  17. Neahhh.
    In my (very personal) view, you are trying very hard to invent justifications for a very silly post out of the blue. But I think it has been a failed attempt.
    are you working on a patent for a clit extender?
    Sigh !!!!

  18. SamiMarieB

    SamiMarieB New Member

    Hi. I'm a bit shy about sexual stuff, and I just gave birth to my son on the 19th. My boyfriend has been away for awhile and won't be returning until the 14th of January, and, as I stated before, I'm really shy sexually, and he's really kinky and explorational. He took me to my first sex shoppe around May of this year so I know he's into toys and such.

    I decided to buy a bunch of stuff on eBay to surprise him and one of them was a penis-ring sleeve thing that had these ridges all over it. I wasn't aware that it was an extender. I thought it only added girth(not that he needs it at all...)and I mainly bought it because of the ridges.

    I'm mainly curious about the ridges. Has anyone else bought one like this? If so, what is it like? I don't need him to be longer or bigger around and if I'd known it added length I probably wouldn't have purchased it because I don't need his penis to be any bigger by any means...

  19. Hi Marie,
    we have not tried extenders but had tried an expander.
    Difficult to talk about something in particular that only you are seeing.
    Could you post the model # and maybe the link?. that will help a lot.

  20. Jamesrr

    Jamesrr New Member

    I can't imagine wearing one even though I am smaller than average.
    I think condom sucks because it so much reduces sensation, an extension when used, I think I would not feel anything.
    But what do I know? I would only use one if my girl really wanted and asked me to.


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