Ectopic pregnancy & methotrexate - Part 3

Discussion in 'Surviving Miscarriage' started by gutterflower, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Confused-Hasya

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    2times, so sorry to hear what you're going through. Same advice as Jen.

    I hope you recover soon and be on your way to a beautiful normal pregnancy soon.

  2. Angie71

    Angie71 New Member

    I've read all the posts for which I am thankful. Here is my story.
    I am almost 40, so I really wanted to get pregnant. My last AF was on 11/1/10. With clomid's help, I've got pregnant right away (I think on 11/15) . When I my AF didn't come, I took HPT and I could barely see a line. I called my doctor, and they told me to come the next day to have my blood checked. Here are the numbers:
    12/1/10 53
    12/3/10 83
    12/6/10 117
    12/10/10 95
    My doctor told me that I would miscarry and that he is sure that it is not an ectopic pregnancy. I was supposed to go for another blood draw on 12/17/10 (one week later). Through the whole process of TTC, I didn't feel that I was getting enough information. I decided to seek a second opinion and possibly talk about my chances of having a healthy pregnancy. I met with another specialist (working in the same clinic). I wanted to talk about the future, but he seemed to concentrate on now. He did my second ultrasound (my first was 12/06 with the first doctor and he didn't see anything). The second ultrasound with the second doctor, h saw something, close to my left ovary, about 2 cm in size. He seemed to be a little concerned, especially when I told him about 2 sharp and quick like a needle sensations the night before.
    He recommended to check my blood the same day and consultation by phone the following day.
    Today was the consultation day, and the he told me that my levels of beta HCG have gone up to 150 and that he is concerned. He said that it could be an ectopic pregnancy and he recommended a methotrexate or to a more extensive ultrasound. I decided to go for the ultrasound, which really didn't show anything (they didn't see the area by my L ovary. The doctor said that my uterus has a thick lining, which many times it indicates that the embryo is in uterus, but as always nothing is for sure. He again suggested methotrexate or another blood draw to check if the HCG levels have gone down. I am not sure what to do, but since I am not in pain, I thought about another blood test and following day if levels are up a methotrexate. I am worried what can happen, but since I am feeling okay, I would like to check one more time before the injection. I don't want to take the injection without being sure. I was also wondering if I could of got pregnant second time , while my levels were at 95? Originally, I thought that until I get my period I can't get pregnant, but then I've read something on the post....and I am not sure.

    Thanks for any advise! I will update after my test.

  3. msjackiedt

    msjackiedt New Member

    First I am so sorry you are going through this. I know your emotions are all over the place right now I am sure.

    You don't have to get your period before you can get pregnant again but you won't ovulate until your hcg levels are back to 0. When I had my first miscarriage my levels were low and I had the thickened lining. When I had the ectopic my uterus was normal and they found the embryo in my left tube after 3 ultrasounds. I would wait until they are sure of where it is implanted before taking the shot. Your numbers not doubling is a concern, so I would ask for blood draws every 2 days.

    BJ is on here usually and she is a great one to talk to and always has good advice. The other ladies are helpful, too of course.

  4. msjackiedt

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    2times- I can't imagine having the ectopic twice but I know the feeling of loosing two in a row. I had the ectopic, go pregnant 6 months later, lost that to a miscarriage. Got pregnant right after, lost to a chemical pregnancy. Got pregnant 6 months later, had her then just recently lost another baby to a missed miscarriage. Losses are never easy.

    Both times they have been in your left tube? I had to have my tube removed because the shot did not work for me and I was about to rupture, but the surgery was very hard on me and I ended up with an infection and back in the hospital. I agree with Jen that you should talk to your doctor about monitoring your cycles to see when you are ovulating.

    Are they monitoring your levels right now?

  5. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member

    Thanks Jackie, I miss our talks!

    Angie...I'm so sorry you're going thru this. I am 38 so I know the ticking clock with all this although I do have 3 children but they are grown and moved out now. ( I was trying to have another baby before any of them left).

    I had an EP in Jan 08. <sniff> Almost 3 yrs now.

    I had a chemical pg in May 09 and then a m/c in Feb '10.

    I have sorta given up hope with no insurance and then some personal issues that have gotten in the way. But there is still a part of me that says hey maybe it will happen...maybe God will bless me so here I am...waiting. (Insurance kicks back in in January). Options???? Maybe.

    I will say that no matter if you see anything on an ultrasound or not this does not sound like a viable pg and whether it ends on it's own or not it still sounds like it could be the inevitable. Please don't take this as harsh it most certainly isn't meant that way but I know at these difficult times even something meant well can be taken horribly.

