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Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by TrainOp, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. TrainOp

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    Okay, so finally I have found a forum that I really can ask a serious question that just baffles me. So far anywhere I go and ask, everyone thinks I am freak, or stupid, or a young kid or whatever.

    I seriously just would like to know what "sensation" of the penis can you feel during sex with their spouses or boyfriends. I keep asking my wife but she says, "It feels great!" Well duh! I know that! I am just curious as to what the penis feels like inside... Honestly! Emotionally this just turns me on! Physically I am fascinated as to what my wife can feel. Can you feel the presence deep inside? Or is it mostly a pressure feeling? Is the penis head recognizable... I know this all sounds weird, but emotionally I love my wife so, so much and am just stuck on what she can feel! All she wants to do is moan and orgasm but won't tell me! She asks me what it feels like and I tell her...

    Or is this all in my head... and mostly it is mental for you ladies?

    One last question. Why does my wife enjoy when I physically push her head down hard into the pillow while penetrating from behind? I mean I really grab her neck hard, I think I might hurt her, but she moans harder when I really push! I know she loves it cuz she gets constant goosebumps from it and orgasms... can anyone explain this to me? It's somewhat weird!

    FYI: We have been married fifteen years, and I will do anything to make her happy for the rest of her life. She is awesome to me and our kids! Lately she is becomming a real freak. When I go to work my legs are so tired they shake because of her!

    Great forum... Not porno, just good honest people!
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  2. kellybean

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    ok, let's see...

    From my point...

    I also love when my SO is a bit rough with me. Not all the time mind you, but in the heat and throws of some really good monkey sex, whether it be pinning my hands above my head, or pulling on my hair, I feel dominated and I think he feels superior. It all works well for us.

    As for the feeling of his penis. I LOVE when he just enters me and teases me with his head. Very slowly, in and out. Yes I can feel his head and his ridge entering and leaving me.

    As far as full on penetration...I think it depends on positioning. I love when he's behind me and I can feel his balls slap up against me, it makes me realize that there's no further that he can go and I'm taking all of what he has to offer. At that point I cannot specifically feel his head inside, but rather his whole shaft. And when it comes time to orgasm, it's always better when the woman can clutch on to her man when he's deep inside. Now, I'm sure you can feel her the same.

    I've often wondered what it felt like from the male perspective as well, I don't think it's a weird question at all.
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  3. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member

    hehe, welcome to our world...LOL....and hey looky there a fellow SD'an

    Okay, the best way for me to explain why I love to be held down in this fashion is dominance..The harder he pushes the more dominated I feel, the bigger the O...Just as when he grabs a heathly hand fuk of hair when in doggie.....I like domination, it turns me on to NO end...So this is probably the same for her...Yet I also like to be tied down etc etc...Has she ever liked being tied down?

    Depends really...If he is doing long deep strokes I can feel the head throbing and rubbing all at the same time...If he is in deep penitration, I can feel the entire c*ck throbing.....Literally throbing, like a heartbeat or something...

    Heh, so have we....
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  4. Tarsia

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    It tends to vary what I can feel. I always feel this wonderful sensation of being full. It's like being possessed on both a physical and mental level, which I just adore. His balls slapping against me is wonderful, as is his hips smacking into me as he buries himself deep.

    Sometimes I tell the head from the rest. Sometimes he hits my g-spot just so and makes me melt. Sometimes we tease with just the head (depending on who is in control at the time) and I can feel the slow pushing of his head in.. feel the flare, feeling going over the ridge. Mmm. Warm, wet friction. It feels empty when he leaves. I just want to snug him in there forever.

    I'd agree with the others. It's a dominance sort of thing. Which I adore as well, in some varying forms. [​IMG]
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  5. New_Explorer

    New_Explorer New Member

    feeling the head go in is a soft hardness, I'm being "poked" by something stiff but it is soft as well.

    Thrusting for me is mostly a feeling of friction and fullness. WHen the friction begins it's usually a little bit startlingly harsh, like "oh! maybe this is a little bit unpleasant," (is it possible to get "rug burns" from a penis? No, but it sorta feels like it might at first), but I know that the very same sensation is going to build into unbelievable pleasure within just a few moments. The rocking and the friction cause a warm sensation throughout my whole pelvis and it sorta stops being just "about" the vagina.

    If he's banging the cervix, it becomes a distraction away from the overall pleasurable sensation.

    If I don't orgasm, then it becomes all about the friction again. I feel the need to focus, focus, try to build that feeling back into the abdomen again. If it becomes impossible, there comes a point where I have to just say, "ok, that's enough," because the friction becomes distracting and a little bit unpleasant.
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  6. TrainOp

    TrainOp New Member

    Wow... Okay ladies... I think I need to pay a visit to my wife! Tonight she is going out with the girls for karaoke night. I will be waiting impatiently in bed for her. It's gonna be a long night!

