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    C'mon, TraciR,
    give us something to remember, throw a two-page bone for us dreamers to pick on, you GOT to feel something you can describe,,,,,

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    well as a cd i can say that i am turned on by an erect penis
    when my partner mounts me and penetrates me i can feel the head and shaft all the way in and out it ,makes me feel so warm and wanting it all over. it feels like a hard long thing but slippery when well lubed. i just grab on to him and moan for more of it . i like him to move in and out slowly i can feel his cock pulsating sometimes and that makes me go even better.its like hes in control of me in a nice way. yes the feeling of his hard shaft is lovely. i just want to have it in me i want hold on to him and kiss him as i feel it movi ng .it feels best when he first enters me.when i tell him i can feel it pulsating he usually gets harder and moves it more. thats a great feeling when he does that. and when he is aboutt to orgasm he tenses and thrusts more i can feel him swelling and getting harder then shoots I Really like that bit. it makes me orgasm too sometimes and if he stays in me for a while i like to kiss him

  4. That is a very sad, Justregister4forumposts, if you are feeling that much pain during intercourse you should see a doctor. For me, the penis entering my body is beautiful. It provides an opening, filling sensation which is accompanied by a desire to be possessed. The head is recognisable some of the time. I feel the ejaculation, too, although normally it is only the semen passing up the urethra from his base, but sometimes the head twitching, too. More rarely I feel the ejaculate lying inside me and warmly leaking afterwards. I seem to remember having written this somewhere else on this forum. Anigurl - that's a good description.
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    thanks its mostly the way i feel .its good that you can feel the stiff penis in you too.
    the stiffer the better for me.I do like it to be gentle and slow though. thats also why the first entry feels so good i think.

  6. Yes. My blog tends to be all about gentle, tender lovemaking, but I'm always surprised about how many of the sex blog community are more interested and involved in BDSM. Sometimes I feel I'm the odd one out, but I continue to write the slow, gentle stuff.

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    I love penetrative sex. One of the best parts is off course the innitial penetration. My husband and I consensually skip foreplay, or keep it short so that I can feel him force himself into me while im not yet open or particularly wet yet... and it doesnt last long because ı get soaking wet from the feeling in just seconds. For some reason I enjoy the pain he gives me when doing this as if he is tearing himself ahole in me which doesnt exist. The pleasure I recieve from the pain duirng vaginal penetration is a totally different sensation than in anal sex, because the vagina is full of many sensitive pleasure points, and I think that when fully aroused these pleasure points in the vagina may be stimulated through anal sex aswell which is why anal sex may provide some pleasure if any. My favourite posisiton during vaginal sex is missionary with my legs up on his shoulders. At this angle I can feel every part of his penis, the head, ridge and shaft all the way along the top part of my vagina, my g- spot and cervics. In this position I can squirt. İt is a very physically intense sensation. I feel like crying I cant control the sounds ı make, my vagina becomes incredibly sensitive. I do enjoy it especially rough as there is a great amount of trust between us. But I also enjoy burrying my face into his chest or neck while we are gently holding eachother softly with very slow shallow or no thrusting at all... this is a very close intimate and sentimental sensation I can feel our love for eachother, İt feels as if we are both in eachother its a beautiful feeling. I hardly ever have orgasms during penetrative sex; but ı can sometimes barely feel him come and that is I feel a pulsing sensation coming from his penis in my vagina. I do not feel the cum until he slips out. Before my hymen broke I could feel the ridge of his penis getting caught on my hymen as he pulled out but after my hymen broke during one of our rough sessions ı dont feel that anymore. As for rough play as far as im aroused im in for anything but this does entail a great amout of mutual trust in a relationship. You do need to talk about it.

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    I find the question of domination fascinating so I'll try to share some personal musings on the subject.