    There is normally a waiting period with the shot of 3 months but it depends on the Dr as to whether and how much they advise as it seems to differ with some Dr's. My best advice would be to do what needs to be done so you can get back on the TTC'ing track...loosing it now or later isn't going to make it any easier. Also if it is an EP you're risking the health of your tube and your life in general and your future fertility.

    Please remember that you did get pg (even if it was with clomid)so it will most likely happen again and your Dr is monitoring you and giving you options so I would just do whatever you need to to get back to it as soon as possible as with us age is a factor and the more time we have the better.

    Try not to get discouraged. Remember that our bodies are made for this and since you waited so long to do this maybe your body just needed a dry run sorta speak. I know plenty of women who have had difficulties conceiving were getting ready for IVF then miraculously got pg just before only to have then lost it due to m/c and then got pg a few months later and kept to term. Jackie wasn't going the IVF route but she was definately discouraged and look she has a beautiful daughter.

    I had the pleasure of meeting both Jackie and her daughter in person back in Sept. We got together and it was like we were old friends in real life...we never skipped a beat at the meeting, this forum has been a life change for me whether I ever have any more children or not, I'm glad I ended up here from it. Jackie is the reason I tested the last time she swore I was pg even tho I didn't think I I tested to prove her wrong and she proved me wrong...go figure LOL

    Anyway...we are here for you all (even if it takes some time for us to respond sometimes).


    Hang in there chica...


  6. msjackiedt

    msjackiedt New Member

    Thanks Jen, I miss ya too!! I know we both have hectic lives right now. Text me when you can:)

    This site is definitely a wonderful place. I came here for my ectopic loss in March 2008 and now have made friends for life from it. Jen is an amazing lady and while others have come and gone from the site she seems to always find time to encourage us all during her own struggles.

    Like Jen said, I wasn't going the IVF route or any of the fertility routes, but I got my positive test the day before I was going to sign to join the Navy. Things happen when we least expect it and I always hated hearing that, so I apologize for saying it myself, but in the end it happened to me that way. I have trouble keeping pregnancies as well and have no idea why.

    I left this site because of certain things, but glad to be back and I will try to check in as much as I can. I have trouble keeping up like some of the others but will try my best!

  7. Angie71

    Angie71 New Member

    Thanks for your advise. I did have to get an injection yesterday, since my HCG numbers were up and the doctor said that it is like 70% ectopic pregnancy. I was really worried of the rupture of my tube, so I just did what two doctors advised. On Sunday and Wednesday, I have to check my blood and hope that I don't need another injection. I am still waiting for the effect... On March I will try again...

    Thanks so much for your support.

  8. Angie71

    Angie71 New Member

    Hello Jen,
    Thanks for your support and wisdom. I did get the shoot yesterday and my hope is that it will work and I don't have to do another one.
    Yes, I waited a very long time, even my dream always was to have children. I guess I am just a procrastinator (well, I also was waiting for the perfect man...). Now, that is all I can think of and concentrate on is to have a child. I will try again. After my levels go to 0, what kind of tests would you recommend? I want to be so ready. I plan to prepare myself in all aspects: physically, mentally and financially.
    Do you think you will try in January? It is so hard to believe that you are 38 yrs old and have 3 children out of the house... Wow! I hope you can work out your
    insurance stuff and try again (shouldn't it be easier, since you had kids already?)
    Well, thanks again and will keep you posted.

  9. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member

    Hey Angie,

    You can get an HSG test to see if your tubes are open and flowing. They inject dye into your tubes thru a cateter inserted into your uterus and it pushes the dye up and out your tubes.

    Then you can take clomid and they can monitor you via ultrasound up to ovulation. If your biggest egg is on the bad side then you just won't TTC that month. If it's on the good side you go home and do it like bunnies.

    I started early by accident...all three times and yes they all have the same father. I had my tubes tied when my youngest was 5 because of lack of other options they wouldn't let me get the nuroplant again and I had gotten pg on the pill before. My daughter was while I was breast feeding (oldest two are 11 1/2 mos apart) and my youngest was a busted condom. They put me on depo and I gained an enormous amount of weight even with hardly eating and exercising. At my appt to get it they refused me of it. I also had some cervixal dsyplasia issues that almost turned to cancer before it was removed and I felt as I didn't intend to leave my ex that it was my only option.

    Obviously I did divorce and I am with someone else now. We had been together for 8 yrs and he has no children. So it was always a 'want'. I had my tubes untied in April '07 and then he hit a time in his life where he was unsure of whether he was ready so we didn't immediately TTC. Eight months later I fell accidently pg and it turned out to be an EP (chances are greater for them after tubal repair). I had to have 2 shots and so we waited 6 months before TTC'ing again but since I had a fear of getting another EP...I had an hsg...NO dye came out my tubes and he even pushed it hard trying to open it a bit...but still nothing. So basically we didn't TTC till after April '09 when I had my tubes re-opened again. I got pg the next month but two days after my first BFP, the tests got lighter and lighter and then 2 days after that I started cramping and bleeding. We continued to TTC but nothing got me pg till I took clomid (without Dr supervision) and got pg but when I started the blood draws the numbers weren't doubling as they should have and at 6 weeks I m/c'd again.

