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Discussion in 'Dieting and Weight' started by davis1, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. davis1

    davis1 Guest

    How can i lose about 10 to 15 kilos without starving myself??

  2. scr0at

    scr0at New Member

    10 to 15 kilos, depending on how overfat you are now, will take up to a year to lose.

    Once you come to terms with that, then slow and steady wins the race. Quick fixes will fail. every. single. time.

  3. super dad

    super dad New Member

    Diets never work as they are view'd as a short term thing to achieve a goal. The majority of people on diets who lose weight gain it back. Making a few small lifestyle changes that are sustainable is by far more effective. Be more active, cut down on sugar or junk food.

    On a side note I lost about 18 kg in 10 months , following the banting style of eating


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