    1) Due to evolutionary sexual dimorphism, woman are often (usually) smaller and less powerful than men. That seems to please both genders. Women seem to enjoy being ravished by a strong male as long as they feel safe in his arms. They like hard muscles beneath lean flesh. Many like the texture of men's body hair. Men, on the other hand, like women's smooth, silky, hairless skin. They like women's soft flesh with its subcutaneous layer of fat. They like women's jiggly parts. Because of the way women are built and the fact that they are smaller, they seem fragile to a man - soft, yielding, and easily subject to being picked up or forcefully positioned in what feels like 'domination' during sex. Something that is mysterious to men is the fact that women respond to men's ability to 'dominate' them in this way.

    2) Men penetrate, women get penetrated. Penetration is an aggressive act. Being penetrated resembles being victimized. Observing the act of sex looks like male aggression against woman.

    3) In sex, woman have to essentially offer themselves by presenting the most vulnerable parts of their anatomy (vulva and anus) for full view to a man. They do this by either lying on their backs, pulling their knees back and spreading their thighs wide or by bending over to make their vulnerable parts protrude. These are perceived as pure acts of submission. It's like a woman is saying, "I submit myself to you." This, in itself, must sometimes make women feel a bit helpless and give her butterflies because the hormones released are similar to those released by anticipation or even fear. Yet, if a woman knows she is safe, these hormonal feelings translate into sexual arousal, a good sense of anticipation (as opposed to dread), thrill and excitement. I'm not an expert on endocrinology so I'm kind of guessing about this.

    3) In thinking about the similarities between the hormonal feeling of dread versus anticipation, fear versus thrill, I am reminded of the way men and women act during sex. Men grunt and gasp, their muscles tense, and they appear animalistic. Women appear vulnerable and their vocalizations are indistinguishable from pain except for hints like the word "Yes!" etc. When women (not all women), with their female voices, cry out, squeal and grunt as if they are being tortured or challenged to their physical limits, it's a huge turn on for men. No good man gets turned on by hurting or frightening a woman. It's just that the sounds she makes during sex sound like she is prey and effect some primal part of a man's brain. This addresses part of the impression of dominance that men experience.

    4) I have heard both men and woman talk about rape fantasies. How odd. Again, no good man would assault a woman against her will and I can't imagine a woman wanting to actually be raped. But in a safe environment with a trusted lover, I can understand the turn on. Men like the idea of totally f***ing the s**t out a woman who is responding positively. Men like grabbing handfulls of soft female flesh, holding women in place while they f*** them, and even spanking their round bottoms. Apparently, some women enjoy being thoroughly 'used' buy their man like this at times.

    A common thing is for a man to grasp a woman's hips tightly as he thrusts into her from behind. At that point, she is basically helpless and both he and she know it. Other fantasies might include holding her wrists behind her back or pulling her hair while thrusting from behind, or pinning her arms down while f***ing her in the missionary position. Taking it even further, a woman might submit to having her writs restrained and tied to the headboard (all in play) so that the man can have his way with her by forcefully positioning her legs and body at will with his overpowering strength. She becomes his sex slave. Again, such fantasies may add variety and spice to a couple's sex life.

    It can also be said that a couple can get tremendous satisfaction when a woman takes charge and actively uses a man as a sex tool for her own gratification.

    5) In conclusion, women and men subliminally respond to the sights, sounds, sensations and other signals that are unique to genders. Therefore it is not surprising that women who like being women take to the roles that feel natural to their gender.

    It is a wonder that men and women appreciate and respond to their gender differences. Sweet and tender love making is wonderful. But it's also a amazing when women enjoy being ravished and playing the role of helpless victim.

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    Thanks so much for asking this question. I am a trans-gendered woman that is going to have reassignment surgery, more than anything to have the correct genitalia. Hearing about what it will feel like being penetrated by a man, I think very much cements the decision.
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    When a woman is in the throes of passion, women are shouting their ecstasy from the rooftops! you can't even explain it, but it's a wonderful natural thing having a great moment with your lover.



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