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  1. EliseCM

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    Baby girl is doing great. She's 6 weeks old tomorrow. Sleeps wonderful at night, feeds perfect. She's 11 pounds 4 ounces now and 23 6/8 inches long. She's just perfect.

    We as a whole on the other hand, bad. We're probably about to lose our house. I don't know what to do.

  2. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Oh Elise that blows :( I'm so sorry :(

  3. EliseCM

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    Well. Now I'm just confused and mad.
    The money we needed to keep the place another month, then move into one we can afford came through today (we kicked his brother out for various issues I don't want around the baby). But he isn't satisfied with it. My SO wants more. It wasn't as much as we expected, but it's enough to get us into a new place we can easily afford with just him working. But nooo, he wants to do that and get a car, and take care of the rest of his legal crap, and all this other shit. I don't see why he's not just happy we can get out of our current situation.

    His plan to get more money? Have me save this, then when I get my taxes we can start searching for a new place as he's doing his plan saving that money. He apparently knows multiple people that are searching for a place to stay, but they aren't people he wants around me or the baby while he's at work. But apparently it's easy money so he's wanting me and baby to stay at my mom's house for a few months. So while he stays in our place for a few months, charging multiple people to stay there (it's a big place) he wants me and baby to stay at my mom's house. We don't need to take care of EVERYTHING at once. There's no need to! We can space it out. Get the place now, we can afford to take care of everything if we do. Then with taxes, kill off the legal shit. Then I'll have more money in May we can use for what we see fit. I don't see why he's trying to ship me off and away right now when it's not necessary.

    We have a lot of mistrust and I don't want him to just turn the house into a party house and shit, which I'm sure will probably happen. Plus who knows what else. I'm just so frustrated and don't know what to do.

  4. Mrhappy

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    Congratulations :)

  5. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Elise how did your living situation turn out? And how is everyone else doing?

    We're good, Eli is almost 15lbs at 10.5 weeks and starting to be super interactive and fun. My meds for PPD are kicking in and I'm so relieved. My Mom leaves tomorrow after over 7 weeks with us and I'll miss her but I'm ready to do this I think.

  6. EliseCM

    EliseCM Member

    Well. Sucky.
    I'm living with my mom again, YAY! Hit to my pride after years of not living with her. But me and Iris' father decided our relationship is better on a friendship basis. We just can't be together, we aren't happy at all. We've both been miserable for months. But we agreed to be civil and remain friends and take care of Iris together. We hugged it out at the end and have even spoken multiple times since then.

    Iris has her 2 month appointment Thursday, I'm not looking forward to shots. I hope she takes them well.

  7. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry to hear it :( But good for you for being able to separate that from the baby-rearing business. That's not easy. Good luck with your shots!
    Mom has been gone for 9 days and we're doing fine. Feeding is finally sorting itself out and after a month of tongue stretching after our second tongue tie revision we're finally able to go down to 1-2 times a day. So excited about that. Eli is growing like CRAZY, he's 15.5 lbs and in 6 month sleepers. He's developing a bit of a routine and starting to be interested in things--like the TV. He especially likes Robin Williams. Funny little guy.

  8. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Everyone doing okay?

  9. EliseCM

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    1959765_724795740893764_165396357_n.jpg 1743676_723672747672730_474112764_n.jpg 1970499_728734063833265_2031057529_n.jpg
    Okay on our end! Sweet girl is 3 months today! Already 25.5 inches long and about 15 pounds. She is a monster! Growing soooo fast. And she's cutting a tooth already! That sucker is hitting her hard. It's popping out more by the day, I feel terrible for her little screams. It's heart breaking. The only thing that helps is her vibrating teether, she's too young to hold it in her mouth by herself, so I hold it for her. She can grab, hold, and move things fine, she just hasn't mastered moving them in the exact place she wants them to be in!

    I'm going to be drawing court papers for her dad. I took her to his place last weekend, he asked me for money then told me to leave when I refused. I couldn't believe him. Apparently I'm being a bitch for not helping him with money, but later on when I need something (for our daughter mind you) I won't have any issue asking and expecting help. Whatever. Not dealing with it! I'll let court figure it out. 1959765_724795740893764_165396357_n.jpg 1743676_723672747672730_474112764_n.jpg 1970499_728734063833265_2031057529_n.jpg

  10. EliseCM

    EliseCM Member

    Sorry about those giant pictures >.> The upload on here sucks!

  11. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    What a sweetie! Eli is 16 weeks old and 16.5 lbs :) he's growing like stink!

  12. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    image.jpg Your babies are all bigger than mine! At 6 months she was 13 lb 12 oz and 25-1/2 in. Her well child was rescheduled to next week (weather issues) and she'll be a bit over 7 months. She's definitely smaller than my boys and they were pretty thin.

  13. EliseCM

    EliseCM Member

    Oh my gosh Bunny, she is tiny! Iris is definitely larger than her, at 4 months she's nearly 26 inches long and 16.6 pounds.

  14. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well we're at my parents' in New Hampshire--Elias needed a third tongue tie revision, which was done on Friday and he's finally nursing properly. I have had a good supply due to Domperidone so he's 18 lbs 4 oz at 4.5 months (!!!) and I'm hoping to get off all the meds etc now :) Otherwise we're doing well, I'm medicated for post partum depression but we sorted it out fairly quickly and they're working well so I'm feeling waaaay better!

  15. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Big boy!

    Well, I got married March 21, finally. And as a result of laziness on hubby's part I'm due 12/13/14. LOL

  16. EliseCM

    EliseCM Member

    OHMYGOSH! Bunny, congratulations! You think hubby would have learned ;] Are you excited? Wanting a boy or girl?

    Iris is a monster too, at her 4 month appointment she was 26 1/4 inches and 17 pounds 2 ounces. No one believes me when I say she's 4 months old, most people think she's 6 months lol. I'm so proud of her, she's rolling in all directions right now. I've had her in physical therapy because of her broken clavicle and she's ahead of the game now. I keep thinking back to last year when I took all of those tests that said negative, so crazy.

    That's my favorite picture of us.

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  17. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm leaning towards another girl so I can have two of each and Callie can have a sister. I'm pretty sure this is our last pregnancy. Hubby is still in shock/denial at this point. LOL

  18. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Callie turned 8 months old last week and started crawling. image.jpg

  19. EliseCM

    EliseCM Member

    I'm pretty sure I'd be in denial too! Lol. Her eyes are so gorgeous! When did you get her ears pierced? How did she react?

  20. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I got them pierced when she was just over 2 months old. She only whimpered for a few seconds and snuggled right back to sleep in the Boba carrier. So far she hasn't bothered them or tried pulling on them either. Sunce she got them so young it's just normal to her for them to be there.


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