Funky cycles post-miscarriage

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am totally new to this forum and I need some advice or resources. I am in a same-sex partnership and I have been trying to conceive for just over a year, though I had a few months in there where we didn't try either because our known donor wasn't available or during the few months when I was pregnant (and sadly miscarried). We have actually tried for 10 cycles now. I miscarried back in mid-February of this year due to a "blighted ovum" which wasn't caught until 12 weeks when they first checked for the heartbeat and did not find one. It was devastating with it also being on the same week as my 39th birthday.

    Anyhow, I wanted to start trying again right away, given my age, and I got my period back after 6 weeks. The first cycle seemed fine, except for that I only got one positive day (smiley face) on the ClearBlue OPK and I also didn't have any egg whitey cervical mucus. The midwives where I go for my IUIs had already wanted to check my progesterone, due to the miscarriage, and when they did they found it was super low (1. something) so they started me on progesterone pills vaginally in case I got pregnant from that IUI (I didn't). My BBT was going up before I started the progesterone, so they said, though it was unlikely with my super low progesterone that I ovulated, it was possible.

    The next cycle (this month) I again only got one day of a positive OPK and again had barely any cervical mucus, and even weirder, after I supposed ovulated my temp actually went down for several days and has since gone up slightly, but is not where it should be for post-ovulation (around 97.3) making me think I again didn't ovulate (it's all well below the cover line). They did do an IUI when I got the positive OPK and they started me on progesterone 3 days after my IUI this round (it's six days after now and BBT is still low).

    So my question is: what the heck is going on? Any ideas? Am I suddenly annovulatory? I don't even know how to proceed at this point. I am lined up to start the IVF process this July and I have one more IUI in June before then since I need six IUIs to have the IVF covered by insurance.

    I should also share that I have hypothyroidism that was undiagnosed until I started trying to conceive, but I am on levothyroxine for it and it has been upped twice, including right after the miscarriage, and is now at 88 mcg (they said this did not cause the MC because my levels were good right before I MCed). I am just so confused and worried about what is going on with my body and scared this will affect my chances of even IVF working. Help women! Thanks so much! :)


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