Ectopic pregnancy & methotrexate - Part 3

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    I was just pointed to this thread from another topic I posted....

    My original post:

    I just joined this forum because I am being treated for an ectopic pregnancy and I am absolutely terrified.

    I started bleeding at the end of January, unexpectedly. It was heavy, then spotted a few days, then back to heavy again. I'm always regular, so I went to my Dr and had a few tests done.

    First they though I might have had a miscarriage, and I didn't even realize I could have been pregnant. Another blood test showed my hCG levels were going up. They sent me for another blood test and an ultrasound.

    The day of the ultrasound, I was taken to ER. The OBGYN on staff saw me (after hours....) and more blood was taken. My hormone levels were somewhere around 1100 when I was there, a week ago yesterday. They treated me with two injections of methotrexate and sent me home, without much information.

    I bled Tues - Thurs. I had also been really nauseas for days before this. By wednesday my nausea was gone, but there was cramping on the right side (where the ectopic is). The cramping started to get much better by saturday morning. I went for a blood test that same day.

    Went to the OBGYNs yesterday and he said my hCG is only down to 967, which isn't the kind of improvement he wanted to see and said we're not out of the woods yet. It was absolutely devastating, because I really am starting to feel a bit better, so I was hoping for good news.

    I was sent for another hCG test today. I am absolutely terrified, and I feel like I've been dealing with this for weeks. I am *really* hoping I get some good news tomorrow. This has been terrifying.

    Anyways... I need support, especially from anyone that's gone through this. I am terrified of needing more treatment or even surgery. I feel like a big emotional mess today too frown

    Thanks for listening

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    Hi Heather,

    I am so sorry to see you here. I know exactly what you are going through, and quite honestly for me, going through the experience of an ectopic pregnancy has been the most devastating thing I have ever experienced.

    The old thread with my story has been locked up, so I will tell you my story in hopes it will make you feel not so alone - I know that helped me. I knew I was pregnant, we had been trying for a few months so I was ecstatic to get that positive test. I called my doctor and made my prenatal appointments and couldn't wait to go to the first one. A few days after the positive test, I started having some cramping at work. As the day went on, the cramping got worse and I also started spotting. By the time I got home, the cramping was debilitating and the bleeding was very heavy, so I called the doctor's office in a panic. Of course they were closed, so I had to wait for the on call doctor to call me back. He was the most insensitive SOB I have ever had to deal with. He told me that I was most likely just getting my period and there was nothing that could be done. Later that night it was so bad, that my husband called the on call doctor back asking if we should go to the ER. Again, he told my husband that it was probably just my period and that his "perception" of my pain was probably making worse than it really was. He said the ER wasn't going to be able to help me and that it would just cost us a lot. I think that is the maddest I have EVER seen my husband. We both called off of work the next day since I was up all night crying and in massive pain and he was up all night worried and trying to console me. We went for the first HCG test the next day. They called me the following day and my level was only at 51 - very low for being 5 weeks pregnant. They had me go again a few days later and it dropped to 28. They then told me I had a miscarriage and that I should go for the blood tests once a week until I'm back to 0. So I went the following week, and they never called me with the results. I finally called them to see if I was at 0 or if I had to go again. A nurse calls me back and tells me I need to come in ASAP - my levels jumped to 76 and something is very wrong. So I called my husband all upset and he met me at the office where they did the ultrasound and found the ectopic. Since it was an emergency appointment I once again could not see my doctor, but whoever was available - which just happened to be the jerk that told me I was just getting my period. He said "well I guess it wasn't your period, huh" and I wanted to jump off the table and punch him. He basically told us that I had two options, and we had to decide right away. This was a very serious condition that could not wait to be treated. So he said we could either do the methotrexate injection, or surgery. But we shouldn't really consider the surgery since it was Friday afternoon. We opted for the metho, and decided we would NEVER see that doctor again. The metho made me feel like I had the flu, only without the fever. A week later I had to have more blood taken and another ultrasound. My levels only dropped by 1 point - not good. So this new doctor recommended another injection. I was bleeding through this whole ordeal which made it even harder to deal with. Every time I went to the bathroom it was a constant reminder of what happened. Luckily after the second injection I stopped bleeding and my levels dropped to zero.

    Just to prepare you, you will probably not have a normal cycle again for quite some time. I had a normal period about 3 weeks after my second metho injection, but then my next cycle was a whopping 65 days and the following one was about 40. Hopefully you will get lucky and will go back to normal much quicker.

    I know it's hard, but it really does take time. It's not something you ever forget, and it always hurts to think about, but as time goes on those days spent crying are less and less. I was a big emotional mess for a long time, especially when seeing or hearing about pregnant women or babies, and still find myself having the occasional breakdown when I think about it, but it does get better.

    Good luck and if you have any questions or need to vent about anything the ladies here are great support!

