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Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by M-Chan, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. M-Chan

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    Lately I've been thinking a lot about the gspot and female ejaculation. Within the last little while, I've become increasingly able to orgasm vaginally. Lately, the orgasm intensity associated with it has become very strong! A week ago, I experienced such an orgasm with my partner (during sex) and while I was having it he said he could feel it. I assumed he meant my muscles contracting, but later he said he felt a rush of fluid coming out of me.

    Ever since, I've been thinking a lot about the g spot and female ejaculation. It seems that perhaps that is what I experienced, and that's pretty exciting to me!

    So what I am really wondering about is the gspot, and how I can identify it. The thing is, I read that it is supposed to feel spongy, and is located an inch or two into the vagina. With me, pretty much as soon as the vagina begins, it feels spongy and extends about 4 cm inwards. I've always found it enjoyable to have it touched. Is that a gspot? It just differs slightly from what I've read about it (right at the entrance), but it sounds like the closest thing! I mean, I never thought it was actually the gspot because it was just so freaking obvious to me, and could never imagine any woman could miss the thing. What is it then? It sounds like the urethral sponge, but I have heard the gspot feels like a 'small bean'. I have no idea what that means! To be honest I am kind of confused about it all.

    Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear other women's experiences with this too!

  2. GrahamS

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    sorry, I'm not a woman, but I've had that experience with my fiancee. I can feel her g-spot. More of an area really. It's a bit rougher and spongier than the rest of the vagina.

    When she orgasms, her vagina seems to inflate a little bit and becomes wetter. But not in a gushing tap kind of way. Just noticeably wetter. I guess that's ejaculation because it coincides with her climax.

    I can feel that best with my fingers. Two fingers on the front (anterior) part of her vagina. But also I can feel the change and moisture with my penis inside her too.

    It's a wonderful thing. Enjoy it.

  3. M-Chan

    M-Chan Member

    Yeah, that sounds more like how I experience it too; I can't say I've ever had a stream shoot out or anything!

    Ok, so is the area I described a gspot? So far, it fits all the descriptions except for size and location. Are they variable in size? Maybe a man with experience could tell me.

    And I am enjoying it, trust me! [​IMG]

  4. GrahamS

    GrahamS New Member

    yes, it's an area, not a "spot" or "bean". It's just part of the wall of the vagina but the skin feels more textured and spongier there.

    You described it perfectly. Normal fingers can reach it easily.

    Anybody else got any experience with this?

  5. M-Chan

    M-Chan Member

    Wonder how anyone could miss it then? It's pretty much what I've always considered the 'top of the vagina wall'. After that area, everything is just kind of tucked away until the cervix is reached. I always wondered why it felt so different, now I know!

  6. GrahamS

    GrahamS New Member

    I don't think they miss it. It is still stimulated more or less depending on the sexual position. It wasn't until recently they gave it a name.

    What has changed is women have encouraged their partners to directly stimulate it with fingers using a come hither motion. It works well with my fiancee along with a clitoral vibrator (mini-rabbit).

    Jesus, why is this forum section so dead? I thought you get loads of answers from women on this. They only seem to want to talk about babies, pregnancy and birth control. Not the actual fun of having sex. So dull.

  7. M-Chan

    M-Chan Member

    Yes, that's how I started, too. At first, orgasms would be almost entirely clitoral, with a little extra stimulation added from the gspot. Then, I started to feel more and more stimulated in the vaginal area, and the muscles gradually began to contract more and more during orgasm and became a lot stronger in general. Eventually, I became able to orgasm through stimulation of the vagina/gspot alone, but it's taken years to get my body to do it. I had to combine the two and then gradually reduce dependency on the clitoral area.

    For me, the fluid comes out when it is a mostly gspot stimulated orgasm. Also, I have to be very aroused before hand. I can have clitoral orgasms without being overly aroused, it's mostly just a physical response. Maybe even in time the same could be true for gspot ones.

  8. M-Chan

    M-Chan Member

    I'm just not sure what people mean when they say to hook the fingers inside and feel it then. Does the top usually feel smooth until the tips of the fingers? Then what? I wish there was a super detailed diagram of this. The only ones I have found don't show any textural variation at all.