    We still try but the stress was so much and some issues in our relationship we try but I don't tell him so much as it stresses him and he feels like he has to perform so even tho I know when it's time...he doesn't and it takes the stress off and I don't have much hope most of the time but at least I don't feel like I'm wasting the last of my fertile years. I am at least giving it a half hearted shot at it.'s depressing even to think about. And as much as I love my angel babies...I have depression issues and force myself to think of other know move on...we all have to sooner or later.

    Please don't stress it...I know the timing makes it hard...but try to keep a positive but stressless attitude about it. Both my ex and my current have mothers who had kids well into their 40's my currents youngest was born when she was 46.

    I am sorry for the delay in my posting I have been so exhausted and recently back to work after being laid off for a long time and honestly with the holiday season it's really kicking me in the arse, but I have thought of you and all of you ladies often and will try to keep up when I can.

    Love you all!!!!!


  10. RN GU3

    RN GU3 New Member

    Hi guys,
    sorry for the delay in update. My levels are down to five. I was reading that five and under is considered safe but my Dr wants me to go once more next week, I'm tired of getting blood drawn but know I have to do it. It will be 8 weeks on Sunday since I started this long process. My husband and I are looking into booking a cruise in the spring, something to look forward to, and then I'll meet with my OB to discuss possibly trying again. Still not sure, but maybe. It's been really hard lately because my two best friends are pregnant, and we were all due within 6 weeks of each other, so while theire bellies are growing and they are preparing for babies, I'm still waiting to be back to normal. I'm not sure if my body will ever get back to normal, I think the methotrexate really screwed it up, who knows I guess.
    Sorry to hear about everyones losses, its an awful thing to go through.
    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

  11. Pebble Mok

    Pebble Mok New Member

    Hi all, I have read through many of your stories, and am sorry to hear about it. I would like to share my story and to seek your advises.

    I had the last period on Nov 8, and we tried to conceived since Nov 15. I did not notice any difference in the body, and on Dec 8 - Dec 10, I had vaginal bleeding bleeding which i thought it was period. I had severe pain in abdominal area that I could not sit up, vomiting, almost fainted, could not eat any food, etc. After that, I had on-going left lower abdominal pain, and vaginal bleeding after intercourse.

    On Dec 18, the pain was severe that I had to go to Emergency room. After many blood and urine tests, together with pelvic exam, abdominal and vaginal ultrasound and HCG at 2400, I was diagnosed with threatened miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. I returned on Dec 20 for a HCG test at 3000, and another ultrasound, the doctor said "I'm pretty sure that you are having a tubal pregnancy" and asked me to choose between methotrexate and surgery. We chose MTX and agreed to have the injections on the same day.

    After that, I did not have any bleeding, cramping or any dizziness. On Dec 22, I returned for a HCG test, showing HCG 6000. I was so scared and emailed doctor. Next day, the nurse called and said i might have a normal pregnancy??? I am soo sooooooooo confused and scared. I waited for an official message from the doctor but have not heard yet (probably because o holiday).

    I keep thinking about this over and over and waiting minute by minute till we know what is really going on. Do you guys have any idea of this, please advise!

  12. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Ouch! Yes, the doubling in 48 hours sounds like a normal pregnancy. Sorry to hear of your nightmare. What a thing to happen at this time when few doctors are around!

    If it is a normal pregnancy, they should be able to see something by now on ultrasound, given that your beta is 6000 and you must be about 7 weeks pregnant (if you ovulate on day 15 or thereabouts). Regardless, they say that >2000 beta or so, something should be visible on ultrasound. I would go back to the ER and tell them that you have some pain or something. Make them do an ultrasound. Because heaven forbid, if it is an ectopic, you don't want to be sitting around at this high beta levels. And if it is normal, you might have to take extra folate to block the activity of methotrexate (please check with your doctor before you do this).

    Best wishes.

  13. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member

    RN GU3,

    Glad you checked in and that things are finally getting back to normal for you. The process really sucks and seems like it goes on forever. ((((((hugs)))))

    Pebble Mok,

    Sorry to hear about your story. Even though you doubled your numbers between the 20th and 22nd it definitely didn't double between the 18th and although it might be hard to hear it doesn't sound like this is a viable pg. And even with the metho the numbers tend to go up before they start coming down. I do hope I'm wrong though. Please keep us posted and come for support no matter what the outcome as it could be inspirational for others.

