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  1. myra

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    We had big problems with Nonoxynol 9 spermicides, eventually we found (online) contragel which claims to be natural. Is anything ever really natural? Either way it stopped the itching. Like yourself we had to find out the long way investigating online (thanks to forums like this!) but it always leaves me angry that our GP's dont tell us this stuff.

  2. LilMissNaughty

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    I just looked up the Contragel wich looks good, I dont like shoving chemicals into my body so this looks much better, Am still waiting for my LC to arive but want a double protection option for yellow/red days so thinking ether condoms or the femcap plus the CGel on those days.
    Also found it says I can get the Femcap free through my GP (im in the UK) so thats an option if I can be bothered to go down there (I dont get on well with Dr's )

  3. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    If you go to the Diaphragms and Caps group on Yahoo (there's a link for it on the first page of this thread), you can learn a lot about natural spermicides. They have a simple recipe for making your own spermicide out of aloe vera gel and lemon juice. Women who've used it say it works as well as commercial spermicides but doesn't irritate.

    Contragel is another possibility, and has the same kind of reputation: works just as well but not irritating. It's available in Canada and can be bought online if you don't live there. The European version of Contragel, Femprotect, has been around longer and may be discussed more in the Diaphragms and Caps group. There may be even more natural spermicides under discussion there now; I no longer use a diaphragm and no longer follow that group, so I don't know.

  4. LilMissNaughty

    LilMissNaughty New Member

    Will check there [​IMG] .
    I can easily get the contragel here & its pretty good pricewise,, I tried looking for femprotect but its justs showing US sites. (stupied Googles been an absilute pain since they "upgraded")

  5. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    My understanding is that Femprotect and Contragel are the same thing, just different brand names. When I was using the diaphragm, Contragel wasn't available and shipping Femprotect from Britain would have been so expensive, I really couldn't afford it. Otherwise I'd have tried it. I would go for Contragel if I needed a spermicide again.

  6. LilMissNaughty

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    Could be, I found the contra gel on some sites in the US... OMG! I cant belive the cost over there!
    its like £8 (less than $12) here with free shipping, or £20 ($30) if you get a 3 pack
    The US sites were charging like $25 a tube! + shipping...ACH COUGH COUGH!
    No wonder its not easy to get over there.

  7. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    If you're very sensitive I recommend trying the lemon juice and aloe vera. It's the only one that didn't cause me any irritation. I tried Femprotect before, but not Contragel, and had a lot of burning from it. I tend to be one that can't use lubes either with the exception of Pre and PreSeed.

  8. living_in_hope

    living_in_hope New Member

    I like the idea of a homemade spermicide from natural ingredients but wondering if there's any testing that has been done to show it is as effective as the commercially available ones?

  9. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I don't recall where to find that info right off the top of my head, but lemon juice has been shown in a lab to kill sperm and also various viruses and bacteria within 20 minutes of contact (it's the high acidity). Historically, sea sponge soaked in lemon juice was used as a contraceptive and disease preventative to great effect.

  10. LilMissNaughty

    LilMissNaughty New Member

  11. crispy_lettuce

    crispy_lettuce New Member

    Ive used femcap with contragel for a few years now and it works ok for me so far. I used N9, really didnt work. Id heard about some German natural spermicides and saw this site http://www.femprotect.com/ has anyone any experience with these?

  12. crispy_lettuce

    crispy_lettuce New Member

    hi, living_in_hope i found a home made spermicide recipe for you here http://buyspermicide.com/homemade_spermicide.php

    "One recipie for home made spermicide which often gets quoted is 1 Tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel and 3 drops of Lemon Juice, keeping it refrigerated for upto 72 hours. Often quoted but never clinically tested."

    Interesting, i never heard reference to it being kept refrigerated before.

    Any one have any experience with Femprotect? Im happy with contragel, just thought I might try a change.

  13. Bitter B*tch

    Bitter B*tch New Member

    Okay ladies I need help!

    I am looking for a non-hormonal form of birth control, as I have determined hormones and me are not meant to be.

    I am 28, was on the pill for 13 years, just came off of it 19 days ago and progressively feeling fabulous thanks to ladies on here telling me to take flaxseed oil and as well as siberian ginsing from a friend to boost my libido again.

    Diaphrams are currently discontinued in CANADA! I don't know of any other form besides condoms, any suggestions?

  14. cjules17

    cjules17 New Member

    Wow...can you find someone who fits femcap instead? I know if you have the exam to have measurements done you can order diaphragms and femcaps online.

  15. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    The sponge is not terribly reliable, but combining it with withdrawal could be feasible. Also Natural Family Planning/LadyComp would let you know your fertile days and safe days, so you cut down on the number of days you need to use anything.

  16. cjules17

    cjules17 New Member

    Another good option Pam, although in case N-9 is an issue, I have been following the advice someone left on one of the boards here about buying natural sponges (advertised as alternate tampon use) and using Femprotect/Contragel with it. So far so good and hubby likes it better than condoms that's for sure! So another option on those red days (I also use BabyComp).

  17. Bitter B*tch

    Bitter B*tch New Member

    I have been fitted for a diaphram, but I do believe that Canada is not using any femcaps/diaphrams anymore! Do you know the website you can order diaphragms from? As I know the size I need!

    Thanks again for all your helps ladies! [​IMG]

  18. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    I got mine from http://www.westons.com/

    It looks like they no longer carry the arcing spring diaphragm though, which is probably what you got fitted for.

  19. Bitter B*tch

    Bitter B*tch New Member

    No luck on the diaphrams still, but my doctor suggested spermicidal foam as well as condoms:) So far so good, no cheating at all! Those durex bare condoms feel almost as good, plus soooo tidy! lol, plus non-latex!

  20. latentwishes

    latentwishes New Member

    I belong to the DiaphragmandCaps yahoo group and they mentioned two online sources for diaphragms. The Cooper Surgical Omniflex (coil spring silicone diaphragm is available through http://www.barriermethods.com/ and the Ortho All-Flex(arching spring) silicone diaphragm is available through http://www.valuepharmaceuticals.com/. The valuepharmacuedicals website mentioned that they ship to Canada but orders are often stopped at the border by customs.


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