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  1. D 4 A

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    Hey! This is the 6th thread of this topic. Here is a group of women who as a result of taking the pill have become depressed/anxious and feeling numb towards their partners and other loved ones. Over 70 women have come and go saying the same things:

    * I don't feel anything for him (or her)
    * I have no sex drive
    * I'm paranoid I'm gay
    * it came on all of a sudden
    * maybe I don't love them anymore etc
    * I'm paranoid I like other men

    Other symptoms I and other women have suffered with are:
    * low libido/non existent
    * IBS-other digestive problems
    * Irregular periods
    * Sweatyness
    * nausia
    * bloatedness

    The main advice is to come off the pill and get to the root of the cause. Sort out the hormones and depression.

    The treatment that we have all sought after are:
    *Acupuncture- this has very much helped me,Chloe1 and D4A. Helping to regulate periods and therefore treating depression.
    * Vitamins (must do these)- Vitamin B6 in particular, zinc, magnesium, evening primrose oil, vitamin b12 liquid if suffering from obsessive thoughts.
    * Natural progesterone cream- with depression-hormone related things it is often oestrogen dominance and therefore low in progesterone. You can supplement it by using (emerita-paraben free) natural progesterone cream. Taken over several months hormones can be restored to normal.
    * counselling- I myself haven't but some women have recommended to do so.

    Please check out all of the other threads in the archive-the other remaining 5 parts are there to explain how exactly we have felt.

  2. FiFi

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    Well done love!


  3. REDhcp

    REDhcp New Member

    well poo now i forgot what i was gonna reply to in the last thread! flick i really think you will improve from going off the pill. when i first started finding out all this info i was worried that maybe it was all just mental ( my bf always thinks its mental.. dumbass) anyway so i was nervous that there would be no change cuz i somewhat remember being depressed before i went on the pill.. but i think i may have grown out of it. There is no way to tell if you don;t just try it, what do you have to risk besides possibly getting pregnant? which is a HUGE risk i know but i have never bought condoms and I DID IT! haha the take charge of your fertility book is very informative and i like reading it. i do honestly feel less anxiety.. its so nice to just feel HAPPY! when i read your comments i can see that you are struggling, and i know that i have been there before. i have thought constantly whether or not i should break up with m bf, i have sat around and been sad all day or even two days for some reason that i can't even figure out. i would cry to my bf about stuff that i couldn't control. i would think about laundry and homework DURING SEX! its ok things can get better i promise!
    i really think its worth trying,besides you can always get back on the pill if you find that its not helping, and then when you know its not the pill thats causing your problem then you can move on to other treatment so that you don't have to have this constant battle in your own head everyday!

  4. Tempting Toffee

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    D you need to change it to 6th thread (first line) [​IMG]

  5. Flick21

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    I just had a minor panick attack reading my own name...


    Had a relatively good night last night, didnt let the thoughts consume me....and felt stuff towards him. He found out some pretty stressful news yesterday involving his cousin (my friend as well) so we both didn't sleep well. I know its only minor but I actually felt love towards him. Yay!

    Jen how is maccas going?

    D how are the boy issues?

    Red, thanks for your support. Getting better at thinking its just hormones stuffing with my head!

  6. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    Hey! maccies is going ok thanks. Realise i've earnt more than i thought-didnt realise how many hours I'd done. So thats cool. Hopefully go back to uni with no overdraft filled hehe. Gonna get a transfer to Bath if i can just so i can earn extra cash at uni. Don't want money stresses next year and an extra £40 for a days work would be excellent per week.

  7. Flick21

    Flick21 New Member

    Yeah I know what its like to stress about money both now and whilst at uni! I have a shopping addiction....lol, I know that sounds silly but I do. Its bad. Shoes in particular. Want to know something funny, never thought about this in this light but when I go shopping for beauty products its like I have a compulsion to 'collect' say all the nivea young products, or try all the moisturisers with tanning stuff in them....never thought it could be part of an OC disorder....haha
    Speaking of money stresses, thats what I was stressing about BIG time b4 this all started, didn't know if I was getting paid over the school holidays, I'd maxed out my $8000 credit card (again) and didn't know how to pay that off. So yeah, stress paid a massive part in this depression I'm figuring.

    Oh I love him. Just gotta keep thinking that. I'm even more convinced its hormonal now because someone who wanted to end things wouldn't be so over the place with their feelings.