    Good Luck!


  14. Pebble Mok

    Pebble Mok New Member

    Thanks guys. It feels so good to be able to tell my story and hear from those sharing the similar experiences. I will see the doctor tomorrow and hopefully can learn about what is going on. Will keep you posted. Thank you!


  15. SadMommy27

    SadMommy27 New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    I really wish that I wasn't the newest member of your club and that this heartbreak would go away. I found out on 11/29 at 6wks 5days that my pregnancy was ectopic in my left tube. My numbers were increasing great the day of my metho shot on 11/29...were at 6,600 and we even found a heartbeat only it was in the wrong spot. By 12/23 my number was below 5, and I was done....well according to the medical world. I'm not sure when I'll be done though...I'm heartbroken. However, I do have a question for all of you. Have any of you had extreme digestive issues after the metho? I have had horrible pains, gas, and problems every since. Funny thing is they have only increased since my negative test. I've been to my dr and another for a second opinion and both say all is well. I'm not imagining this!!!! My sides, hips, and lower abdomen hurt and I am constantly bloated. Has anyone else experienced any f this? I'm at my wit's end...I just can't take it anymore. The grief is enough without the horrible physical symptoms. On a lighter note Happy New Year and I hope you all are doing well!

  16. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    HUGS, SadMommy! It is so difficult to handle such a loss. The physical and mental strain. I don't know about metho but it could be your body manifesting the psychological stress?

    I am glad you found this forum. Everyone is very supportive on here, and feel free to vent as much as you want.

  17. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Hi SadMommy and so sorry you have to join us here. But like Confused said, this is a great place to get support. I found this site after an ectopic pregnancy as well and here I am, 2 years later still getting help and advice from everyone here!

    When I had my metho I remember feeling like I had the flu, only without the fever. I felt achy and nauseous for a few days afterward. I don't recall feeling bloated, but did have some abdominal pains for a while after having it. Honestly, I have tried to block most of that experience out of my memory so it is hard to recall exactly how I felt.

    What kind of things are you eating? After having metho you want to stay away from high fiber foods such as leafy greens for a while since their high folic acid content can counter the effectiveness of the metho. I was given a paper that listed all of the things to avoid after the injection. I remember it included staying away from leafy greens, avoid exercising, NSID's, excessive sunlight, and a bunch of other things I can't recall at the moment.

    Did you only have one injection on 11/29? I believe my symptoms after the injection lasted about 3-4 weeks, but I also had 2 injections a week apart. Sorry I don't have any great advice for you but I would say check out your diet and see if there's anything you are eating that may be contributing. I think the abdominal pains are fairly normal because after going through something like that I think you become more sensitive to pain and discomfort in that area (at least I know I did). Good luck and like Confused said, feel free to vent or ask anything you wish!

  18. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    SadMommy, they should at least do an ultrasound on you. To make sure the pregnancy is gone, and also to check for any blood or fluid or to check for any residual effects of the metho. The metho was causing my HCG numbers to fall, but it was also causing blood to accumulate in my abdomen which was causing me extreme abdominal pain. I don't want to scare you into thinking this is whats happeneing, but if I were a doc, I would at least run anothe HCG to double check your numbers are at 0 (since a blood pregnancy test is usually the first thing they run anyways in any young woman complaining of abdominal pain) and an ultrasound.

    I had an ectopic 3 years ago, and i so know the pain. It was my first pregnancy and was so stung by the negative experience of a first pregnancy that I didn't even want to contemplate trying to conceive again. I had metho, surgery loss of fallopian tube, but I now have a healthy 14 month old baby girl, so there is always hope. But it takes time to heal both physically and mentally, and the hardest time, is the time you are going through now. As hard as it is to imagine, this pain will eventually lessen with time, but wont ever contempletely go away. I was depressed, and wouldnt get out of bed, wouldnt eat, cried a lot, felt sorry for myself, etc. But it got better. talk with friends, join a support group. Even coming here talking with complete strangers helped my mood.

    Hang in there and feel free to vent or ask questions!

  19. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    An extra point - if you talk to someone and they sound rude and indifferent to your pain, it is only because they don't know what to say. Remember how difficult it is to know what to say to anyone who has just suffered a loss. Just put it down to their ignorance, not indifference. I faced this myself. Yet these are people who wouldn't hurt me wilfully. I see it in hindsight but couldn't see it then.

  20. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Yes. I got told "It happened for a reason", "God has a plan for you, and a baby isnt part of it right now". At the time, it hurt so bad to hear that, and really, a woman enduring a miscarriage or ectopic, shouldnt have to hear stuff like that, but I dont think people realize they are saying anything hurtful.


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