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    Wow RR, that's really interesting. I'm already really resentful toward the IV fluids I was given with Eddie's birth. Either they gave me wayyyyyy too much, or my body just didn't respond right, because they made me so swollen down below that it contributed to Eddie getting stuck and having to be yanked out. I came home and only weighed about 5 or 6 pounds less than when I left for the hospital, and good grief the baby itself weighed nearly 9 pounds not to mention all of the other fluids and placenta leaving.

    I hadn't thought about the fluids affecting the baby. My milk was late coming in, and he got legitimately majorly dehydrated and lost way too much weight until we started supplementing. They blamed it on him burning his brown fat from cooking so long, but I wonder if the fluids bumped up his birth weight a few ounces and made the weight loss more dramatic.

    Anyway, if I end up in the hospital for some reason with this baby, my number one thing will be NO IV FLUIDS (unless there are clear signs I am dehydrated and can't drink enough). I had already decided that before reading this article, but this gives me new reasons to turn them down.

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    Thanks RR! I've bookmarked the link for future reference in case I have similar experiences with future children.

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    I'm so sorry it went so horribly TDG! I hope you feel more bonded really soon and things settle down nicely now.

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    RJ went from 6 lb 2 oz down to 5 lb 5 oz, but they estimated a "true birth weight" to be 5 lb 9 oz. Brighton went from 7 lb 15 oz down to 6 lb 15 oz. He was so bloated at birth that he had absolutely no wrinkles or creases, just super tight skin. He was given an estimated "true birth weight" of 7 lb 3 oz. This figure was based on average newborn weight loss of 3 oz in an all-natural delivery (a lot lose no weight at all) plus the amount of fluids I was given. I've had polyhydramnios both pregnancies as well, severely with Brighton (31 the day before I was admitted) and this is suspected to add extra fluid weight to baby as well. I left the hospital two full days after having RJ weighing 5 lb more than I was admitted at, and with Brighton I went home weighing 15 lb more and completely unable to fit into my clothes or shoes I'd packed.

    I was surprised Brighton had so many issues after birth considering he was "term" and expected to do well. RJ was perfectly fine at 35 weeks despite being considered a preemie. I do feel strongly that my APS contributed significantly to the "over-baked" problem though. Less than 20% of babies born to women with APS are over 37 weeks (and this assumes no outside factors like induction or c-section). The ones that are generally suffer health problems and once you hit 38 weeks the risks for placental abruption, cord rupture, and stillbirth take a dramatic spike upward. A typical delivery with APS is 32-36 weeks (labor starts on its own) and there are very few, if any, complications to baby from being early and generally those born at 34 weeks or after have none at all. I went into labor with RJ right at 34w6d. They initially tried to stop it until my doctor was contacted and he said not too. They didn't do anything pitocin or anything to speed up the process until my water broke a few days later. With Brighton I went into labor at 35 weeks and we waited for my water to break, which never happened. We spent much time fighting with the hospital to admit me to induce/deliver me and they refused despite my problems. They only consented after my NSTs started showing decreased movement and reactivity, placental calcification, plus an inability for me to keep my blood sugars above 50s. Despite two weeks of strong, consistent contraction 3 minutes or less apart my water never broke. They broke it for me in the hospital, but said the sac was so thick it never would have broken on its own and the hook couldn't break it either. They had to use scissors to cut it. Afterwards and after discussing all these issues with my doctor he said he'd likely break my water in his office when I go into labor next time to make sure I deliver before baby has problems and/or breaking my water at 36 weeks if I haven't gone into labor.

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    I just wanted to add I typed up most of the birth story at the hospital so if it doesnt flow right thats why. [​IMG]

    That is really interesting!!

    I had severe fluid retention before being pumped full of IV fluids. I am only 2 weeks PP and my weight loss is 35 lbs(5 less than my prepreg weight!)!!!! (I only gained 30 total, nearly 10 of that in the last few weeks alone!). Pretty crazy. IDK what my weight was at the hospital but I can imagine it was a lot because my swelling went from severe to insane after the c section. Jaxon was VERY puffy looking the first few days(altho he also had his own IV after birth).

    Our ped said Jaxon has all the signs of a full term baby, not a 37 weeker. Im 100% sure of his conception date tho. DF pointed out tonight that all 3 of our other kids who were born at 39 weeks(also 100% sure of conception dates) were a lot stronger than the average newborn. They could all hold up their heads, focus their eyes, and had stronger controlled movements than any newborns Ive ever seen. Jax looks more like a "normal" newborn. So maybe I do just cook em faster! Im not worried about his weight at all, other than they might insist he is readmitted if it doesnt catch up quick.

    Now if I havent had enough problems I went from having nearly a week of no bleeding to HEAVY bright red bleeding. I more than soaked a pad in a minute, but I had been sitting and just stood up. Now its not nearly that bad but is still bright red. I have a drs appt tomorrow but I may end up back at the hospital if it gushes like that again. [​IMG] I really cant catch a break this time!!

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    Wow, TDG! That is a pretty intense birth story! Glad Jax is doing well now and that you guys can all be as a family.

    My sisters baby came out DARK blue. They insisted she didn't have anything wrong and continued to let her stay in the room all days long. She looked dead. It was so sad. Finally someone took her serious and she ended up in the NICU the next town over for 10 days. It was hard on the family trying to be with the baby at the hosptital as well as the kids at home. Kudos on that!

