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  1. Emily987

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    What is the role of estrogen in women health, does estrogen defficiency very dangerous?

  2. Emily987

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    Hey, guys! I've got one more question, yesterday I received results of my medical tests, they confirmed that I have estrogen defficiency. Now I am trying to choose clinic. If someone heard something about National HRT clinic, tell me your opinion please!:)

  3. thshower

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    Estrogen hormones assume a crucial part in the development and improvement of female auxiliary sexual attributes, for example, bosoms, pubic and armpit hair, endometrium, the direction of the menstrual cycle and the regenerative framework.

  4. Karina

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    I know that this hormone is responsible for many things. I have recently found out that there is even connection between estrogen and acne. When women have mild to moderate acne that comes and goes in sync with their menstrual cycles. “Menstrual acne” begins when estrogen levels start to decline, about the midpoint of the menstrual cycle, and is at its worst just before menstruation, when estrogen levels start to go up again.Many cases of chronic acne in adult women are due to the imbalances in the hormonal system. To get rid of acne one can using some special medication to treat the hormonal problems in a combination with the natural homemade remedies like apple cider vinegar or honey and a lemon juice.

  5. Deally55

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    Of course it is crucial, it is extremely important. I am not an expert here, But I do know that estrogen levels are playing an extremely important role in proper development of your female body, of a normal menstruation cycles, fertility, mood etc. etc. estrogen imbalance leads to extremely big issues for a female so if you're experiencing some you need to talk to a doctor asap!


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