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    I think it's interesting that some families seem to be loaded with just one gender even though everyone is supposed to have the same odds each pregnancy. It seems like there has to be some external influencing factor to cause that.

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    Congrats TDG - look forward to hearing all about your next LO.

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    My great-grandmother had 8, yes EIGHT, boys before she had her one and only girl. I could not imagine!

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    Oh my! But then, back then, people stayed near parents and in-laws and had help, I think (hope?).

    But, come to think of it, my maternal grandmother had first a daughter and then, 7 boys (only 2 boys survived and are middle-aged men now).

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    My family is totally mixed on both sides, although my pothead uncle (hopefully not anymore) had 3 girls before having a boy. Come to think of it, all the men I know that are regular pot smokers have daughters. Weird. My paternal grandmother had 3 boys (not in a row) and a girl, but several miscarriages as well. I don't know any families in real life with all one gender that are larger than 3 kids max with the same parents.

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    Congrats TDG!! I hope you and babe are doing well and that your CS is treating you better this time around. [​IMG]

    BG, SO is one of four full brothers. My old doctor has 6 boys with the same woman.
    SO's parents neighbors have 12 children, eleven of them are boys. (All twelve are out of control. lol)

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    11 boys is just way too many!!!! LOL

    We haven't decided when to start trying for #3, but I'm wanting a Halloween baby, which means I need to be due mid November at the earliest (I'm not supposed to go past 38 weeks with my issues). We want to have two girls now that we have two boys. I don't want anymore boys if I can help it. Two is enough, plus we can't agree on anymore boy names. I got stuck with RJ's name, but at least got to pick using his initials. I picked Brighton's first name (fortunately SO liked it right away) and he picked the middle name. If, heaven forbid, I have a third boy the name needs to end in "er" and I'd really like to use Asher, but he hates it. Poor kid would have to be nameless! Our girls are for sure Calypso and then likely Piper because I want to call a girl Pippie. I'm still looking for other names with "pip" in them as possible options to use though.

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    Haha Bunny, it sounds like your SO needs to start smoking pot [​IMG]

    Skylar is kind of a cute boys name and you could always spell it Skyler. Tyler is a more traditional -er name. You could also name a boy Phillip and call him "Pip" if you don't get enough girls for a Piper.

    I'm glad my DH doesn't read this because I told him we have to keep trying until we have a girl [​IMG] He's hoping this one is a girl just to get that out of the way!

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    11 boys! I'd go crazy after about 2.

  10. BunnyGirl19

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    We have a family member with a little boy named Tyler so that's out, although I've always liked it. I liked Skylar as well, but SO can't stand it. Apparently someone on South Park had that name and it was always said with a lisp and that's all ge thinks of. The only name he finds even slightly tolerable is Hunter at this point.

  11. iampam

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    Most of these names are pretty awful, IMO, but here's a list of -er names: http://nameberry.com/blog/cool-baby-names-the-er-names

    Hopefully you get your wish and have girls though [​IMG] I feel like your odds are good, since you've miscarried so many girls. You know you can make them!

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    Congrats TDG!! I've been thinking about you the last few days and finally had a sec to get on and check! Hope you and little man are doing wonderfully. Can't wait to hear his stats!

    And yes, I really believe there is some other factor that contributes to gender in families. Most peeps I know have one or the other (although most of my friends have stopped at 2 so who knows how that would change w/ more kids). I for one, think it has a lot to do w/ the vaginal environment (acidic vs. alkaline). Not sure science would support my theory, but I know I always run alkaline and men are alkaline by design...so...

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    I think we base our gender predictions on too few children - my great grandmother had four boys and then followed them with 3 girls - she must have been thinking she'd only have boys at first!

  14. BunnyGirl19

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    I agree Bron. The studies I've read recently about gender probabilities and stuff were done using only families that had 6 or more kids. But yeah, if you only have 2 kids there's nothing much to study and at least in the large study I read it showed that it was extremely common for the first two to be the same gender and the third a different gender.

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    BG it may be pure coincidence but I know lots of families with 2 of 1 gender and then 1 of the other, I am one of 3, 2 girls and 1 boy, a family friend had 2 boys and then 1 girl, my OH is one of 3, 2 boys then 1 girl, my aunty had 2 boys then a girl. Its a lot like flipping a coin, if you flip it 100 times you can have lots of groups of it landing one way up, but it doesn't mean the chances are much more than 50/50, its just chance.

  16. TDG

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    Thanks everyone. Yes I had my FORTH SON! lol. Surprise surprise!! haha. Df peaked over the curtain to tell me the sex. I could tell by his Oh sh*t face immediately. He was very surprised. I was not. lol. Sorry it took so long to update. We have had a hell of a last 2 weeks. My early delivery actually had nothing to do with my BP!

