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    I probably would. I can't remember which, but when I had tried getting fitted with one years ago I was either a 60 or a 65 and it was miserable trying to get my hands on the right size. It took several months and then when I got it I discovered I was horribly allergic to spermicide so I couldn't really use it anyway and couldn't find any that were lactic acid based to try. I did try a homemade kind with lemon juice that was okay, but didn't like that I could smell the lemon when it was in. LOL

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    LOL, bunny.
    I have ordered my all flex.
    Now it's waiting.....

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    Can anyone direc me in the right direction? I want to purchase the femcap. All of the sites I find it at are charging about 80 dollars. One site has a spot for a coupon code but I cant find any on line. Can some one help me?

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    Hi all, i'm new to this topic, but have been a member since 2009 and belong to the lady comp/pearly topics since then. I purchased my Pearly in 2009 and am IN LOVE! DH and I have been using condoms during red days, however they dry me out and are a sensation-killer for him, so we are fed up and looking for something else...enter the FemCap. After researching it extensively it seems like one of the world's best kept secrets. I am having a heck of a time however trying to find a doctor by me who will prescribe it. I'm in California USA and all anyone wants to prescribe me is BC pills - no thanks! I have never been pregnant so the smallest size is what i'd need. I found that i can order it online from ladytobaby.com but am nervous about using it without having it be fitted by a doc(I'm thinking of ordering it and then taking it to my doc to see what she says...maybe a bad idea?)...has anyone used it successfully without a doc fitting it?


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