    I just checked again, and tried to get the most accurate impression. For me it all feels the same for the first 2.5 inches, starting from the very entrance--rough, spongy, exactly what it is described as. After that, it starts to feel smoother, but still somewhat 'puffier' than the other sides.

    I guess what confuses me is what am I supposed to find when I hook my fingers around? That would caress the entire area for me, and then it's pretty much smooth. I guess it just sounds a bit backwards? I don't have to 'reach' anything, it's all just kind of right there.

    Any other women (or men who know women well) know what I am talking about?

    Thanks a lot for the replies so far you guys! [​IMG]

  9. GrahamS

    GrahamS New Member

    there's an awful lot of info here:


    the confusion seems to be about the location. It seems it varies because it's an area, not a definite physical organ, so it's not like a clitoris, or the urethra. Also, it's supposed to be below the surface and it might swell during arousal which can be detected with ultra-sound. It varies in location too between women. the wikipedia article gives a range of depths where it might be located.

    My immediate thought is you could get a g-spot vibrator and find the most sensitive area yourself. Then you'll know where you'll be able to pinpoint your own which is ultimately the most important thing isn't it? This might also help you to find a sexual position with your partner that includes g-spot stimulation. Also, you can train him to place his fingers in the right area and depth.

  10. burnt blossom

    burnt blossom New Member

    Can u please elaborate on this? Did u have to work on achieving a vaginal orgasm or did it just happen? Or did u build up your vaginal muscles ... And if so how?? I've only experienced orgaasm if clitoral is involved but I want to be able to through vaginally as well. I'm interested to know if any ones has this prob too or if any one has trained their body to do both...

  11. wyme

    wyme Active Member

    I haven't really studied it, I just enjoy it. [​IMG] I haven't been able to "find" it or duplicate the sensations with my fingers. I think partly because it only "works" when I'm really aroused, and then also because what my fingers are feeling sort of distracts me from those sensations. I can't tickle myself either. [​IMG]

    All I know is that if I'm riding him, and lean back and brace my hands on his thighs, and use short strokes where he just kind of rubs me inside, it feels really, really good. I also know that sometimes when he's going down on me, I just really, really need him to put his fingers in me, and I tell him to rub me inside. In either of those cases, I O really hard, and there's likely to be a 12-18" diameter wet spot on the bed.

    For me, anyway, my G-spot doesn't activate until I'm already aroused. You know how you can stimulate your clitoris and get aroused? It seems that the G-spot doesn't work that way. For me, I have to be really aroused first, and then it's *there*, begging for sensation.

  12. Thonger

    Thonger Member

    To be honest, I've never went in with my finger intending to "look for" the g-spot in my GFs. But I know I've hit it with my cock. One GF in particular liked shallow thrusts at first to get her g-spot activated. When she's ready to cum, she wants me to go deep and thrust hard/fast/deep. She said she thinks it's due to my upward curve on my cock that hits her g-spot just right.

    I think that's why she liked missionary the most. My upward curve doesn't hit her g-spot in a position like doggy.

  13. M-Chan

    M-Chan Member

    Well, I did read the article, and also the article about skeene's glands. The thing is, I am aware that there is a particular spot in the vagina, about 2 and a half inches up, that feels very good and where I assume the 'gspot' is. I guess I was just confused about the spongy description, because its that way for the first 2.5 inches of my vagina, whereas the gspot for me is somewhere at the end of that area, but stimulation of all of it feels very good.

    I mean, I can feel the orgasm in that higher up area. It's a really interesting feeling. I heard one woman describe it as 'a shower of stars' and I would agree whole heartedly. It does feel like a clitoral orgasm, just more muscular and deeper.

    I guess I also wanted to know how the vagina feels for most women, if it is spongy all the way until the gspot too. What I am trying to say is, it doesn't seem that this spongy area is overly related to the spot, though I might be able to figure out more if I could reach further in!

    Since I can't really reach it very easily on my own, it's still a little bit of a mystery, even though I know he can get at it. I do have a regular vibrator, but maybe I should get a curved one, so I can get to know this a bit better on my own!
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  14. M-Chan

    M-Chan Member

    I definitely had to work at it! And yes, I did have to build up the muscles.