    Watch the bleeding! If you are filling more than a pad an hour it warrants an ER visit!

    Hope all is going well and your little man is too cute for words! [​IMG]

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    Yeah it's a pretty good study, statistically relevant and significant and something that those of us who have worked post partum and had to calm a nervous mother whose baby has hit the 10% mark have suspected for a while! Good to see them confirm it.

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    I think all weight gain&loss should be taken as PART of the picture, including diaper information and whether baby looks healthy&well or not. Aria lost about 5% of her bodyweight in 5days, and was still 3lbs lower than birthweight at 2weeks, but at 3 weeks she was 9lbs 15&1/2, which meant she put on 12&1/2 ounces in a week! I'd put money on her gaining al,ost a lb most weeks from now on. My scar is really throbbing today, I think I have developed a chest infection after this cold, but baby is fine so I'll man-up. [​IMG] sorry you are having such a bad time still [​IMG] x

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    Oh you poor thing, TDG! I am glad that Jaxon appears to be doing well, though. I am so sorry you had such a traumatic experience getting him to this stage.

    Really keep an eye on the gushing blood. If it is more than a pad an hour, you need to see the doctor ASAP.

    Do try not to worry about future babies now. As BG said, it may all work out just fine. Focus on your and Jaxon's healths. What you have on your hands is far more important at this time than what may or may not happen in terms of future babies. You may hate me for saying this, in your situation, I would probably do so too. But it really is more important that you take care of your present.

    Good luck!

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    Saw the dr yesterday. She said huge gushes of red blood are fine as long as things go back to normal in a few minutes. Still a bummer because I thought I might get away with a lighter bleed instead of a horrible heavy one. Boo hoo. [​IMG] Incision looks good so far so thanks a GOOD thing! She had zero idea about my numb hands. Again..seemed super inexperienced. I think Ill get some wrist braces and give it a few more weeks for all the hormones/swelling to calm down and hopefully my carpal tunnel chills out. Anyone know when the night sweats ease off? I cant remember but they really suck!

    Taking Jax in tomorrow so well see how his weight is coming. Otherwise hes still a super easy going baby. Really funny how his pregnancy was so much like Bs, and his personality so far is like Bs as well. I wondered if that would be the case.

    Confused--Im not overly worried about the future right now. DF keeps insisting I see my dr asap to talk to her about it but I dont see the point right now. Its a matter of her seeing the other drs notes, not her own memory so I might as well just talk to her when Im actually ready to maybe have another baby. If Im going to get bad news about being able to have another Id rather it be later instead of now. Ive got enough to deal with right now!

    WA--I hope you feel better soon. Nothing like coughing while trying to heal from a CS. YUCK!

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    TDG my night sweats lasted about 2 weeks, I think. But I'm sure it's different for everyone.

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    I never had sweats with either kid.

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    One handed during a night feeding, just popping on to say Congrats to TDG, and welcome Jaxon!! Love the name!

    I have more to say, but for now just wanted to say my night sweats lasted 2-3 weeks as I recall. I had forgotten about that post partum symptom and was all WTF, I am burning up!! Lol!

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    Thanks ladies! Im nearly 3 weeks out and they are going strong...altho they didnt start til week 2 this time. My hormones got all messed up being away from Jax that first week. Strange how that works!

    His weight was OK. They wanted an ounce a day, must have 1/2 ounce a day and he was like 3/4 ounce a day. Im super annoyed they want me to bring him back to be weighed again next week because hes still a ways under birth weight. He was 7 9(birth weight was 7 15). Im so not worried about him. I have a ton of milk and he is totally normal in every way. Pees and poos all the time, sleeps good, wakes to eat, has short awake alert times,and is happy! UGH Im just so sick of drs!! They want me to pump and/or give him formula after I feed him but EVERY time I have to fight him to get him to take it and then he ends up burping it all up because hes over full. Its retarded.

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    TDG he's obviously doing just fine. I would trust your gut and not force food on him at this point.

    You don't _have_ to take him to the doctor... if you're really confident everything is fine (and seeing as he's your fourth, you have a pretty good sense of that), you could delay the appointment another week or two.

  16. TDG

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    Yeah Im done over stuffing him. I will take him to be weighed again but I am 110% sure hes fine and is just slow to get back to birth weight because of the time in the nicu when everything was so messed up.

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    Also, the IV that you may have been hooked up to, right? That would make his weight go up. If he's peeing and pooing fine, is not crying inconsolably, and moreover, he's spitting up all of the force fed milk, sounds like your instincts are good. If it were me, I would take him to a different doctor and get him weighed for my peace of mind.

  18. BunnyGirl19

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    Sounds like you fell into the same BS I always have to deal with too. I got tired of it with Brighton and just stopped taking him in. They were more concerned with his weight than the fact that he had bad tremors all the time. I'm going to just nurse the next one on as best I can and only supplement if I can't make enough milk.

    Anymore doctors and nurses act like weight is the only thing that matters in terms of health. There are obvious signs if baby is not getting enough. If they aren't showing those signs they should leave it alone in my opinion. All it does is cause unnecessary stress. It took Brighton a little over 3 weeks to get back to birth weight, but no signs of dehydration or starvation.

  19. TDG

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    His weight as of yesterday was 8 lb 3 oz so he is over birthweight and dr agreed to leave us alone! yay! lol.

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