  8. REDhcp

    REDhcp New Member

    i hate credit cards.. they are the devil! me and the bf got ina little fight today.. i accidentally dried his nice new shirts.. oopss i felt bad but i kinda said it was his fault for not letting me know ( i didn't wanna look thru the damn laundry for two certain shirts!! argg.. i left the apt and drove off cuz i was pissed. i also met with a friend for lunch and told her wha i was doing since off the pill and she made fun of me.. which actually really pissed me off, i didn't want to have to sit there and explain to her why fertility awareness isn't a retarded thing to do and that its reliable. i said that when i drink the temp. will be off and shes like"see its not reliable Lisa if you drink.. da da da " and i'm just like well maybe it means i shouldn't drink so much! AUUUHHHGGGHHH i hate the drinking pressure that everyone puts on u in college. im sick of drinking! it makes me feel like @$#%^@ but there is nothing better to do here.

    t just pissed me off that she was making fun of me when i think i am doing something good here.. o well f it i guess. people dont understand me. my girl friends just don't really get me sometimes.. except for maybe one that doesn't think im retarded for doing this going off the pill thing. man i hate judgmental people!

  9. FiFi

    FiFi New Member


    Red, I completely understand what you're going through, I have told hardly any of my friends about what I'm going through or that I suspect the pill and hormonal problems to be a big factor in my anxiety and depression, as I think they will be very dismissive or make fun of me, a couple have been and it's p*ssed me off. Also I don't really drink much anymore at all, and loads of my friends give me a hard time about it, last night for example I went to the pub with my friends and one said "So do you basically not drink anymore then?" and I lied and said it's because I'm on a diet and had eaten waaay too much already, alcohol is calorific blah blah, and then my friends started going on about how my priorities are all wrong and I should spend my calories getting smashed on booze instead of eating... what bullsh*t! I'm 25 for God's sake, not 17, I don't need to spend every day off my face on drink! Sometimes I think some of my friends don't wanna grow up, they still live in big student houses with all their friends and go out getting hammered every night and have lousy jobs that aren't going anywhere because they are able to come in to work late with big hang-overs, I know 25 isn't very old but I don't feel I deserve the censure I get just for acting my age! Rant rant, sorry, it's still fresh in my mind from last night! anyway, the upshot is, drink makes me feel bad too, so I'm steering clear for now!

    How's all?


  10. Flick21

    Flick21 New Member

    Fifi, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have never been big on smashing myself into oblivion and going out (like my space and get annoyed very easily if drunk teeny bopper girls fling their bodies about into my space)

    Anyway, I haven't really spoken to any of my friends in depth about this either. I've emailed them and told them why I haven't been in contact with them and I got two replies (out offour friends) the other two haven't even acknowledged the email which kind of hurts. Its like they don't care.

    Feeling down at the moment. Lot of reasons really, was hoping that bf and i could meet for a coffee after work in town but he had a meeting which made me sad, then went for a browse around town and just got so discouraged and tried on a pair of jeans and they looked hideous, and bf is sad/down which makes me sad and then I'm just sick of the nothingness. Blergh.

    Tired. Just a quick question....first day of period is first day of cycle right? that would mean that if I had my period last monday I would be on day 12 of my cycle today yeh? And this should be around the time I should be ovulating? Evenb tho I don't think I am ovulating anyway, would the pill be mimicking the hormone levels and would that by why I'm feeling poo?

    Haha, I know its a long and complicated question. But what I thought I knew about our cycle, I don't! I seem to have no brain and can't think!

  11. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    In theory you should be leading upto ovulation. If you don't feel better by the end of the pack just give up. I seriously don't think you're gonna just get better on the pill. I didn't and I waited 3 months.

  12. D 4 A

    D 4 A New Member

    Hi girls!

    Feeling very lovey dovey today [​IMG]

    BF keeps asking for a baby and its making me feel sad. I missed my period again this month, Im really trying to get my PCOS under control! On a positive note Ive enrolled to the gym, its £12 a month and the swimming pool is UV light and not chlorine! Excellent! Will be healthy eating today!

    Health and fertility [​IMG]

    Fi Ive never been a drinker, now I cant even have an odd glass of champers cos of the meds, what am I supposed to say "oh cant drink because Im on insulin sensitising medications and I could get liver failure, other than that it makes me crazy drunk and sick" LOL. I just say no thanks but the people dont take no for an answer. It makes them feel better to drink with someone. When you are doing something you know is not good for you, if you do it with others it makes it feel more OK.

    I totally get what you mean about not growing up! One of my friends in particular is SO immature, she wants to go out drinking every week end and is so desperate for a BF but just has sex with them drunk on the first day and never sees them again. Hello??

    Oh wicked tune by Amy Winehouse comes to mind

    When you walk in the bar,
    And you dressed like a star,
    Rockin' your F me pumps.

    And the men notice you,
    With your Gucci bag crew,
    Can't tell who he's lookin' to.

    Cuz you all look the same,
    Everyone knows your name,
    And that's you whole claim to fame.