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    I am so glad I found this thread.

    I found out I was pregnant in mid January. I started having very painful cramps right around the time I would start my period. I just had a D & C the month before to remove a uterine polyp and thickened uterine lining. I thought maybe the pain was associated with that. The pain stopped and my period never came so I took a pregnancy test. I was pregnant. It was unexpected but we were very excited.

    About a week later, I started lightly spotting. I had had two miscarriages before and while I feared something was wrong, I held out hope. After hcg tests 48 hours apart, my levels were dropping. I had very severe pain and started to bleed heavily on Feb. 4 and almost had my husband take me to the hospital but the pain finally stopped. I had an ultrasound the next day and I was told it appeared that I had had a complete miscarriage.

    6 hours after the ultrasound, I passed a large mass of tissue. My regular doctor had been out of town so I waited a few days to see him and show him the tissue. He scheduled me for another ultrasound 2 weeks later and weekly hcg tests until my levels were at 0. I ended up going in every 2-3 days because the levels were going down but not quite as expected. Then they started increasing. I had an ultrasound and nothing showed up so I was given an injection of the Methotrexate. (the lowest my levels got were around 590 and they were the highest a few days after the shot at about 1900)
    The numbers are going down but I am still having to go in for blood draws every 2-4 days. My levels are now somewhere around 987. I am tired and exhausted. My emotions are such a roller coaster. Today when I called to get the blood results and see when the doctor wanted me in for more bloodwork, the nurse excitedly told me I was pregnant. She meant no harm but I just lost it when I hung up.

    I am just so confused and full of questions. What is normal in this situation? Should I be worried? I have more bloodwork on Friday and an appt. with the doctor on Monday. How quickly is it expected for your levels to return to 0 after the Methotrexate shot? Will I need another shot or surgery?? I need to go read through all the posts but I need to go lay down. Thank you for allowing me to share my story and if anyone has advice, I would so appreciate it!


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    Kathi, I feel like I am in the same spot you are. It's scary... My hCG levels haven't dropped like they should and I am waiting for my second hCG test after my shot of methotrexate.

    I just keep thinking that I'll be through this soon enough. You will too [​IMG]


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    Hi kathi

    I had an EP back in november. I had to have surgery. I'm new to this site also, so I can't help to much, but I can offer my support. I'm gonna tell you my story as it may help you decide what to do.

    November 8th-

    I was at work. I was having some sort of power surge. I think this had something to do with my EP. At this point I didn't even know I was pregnant as my periods were normal. I had my period 16 days earlier. So around lunch time I start getting this horrible stomach ache. I knew something was wrong because it was like labor pains. I sat down, got up, even laid down but the pain wouldn't go away. At that point it wasn't any particualr side.... Just all around. So I go to the ER. I told my fiancee and went in. They took urine and soon the doc came in and congratulated me on my pregnancy. It floored me to think that they could detect pregnancy so soon. So next I got bloodwork done. My hgc count was really high so they ordered a US. They didn't see anything so the doc gave me prenatal pills and told me to go see a OB GYN as at that hospital they didn't have any. That was saturday.

    On sunday I noticed pain on my right side. I deep down suspected an EP.

    Monday November 10th I wasn't having any luck getting into an OBGYN soon so I went to a diffrent ER. They did more bloodwork and saw my HGC was dropping. They did say that you can get diffrent results with diffrent labs so ordered a US. ...the tech that did the us said "she would bet money" it was in my tubes. From there on out it was a whirlwind of signing papers and stuff. That was the first time I had met my doc. I was brought up to the ob floor and there were ppl waiting for me to bring me to surgery. From what I understood I was going to have laproscopic surgery. When I woke up I could tell I was cut all the way across. I found out I was about 12 weeks pregnant! I'm not gonna bore you with all thr details, but I know I never had a chance of having the shot. I was to far along. If I had a couple more days to decide what to do I woulda gotten another opinion.

    I'm sorry for your loss and that I couldn't be of more help but I hope you know your not alone and can pm me anytime you like.



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    Thank you both for the replies. It just helps to hear others stories and know I am not alone.

    Heather, please post what your numbers are and how things are progressing when you get any news.

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    Heather I just wanted to say my post was for both of you going thru this.... Its a scary thing to go thru....the ladies on this site have helped me out soooooo much



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    Hi all...

    I'm Jen and have been around here the longest, it seems. I have been here since Jan of last year.

    I had hoped that come April I would be actively TTC'ing but I don't think that will be the case.

    Anyway...Carrie welcome again.

    Heather & Kathi, I'm sorry for your losses. Unfortunately it's not just the EP it's all the effects of the EP that it seems we have to deal with now.

    This is not something that goes away although some get pg within 3 months after some do not...