    I could only have clitoral orgasms too. When I was aroused it felt very good to have a finger or whatever else inside me, but I could still only orgasm with my clitoris. This started to change when I got a boyfriend, because he could reach inside in ways I couldn't.

    While he would stimulate the clitoris (like during oral), he would put his finger inside of me, and I noticed that my orgasms were a lot stronger that way. The more he did this, the more vigours I'd want him to be with his fingers. As this went on, during orgasm my muscles contracted more and more, and sensation of orgasm shifted from the clitoral area to the vagina. It is here where my muscles started to get a lot stronger, I guess from all the use during orgasm!

    Yeah, so you can just start off stimulating both, and then it's almost like your body starts to associate orgasm between the two, and then just increase the stimulation of the vagina while still stimulating the clitoris. Eventually, you should be able to continue stimulating the vagina, while REDUCING stimulation of the clitoris, to the point where you can orgasm internally on your own.

    Though to be honest, there is usually still a slight pressure on the outside by my clitoris while I have vaginal orgasms, like from the palm of his hand or pubic bone. It just takes a lot less stimulation there than it used to, now only requiring a brushing against or slight touch.

    When I first started orgasming, I didn't feel very much, if any, contraction of the vaginal muscles. When I started to stimulate inside at the same time, they started to contract more, and now when I orgasm I can feel EVERYTHING in the vagina contract, even my uterus. I should say too that even when I have a purely clitoral orgasm now, I can feel these contractions inside too.

    I'm enjoying everyones input so far! Keep it coming! [​IMG]
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  15. TDG

    TDG New Member

    mchan--I would imagine just like penis' vary a lot--vaginas do too. Mine is spongy feeling from the entrance as far up as I can feel too(I also just barely can hit the spot that feels extra good). I dont think Id describe it as "ruff"--just spongier than the rest, like theres "extra" tissue there. I would guess THE gspot maybe feels slightly different and we just arent quite able to feel it. Now youve got me curious! lol Im going to have to borrow dfs long fingers to find out what its like in there! lol.

    I can have vaginal orgasms but have never ejaculated. I cant say Ive ever spent much time really 'experimenting' with my gspot though. I just know stimulating it in certain positions PLUS clit stimluation gives me insane black out kind of orgasms.

  16. M-Chan

    M-Chan Member

    Thank you so much TDG! That's what I was looking for. You sound just like me! Haha I'm going to get my boyfriend to do the same!

    I just wonder what kind of variation there is with women's vaginas. I'd LOVE to hear from more women about how it feels at the top, as far as they can go.

  17. TDG

    TDG New Member

    welcome! Its kind of odd to think there are parts of YOU that you cant touch but other people can--now thats intimate! LOL.

  18. M-Chan

    M-Chan Member

    Yes, it is very intimate, and I feel a lot more bonded with my boyfriend lately over this. He seems quite pleased as well if I may say.

    I found something interesting! It's footage of sex from INSIDE the vagina. (Link is NSFW!)


    It looks like those vaginas all have that different texture to them at the top, but some more than others (kind of hard to tell, though). It's also pretty neat to watch otherwise.

  19. GrahamS

    GrahamS New Member

    I think you have to pay for that site to view that video. I tried it but needed to join. I didn't feel like joining just to see 1 video. I am curious what that looks like, though.
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  20. TDG

    TDG New Member

    soo last night I directed dfs finger in me(its not part of our usual foreplay) but I didnt tell him before hand I was trying to get info lol...well he got the gspot good and stimulated so once I was on top I was able to just lean back a bit so his cock stimulated it AND he gave a lil manual clit stimulation and WOW...what an orgasm. I couldnt talk or think for like 10 mins after. lol. Ive decided I am able to actually have three separate types of orgasm--clit, vaginal and gspot(or combinations of the three which are the mind melting types). It had been a long time since I had a good gspot orgasm because without some beforehand stimulation I cant have them except in one position which isnt preg friendly. Anyways--back to the point--after I asked him if he could feel a difference in the gspot. He said it felt like a lump--sort of like a clit! BUT then he said its way in the back--so Im thinking is actually my cervix which often gives good results when stimulated. Soo...were going to have to try again now that he knows exactly what I want to know, cuz he was defidently hitting the gspot even if he wasnt paying attention to its texture/feeling.


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