    Never miss a night,
    Cuz your dream in life,
    Is to be a footballers wife.
    You don't like players,
    That's what you say-a,
    But you really wouldn't mind a millionaire.

    You don't like ballers,
    They don't do nothing for ya,
    But you'd love a rich man six foot two or taller.

    You're more than a fan,
    Lookin' for a man,
    But you end up with one-nights-stands.

    He could be your whole life,
    If you got past one night,
    But that part never goes right.

    In the morning you're vexed,
    He's onto the next,
    And you didn't even get no taste.

    Don't be too upset,
    If they call you a skank,
    Cuz like the news everyday you get pressed.

    You don't like players,
    That's what you say-a,
    But you really wouldn't mind a millionaire.

    Or them big ballers,
    Don't do nothing for ya.
    But you'd love a rich man six foot two or taller,

    You can't sit down right,
    Cuz your jeans are too tight,
    And your lucky its ladies night.

    With your big empty purse,
    Every week it gets worse,
    At least your breasts cost more than hers.

    So you did Miami,
    Cuz you got there for free,
    But somehow you missed the plane.

    You did too much E,
    Met somebody,
    And spent the night getting caned.

    Without girls like you,
    There'd be no fun,
    We'd go to the club and not see anyone.

    Without girls like you,
    There's no nightlife,
    All those men just go home to their wives.

    Don't be mad at me,
    Cuz you're pushing thirty,
    And your old tricks no longer work.

    You should have known from the Jump,
    That you always get dumped,
    So dust off your @$%*@* me pumps

  13. FiFi

    FiFi New Member

    Hahaha, great song! I love Amy Winehouse, even though she's one f*cked up bitch!


  14. D 4 A

    D 4 A New Member

    She is so fucked LOL I like her style RUDE GAL JUK JUK hehe

  15. Ali06

    Ali06 New Member

    Hey ladies,

    How are you all?

    I know what you mean Red & Fi about the drinking, i drink on a weekend, not to get smashed out my face but to just relax and get myself out of office mode! sometimes i might get carried away and end up drunk but usually (these days as opposed to a year ago) i feel fine and just end up having such a good time with my friends, a few years ago i used to get absolutely obliterated every weekend... not so much anymore. Just nice to have a social drink i suppose!

    I keep getting a dizzy head lately - think i may be staring at the computer screen too much! overall i feel fine, still getting the odd thoughts but i just brush them off, i think im just used to having something there to pick at, even though i dont need too. Anxiety has been a lot worse recently, feeling sick quite a lot in awkward situations...it should pass.

    Thanks for the text D! Great song btw!

  16. REDhcp

    REDhcp New Member

    whats the name of that song?!
    ugh frusterated today.. me and the bf made "whoopy" finally (its been like 5 days) and its been stressing me out because i feel that he deosn't wanna have sex since i went off the pill and he is TERRIFIED of getting me pregnant. so ugh we made whoopy with a condom and it wasn't that bad.. no foreplay tho so that was lame. but i just feel super stressed about it the other day hes like "well its kinda boring and with the risk of getting you pregnant (and then does this little weighing the options thing with his hands ) and he says it doesn't really seem like its worth it!" ahh what do i do? how can i make him want sex? he apparently sees me nakd too much to think im sexy when i just flash him or something.. poop i am always so nervous i am going to drive him crazy and make him want to break up with me

  17. Flick21

    Flick21 New Member

    I just found an article in a health and wellbing magazine TOTALLY slamming the conctraceptive pill RIGHT into the ground!!! I was so impressed I bought it and am going to show my boyfriend because he isn't as convinced my depression is completely pill based. And I bought a book on managing depression with CBT which turned out to be quite an expensive trip to the bookstore when I was just looking for some hair magazines cos I'm getting my haircut in a week.

    Its my birthday Tues and I'm not looking forward to it at all.

    Been a bit bad this weekend. Really fretting/panicky. Craving Maccy D's....so might go get some b4 I pick bf up.

    How is everyone else?

    Amy Whinehouse scares me.

  18. Flick21

    Flick21 New Member

    "Reasoning based only on emotion will almost always make our problems worse"

    Quote from my new book.

  19. D 4 A

    D 4 A New Member

    So Flick are you going to stop the pill now?

    Hows everyone? [​IMG] Ive been eating like a pig but losing weight [​IMG]


  20. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    Hey! sorry my net stopped working on friday midday. I'm off to Bath 2moro until late wednesday night so I won't have the net there. Gonna be so bored lol I've got 3 days of cleaning, no tv/net so I'll me cleaning lots hehe.

    I'm bit crap, not awful but not lovey dovey. I am tired though.

    Hope everyone's ok [​IMG]

    Speak you all on wednesday/thursday [​IMG] xxxxxx


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