    I will say that the average percent decrease in HCG levels that doctors like to see is 15%. Which for Kathi your doctor was expecting a number more like 935...approx. I will say try to cut down on foods that high in folic acid as your doing the opposite of what the metho and your body is trying to do. Folic acid helps multiply HCG levels, since you want them to go down stay away from green leafy veggies, cereals ( all are fortified in folic acid) and other stuff been a while can't remember what now.

    I will say at my highest my numbers got to 11,000. And it took 7 weeks for them to get to 1....and then 5 more weeks to get my first just in case be ready for the long haul.

    I'm so sorry as it makes my heart ache to hear of anyone else going thru this. My sis just had a ruptured tube last month from her EP.

    ((((((((((((((((Carrie, Kathi, Heather)))))))))))))))))

    You will get most of your support from us ladies who have been there and lean on the ones that going thru it along with you.


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    Hi jen

    I totally agree. I've gotten more support here than from my family and friends. I'm not sure if its just my experience, but everybody around here except my fiancee are acting like nothing ever happened. You ladies are helping me heal.

    I was never offered an fsh test. A couple ladies recommended it to me and I'm going to have one done this week. It makes perfect sence that I have one. You ladies are a wealth of knowledge!!!

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    I am just so thrilled I found this board. Thanks for the support everyone, I'm really needing it right now.

    Called the OBGYN this morning and they are closed until tomorrow afternoon! I can't believe he didn't mention that to me... now I have to wait until then for any kind of update.

    My wonderful husband stayed home from work with me today. I was such a basket case yesterday, and I feel a lot better being with him than by myself.

    I also started cramping again and bleeding, and I am hoping it's a sign that the metho is working..... *fingers crossed*

    Thanks again...

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    Heather and Kathi-
    Welcome- I am sorry you had to come here but, am glad you found us.
    I am sorry for your loss and the trying times you are going through now.
    It will seem like the journey ahead is long and tiresome. And it is. But, know that we have all been through it and you will get though it too.

    We all have emotional days. Use us to vent! It truly helps. Some days will be better than others. My ep was 5 months ago. I can't believe that much time has passed. I don't have the energy today to tell my story. But, please knkow that I am here for you. Please feel free to ask questions and to allow us to be your support group.

    So glad you found us.

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    Heather and Kathi,
    I am so sorry that you have to join us here, but you will find nothing but support and some laughs while you're here (and trust me you will need to laugh every once in a while!)
    I'll give you a brief synopsis on my situation. My hubby and I started TTC in October, found out November 4th I was pregnant by HPT and blood test showed level of 14, november 6th I started bleeding fairly heavily (Doc originaly thought I had a m/c) but then my HCG levels were steadily going up like they were supposed to (so doc thought the original bleeding was implantation) well needless to say it wasn't because I had spotting every day throughout all of this. I had 3 internal u/s and they found nothing, it wasn't in the tubes or the uterus so they said it could be in my abdomen or could've went into my vasculature and gone to my brain or lungs (HOW SCARY). Now me being a nurse that scared the crap out of me. Well on December 4th I had my 3rd u/s with an HCG level of 8100 they decided to admit me and give me methotrexate. That was the hardest thing to have to swallow, but I knew that it was for the best. My levels dropped nicely (THANK GOD) and now I'm back to to normal and TTC, so we'll see what happens.
    Going through an ectopic, it can feel like things are never going to get better and your emotions are going to be all over the place. There were days where I just laid in bed crying uncontrollably, and other days where I was okay. Just know that we are all here for you guys and know exactly what you are going through.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you gals,

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    Hi ladies. I'm also dealing with an ectopic pregnancy right now. I wrote a bit on the other thread.

    I'm an american expat living in Seoul, Korea. I had pain and bleeding similar to yours on Jan. 22. The doctors thought I miscarried, but then my hCG went up to 6,000. I was admitted to the hospital here and stayed in the hospital for 8 days.

    During those 8 days, I received four shots of methotrexate (about 50 mg. each). At first, my numbers went up (to 9,000) but then after seven days, they started dropping very slowly. Last week they went down to 900 and this week 400.

    The doctors here are fabulous and told me that it's very common for HCG to continue to rise initially, or take a little while to fall.

    Bleeding and pain is also common. I've been bleeding for more than a month now, and I also have intermittent severe pain (enough to make me pass out). Go to the hospital if it's very severe, just to be safe.

    Each time I go to the hospital, I have another ultrasound, and the doctors continue to see a tissue mass in my tube. That mass takes a month or more to dissolve and can leave scar tissue.

    I, too, get really sad, but it's getting better and it WILL get better for you! Don't feel silly for thinking your situation is serious and very traumatic. It is. Ectopic pregnancies are the leading cause of maternal death in the early stages of pregnancy. Don't let anyone diminish your feelings. Listen to your body and if you feel like something is wrong, make sure you're seen.

    I hope we all start feeling better soon.



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