    I appreciate all your answers. Finally, sincere talk! I didn't realize that you all notice such detailed things with your hubbies and boyfriends. I can tell you personally that when the ridge of the penis hits that spot where her hymen used to be, there is a pulling sensation on the head. I have to be carefull otherwise the night could end quickly! Instead of having sex I think I may need to concentrate more and "feel" those sensations that she might be feeling. Holy cow!

    Do you all think that I maybe should try to be a little more dominant in the future? I mean I don't want to tie her up and freak her out so quickly... Any ideas? The other day I took her from behind and began literally pushing her into the bedroom wall. Not enough to hurt her, but man... We had to stop because she was afraid she had to pee. We have yet to work past the g-spot "peeing" issue.

    Lately I fantasize about all the guys that look at her when she is out with her friends... Then I attack her!

    Yum, yum!

  7. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think it's quite possibly the most intimate feeling I've ever encountered--I particularly enjoy the firsts and lasts of the sensation--that first slide in always takes my breath away, especially if it's a long time coming and it happens slowly. I feel like the temperature in my groin has suddenly skyrocketed--which it probably has!--and everything starts to tingle.

    Depending on what angle we're at I can feel more detail or less--if he's kneeling with my legs up over his shoulders I can feel his head rub up and down the top part of my vaginal canal. When we're doing doggy I can feel his entire penis equally.

    That last bit when he slips out after cumming or stopping is my favorite, though, especially if he's stayed in me for a while and gone a bit soft. For some reason it makes me want him all over again. Funny, huh?

  8. MNM

    MNM New Member

    Momma is exactly like this too....If I stay inside her after I cum and just wiggle slightly she'll cum several more times before I pull out....And even then it's hard for me to get her to let go.
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  9. Lavidea

    Lavidea New Member

    A little diffrent prespective. I like it when my husband gets rough because it make me feel sexy. Like he wants me so bad he can't control himself. I LOVE THAT! Too bad it dosent happen anymore **SIGH**

    TrainOp I would suggest talking to your wife about how rough she might like sex because she might be into it more than you know and just be to shy to ask.

  10. TrainOp

    TrainOp New Member

    She is somewhat shy about that. We don't really talk about it. I just try to see how far I can go each time we make love. Little by little. All I notice is when I do something rough, she gets so wet. I am not kidding! Like a whole bottle of KY everywhere. You are right... time to ask.
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  11. Bleu-Yeux Man

    Bleu-Yeux Man New Member

    My fiancee has told me that she can feel every part of my penis, including the ridge of the head and the shaft. She told me that when I tease her with the head, she feels the rim flicking her g-spot but when we are being quite energetic, she is more focused on the feeling of being filled completely. I'm fairly well-endowed in that every part of her inside is filled and when done gently, she gets very deep, intense orgasms from having me so deep inside that I feel her cervix which doesn't hurt, so long as she takes me at her own pace and there's no bashing going on.

    From a male perspective, I definitely get very turned on by my partner writhing in bliss slowly- I can feel her twitching and gripping my cock as she begins to come. The best way I could describe the sensation for me is absolute bliss..When I first enter I can feel her tightening and relaxing to accomodate me and it's the warmth, wetness and the different textures that make me harder than I am ever without her. I love when in missionary I can feel her g-spot rub against the top of the head of my penis, as it grows with the pleasure it is really stimulating.

    Just so that I don't seem rambling I'll just finish by saying that we nearly always come together when we are slowly thrusting in missionary. When she gets to the early stages of a huge climax I feel the entrance of her vagina tighten around the middle of my shaft which makes me grow even harder and the head swells to the point she can feel me 'pulse' which sends her over the edge and the contractions bring me with her. Whenever I come before her, she said that she can feel like a throbbing, inner vibration and seeing me come gives that psychological rush and she's coming with me.

    God, I hate being away from her for more than a week....

  12. OlderMan

    OlderMan Member

    What a beautiful post. Absolutely outstanding mutual awareness and sensuality. Good for you two!
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  13. OlderMan

    OlderMan Member

    Wow. Hello, Tracy! That was very hot.

  14. I've written about this feeling often on my blog (google me as Angela Goodnight) and so has my partner so those of you who want to know what it feels like to a man, too you'll find it there. However I'd love to answer your question here.

    I have to be aroused, but get aroused very easily. The most lovely feeling in the world is my orgasm arriving and continuing. Nothing else comes close. Second to that is when something enters my vagina during arousal i.e. NOT a doctor's finger or speculum. When a penis enters me I feel it expanding my entrance (very sensitive there) and then as it fills me and expands me inside. There is a sort of oneness to it and I find it difficult not to cry out at its entry. I get a good feeling when a dildo enters me or even a finger or two or three, but a penis is best because it is sort of stiff, but spongy. A yielding rod. I have only had one circumcised penis in my time and for me, in comparison, I found it more rough within me and also found he had to be more vigorous in having sex whereas with a natural penis it is much smoother and enjoyable for me and long, very slow sex is possible. As I say, though, I've only encountered one cut penis, but I've had many other women tell me the same thing so please, please don't have any sons circumcised. It is not necessary and if they want to do it for religious reasons it can be done as an adult with anaesthetic painlessly so it really is abuse to do it to a child.

