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    Many men find it hard to pick up women because they are not confident and full of fears. Picking up women is not really difficult. All one has to do is to go about it the right way. The following tips will help you to approach the woman of your dreams with confidence and success.

    ♥ Some men hesitate and take too long to approach the woman they like. This is because of the fear of rejection. Are you insecure and scared of making a fool of yourself? Get rid of these negative feelings and work on your personality. Tell yourself that you deserve the best and go ahead and say hello.

    ♥ Don't appear needy, desperate and insecure. You can easily do this by talking positively to yourself beforehand and knowing that you don't really have anything to lose! Concentrate on your plus points. Make sure that you are presentable and looking great. That itself will give you the confidence you need.

    ♥ Most women react positively to compliments. This does not mean that you go to a stranger and tell her she is beautiful. Though that may even work for some, the best thing to do is to notice little details about her and think of a way of making her feel special. "Do you model?" or "Where did you learn to dance like that?" will thrill her.

    ♥ This means that her first impression with you should have a lasting effect in the best possible way. If you come across as a cool and spontaneous man who is confident and assertive she is going to like you.

    ♥ Remember that from the first second you noticed her, there may be very little time to pick her up. With competition around, you should make your move quickly. This will also help you not to get nervous or tongue tied. Even if you just say "hi" and take it from there it will help you.

    ♥ If you imagine the worst even before approaching the girl, then you are setting yourself up to become nervous and a loser. Do not go through a rejection scenario in your head because you may never have the courage to go and talk to her. Give yourself all the help you need and boost your self esteem.

    Women are more prone to accepting the overtures from well dressed men. Slovenly, sloppy and untidy men do usually get the "brush off". A well groomed man speaks of power and confidence which are a definite turn-on for women.

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