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Discussion in 'Contraception' started by SupaKat, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. SupaKat

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    Despite the fact that oral contraceptives are better off avoided, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to use them, you may find these websights intersting:

    Using the links on the left, you can find out about various pills progestin/estrogen content and their effect on your body. It takes a while to figure out, but once you do, it is very useful.

    This websight also has good information for determining which pills are often associated with which side affects.

  2. GreenTea

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    Good sites--I'm bumping this so more people will see.

  3. GreenTea

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    I've decided to feature this topic, because it's information that's always useful, and tends to migrate to the back pages whenever people need it.

    This topic is still open for posts.

  4. Guest

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    Thank you for this SupaKat - the second website was one of the main reasons I switched to Loestrin - since no-one (including my doctor) could seem to help me figure out a pill that MIGHT (no, I wasn't looking for a guarantee) help me lose weight, I took matters into my own the first month of it, we'll see...

  5. Guest

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    I should clarify the above - I meant that I had gained weight on my former bc and couldn't deal with any more weight gain - so I switched thinking it might stop and I might even lose if it was causing me to have water weight.

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  7. loopylou25

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    oh i see it's been done for me, cheers!

  8. SupaKat

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    LoEstrin helped me lose a little weight. Definitely better than Estrostep in that regard. Those websights helped me decide which pills to try as well, they knew more than the doctors thats for sure.

  9. Sign2me

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    HI I'm new the forum. I'm frustrated with a lot of womanly problems, one of them being birth control. I was on depo for 12 months, and have now been off of it for 6 months, and still no period. I was put on birth control, ortho tricyclin lo to help get the long awaited period(never thought I'd say that)and man did I have mood swings. Really bad ones! I'd only been on that one for 2 weeks and now I'm onto Yasmin. From what I hear it has low testosterone, helping to lessen mood swings and increase estrogen. We'll see how it works. Anyone been on Yasmin for longer than a few months?

  10. Frogs

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    julperki6 found another great site about the nutritional effects of the Pill, and some corrective measures that users can take. I've reposted it here because I thought it was great!

  11. proudmom67

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    Are there any BCP that don't cause depression or little to no sex drive?

  12. GreenTea

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    proudmom - all hormonal pills can. If you want one that doesn't, come check out Centchroman .


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    I thought there was a website here that had a chart with ratings from 1-5 - and women rated each bc and how they liked it - or disliked it. But now I can't find it - does anyone remember this and could you help me find it? Thanks-

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  16. KidFree

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    These sites are really informative. Thanks [​IMG]

  18. courtneygirl84

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    Thanks for the info Supakat!!! [​IMG] I have just started back on Yasmin, as I was off the pill for about 4 months, but i now have terrible oily hair and acne on my back as well as my face [​IMG]

  19. tw80

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    Just checked out those two web sites, very imformative. Im thinking of suggesting trying Loestrin 1/20 to my doctor, is there any one using this BC that could give me some feedback

  20. clc

    clc New Member

    Thanks for those sites. The second one was really useful, I'm into my second month of using Cerazette and have been bleeding for almost three weeks now, it helped me to understand why and I'm going to go back to the nurse and think about changing - luckily my boyfriends not been around this month much but I'm not putting up with it again!


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