    Anyway, back to your question. The filling sensation is really lovely and means a huge amount to me. When he ejaculates, as long as I know he is about to come and he's very good about warning me, I can sense the semen pumping up the underside of his penis at the entrance to my vagina. I also like to grip him just behind his balls to feel the pulsation there, too. Inside me I can feel the jerking of his upper penis and occasionally I think I've felt the jet hitting my cervix which is interesting, too. I can also feel the pool of warm semen in me sometimes, but not every time. It is even a nice feeling when it leaks out.

    Peter often gives me an orgasm through cunnilingus before entering me and if he's done that successfully then I often get a mini-orgasm accompanying his penetration and that is just the bees knees. Simply wonderful. Always worth giving your lady an orgasm before full sex. Seriously.

    It is lovely to hear a man wanting to pleasure his wife so much. She is as lucky as me.

    Angela Goodnight (Sex Blogger)

  15. Hotboy

    Hotboy New Member

    Great hello to the partisipents of this valuable discussion and, greater one to the forum moderator.
    I should tell you all, all of you, in particular, to the female members who shared with us of their experiences, that I have learned a lot from your responses. Yes I did. I ask my wife those very same questions, but she never, never answers them! However, one more thing I need to verify, which I have detected from your answers is the use of the word ‘domination’. Some of you have explained why women feel good when guys are bit rough during penetration because they feel dominated. To me, the word ‘domination’ is synonymous or equal to, meaning of defeat, dominion, authority or control. Love making do not involve those things, and it is a pure moment of mutual enjoyment. I need to ask you guys if the word ‘domination’ have different meaning or connotation in this context – the love making context. Please help. Also, please help what some of you means when say "Tied down" I want to know what ladies mean by this.
    Other than that, I should say this is very fruitful discussion – please keep it up.
    Thank you all

  16. Wife-lover

    Wife-lover New Member

    I've been a cuckold wife for over a year now. My husband's best friend is the one that makes my vagina feeling incredibly amazing.
    To me it's not just about penetration. It's also about the all moment before. Seth (my husband's best friend) loves to tease my body a lot and he does it in a way that I can feel my blood pumping all around my vagina. At the particular moment all I can think is how much I want to feel him sliding into me. Actually I'm starting to beg him to do it. The fact that he does not listen to me and continue to tease, is preparing my vagina really well for that first penetration that I'm craving for.
    With the head of his dick, he is teasing the entrance of my vagina. That makes me so wet and so vulnerable. Feeling that I can abandon myself completely to him at the moment he is starting to push deeper and deeper inside of me. God that feel amazing. He then push it all the way. At that moment I felt complete as woman. Having this orgasm going through my whole body and soul is the most intense sensation a woman can experience.

    I think only Seth can make me feel like that. The fact that he is my husband's best friend is a huge turn on. I advice any women out there to try at least once in your life. Having your husband agree that you can have an affair with his best friend, will change your visions of what an orgasm is.

  17. Happyhand65

    Happyhand65 Member

    ,,, and al this tender bullshit from a SPAMMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. "Can you feel the presence deep inside?" - no, mostly pain
    "Or is it mostly a pressure feeling?" same as question 1, mostly rough pain
    " Is the penis head recognisable" unless you have detectors installed it is not anywhere feel-able. it is either pain or no pain/ nothing
    "Why does my wife enjoy when I physically push her head down hard into the pillow while penetrating from behind? " I don't think that human sexuality can be logically explained, especially your wife is best expert on what turns her on, not random people on forum.

  19. cunilicker69

    cunilicker69 New Member

    My wife told me when we first met after I had given her oral for several hours that she loved me going down on her. She said that she only ever cums from oral sex, that penetration does nothing for her. I then told her that for me there was no better feeling ever than being inside her. It was so powerful that I could never last long (less than a minute or during penetration most times). I told her I absolutely loved her scent and taste, and getting her off with my mouth & tounge was my complete desire. I told her I would gladly never subject her to penetration again as long as she would let me fetish her panties like we used to do when we dated. From that day on we agreed on me going down on her until she is satisfied. Then she usually gives me a handjob but on occasion she lets me have intercourse with her as a reward for multiple orgasms. As she puts it I am worth it & she knows how much I worship her.
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  20. TraciR

    TraciR New Member

    I love it. It is hard to explain the sensation. I have stronger orgasms with my husband in me than I do with just oral. I do not even know how to explain it.
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