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Discussion in 'Contraception' started by SupaKat, Nov 26, 2005.

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    The sites were confusing to me. Haha... So for someone with acne who wants to get acne control and birth control in one pill... I should try to get...?

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    Although it sounds conflicting, but for some people oral contraceptives can cause acne as a side effect, for others they are even prescribed by physicians for acne treatment.

    This page lists several advantages & disadvantages of BCP

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    Great site, if anyone knows what the equivalent brands are in the UK, that would be super x

    (Referring to the first posting)

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    Elizabeth, ive been looking into dianette (SP). I know its used to treat teen acne but im not sure if its the same for those a little older!

    Ive been on the depo or the pill since i was very young and only had any problems 3 years ago. Ive been on depo for 8 years now and its causing very bad acne. Im being treated with Roaccutane to get it under control.

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    I've been looking around on the sites listed by other members and failed to find any information concerning the pill the doctor has recommended for me.
    Just recently I've changed back to 'ESTELLE 35ED" FROM "LOETTE". I haven't found a website yet searching for effects. Although, I have searched google to find that 'ESTELLE 35ED and DIANE 35/35D" may have been related to a girls death in New Zealend due to research found that "after studies showed women taking them (estelle + diane) have an increased risk of blood clots."
    I'm starting to worry also not seeing any honest feedback from people actually taking the "ESTELLE 35ED". I'm curious if anyone has ever taken it and if they found any negative side effects?
    I would like to change to a different pill but only just being prescribed "ESTELLE" again I may finish off the month. I understand every persons body is different and reacts differently but having these websites has helped me understand the makings of the pill and will give me a better idea when speaking to my doctor. Thank you.

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    Re: Good Websites Nuvaring Lawsuit

    I feel awful, i went to the Dr. today to change my b/c method, this ring cause such insane mood swings, severe crying, yelling at people, etc. i worried everyone around me. i also ate like a maniac and felt really bloated and put on like 20lbs.

    This should help you

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    Really bad ones! I'd only been on that one for 2 weeks and now I'm onto Yasmin.

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    thanks for information:p

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    Thank you for the share SupaKat. also saw related oral contraceptive side effect management. was wondering then if there's nutritional effect taking pill.

    Here's another the site . this one from my gynae both in health screening too. i dunno if the link works her name is dr. ann tan. she can assist determin contraception method to your need and is healthy to your body too.


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