    Jaxon Warren
    7lb 15 oz, 21 inchs
    37 weeks and 4 days

    After a busy saturday of painting and nesting like a mad woman, we went to walmart for some late night groceries.(damn good thing!) Got home late, put the kids to bed and showered. By the time I got to bed it was around 1am and I was achy and swollen everywhere and just miserable but not having any contractions. Around 2:30am I woke up to a wet bed. I laid there for a second trying to figure out what just happened..if Id peed the bed or if a little boy had snuck into my bed and peed on me. Realized that wasnt it. Sat up..more water gushed. Jumped out of bed and thought is it really??? Smelled it...yup no pee! Yelled to Austin to get up NOW my water broke. He jumped out of bed, got the light and stood there looking at me like what are you talking about? He asked what do we do!?? (starting to panic) I said call your parents, and get the kids ready to go. I ran to change my undies and look for clothes. (I went thru 3 pairs of panties plus heavy AF pads trying to get ready to go--LOTS OF WATER). With Brendyns labor once my water was broke the contractions came on mean(altho that was on pitocin) so I was kind of panicked this would get bad fast and we were an hr from the hospital plus had to drop the kids off. So we got ready quick. Thankfully dfs dad answered the phone and met us on the way. DF was totally freaked out. We called the hospital and then left. Forgot the camera--literally the only thing I needed lol, so we went back to get it. I planned to send df home to get my stuff later so I didnt bother packing. After we dropped the boys with dfs dad I felt better. Got to the city and still wasnt having contractions, and the baby was moving so I wasnt overly worried then so we stopped at walmart so df could get some energy drinks.

    Finally got to the hospital. Found out neither my dr or my hernia dr were on call...of course! The dr on call was very new(has only been out of residency a year or two) so I was a little concerned about that. Turns out it was for good reason. The hernia dr on call was actually my obs first choice but he hadnt been available the day of the scheduled c section. So they decided it would be at 7am. Never did have any bad contractions the whole time(weird considering Id been having them for months!)! I kept thinkin damn I should have went back to sleep, maybe I could have held out til monday when my dr is available. That sunday was going to be my first chance to sleep in in forever. I was pissed. lol. So the ob came to talk to me before surgery. She went ON AND ON about how this would be a REALLY difficult c section(being my 4th) and how dangerous it was blah blah. I was kind of pissed. Like fucking duh I know the more c sections you have the more dangerous it is but she was scaring the @$#%^@ out of me because she acted like she wasnt confident she could do this!! MY dr on the other hand is extremely experienced and has always been extremely reasuring about my c sections. She pretty much said that the way she does things and how carefully she cleans up the previous scar tissue and stuff that the risks for a 4th are not much greater than the 1st. Shes always said she would be very comfortable doing 5 or 6 on me. Ok well so after this drs long lecture and trying to scare me it was like well this baby has to come out and even tho she acts like she cant handle this c section, they also wont be letting me do as vbac so I dont really have an option here.

    The spinal went much better than last time. Quick and easy and didnt leave me terrified Id be paralysed! The surgery took FOREVER. He was born screaming his lungs out. FOUR boys. Im still trying to wrap my mind around that. lol. I have NO idea what the hell happened during my surgery. She kept pulling on things way high in my abdomen and it didnt feel like my other 3 c sections at all. It was awful. Then by the time the other dr came in to do the hernia repair my spinal was wearing off(from the belly button down) so I actually felt the entire hernia repair!! It wasnt full on pain but it was like they had put numbing cream on it. I felt almost every single cut and stitch. It was just beyond awful. I told them but nothing they did helped..it just gave me more problems. It seemed like every drug they shot in my IV caused another problem(severe headache, nausea, bp drop, shakes etc). It was quick at least. FINALLY I was back in recovery. Wasnt in there too long before they told me Jaxons blood sugar was too low and he needed to go to the nicu. His blood sugar was no lower than Waylons was at birth and yet he never needed the nicu! Im still not sure if it was just the ped on call was over cautious or because he was 37 weeks vs 39. IDK. So then the OB comes in. She told me that my bladder was stuck to my uterus but she couldnt fix it and she also said that my uterus ripped. Altho shes told me twice now I still dont really understand how that happened. Again...it sounded like she just wasnt qualified to be doing a 4th csection. Then she goes on to tell me that it will be certain death if I have another baby. This is exactly what I needed to hear right then. Im still sooooooo upset about the whole thing. I hope the surgical notes are good enough that MY dr can shed some light on what the hell happened and what my risks really are. Between the hernia and the mutilated uterus this was my most painful csection by a LONG shot. Another issue with this OB...she is being stingy with my pain pills! My ob always gave me percocet 2 pills/4hrs with as many refills as I wanted for 6 weeks. This dr gave me 1pill/4hrs with NO refills. PLUS my OB was planning on doing stitches instead of staples because my last csection didnt heal well. This OB refused and said it wouldnt help anyways. Sounded to me like she was being lazy because it takes longer! Im just beyond disgusted with the entire experience.

    Now..the baby...He spent a week in the nicu. He never should have been sent there to begin with! Again...a fucking nightmare. His blood sugar was the same as Waylons at birth. With Waylon it was difficult because he was hard to wake up to get him to eat enough to correct his sugars, but he was with me 24/7 and I just kept pushing him to nurse and it worked! This time...they put him in the nicu. They wont let me feed on demand! It HAD to be every 3 hours, plus they didnt want me with him between feedings because he needed to rest(even tho the nurse said his vitals were better when he was on me anyways!!). PLUS no matter how many times I said it they would not call me if he woke up between feedings. They would give him a paci/sugar water when he was awake and then at the feeding time if I couldnt get him to wake up to eat then it was just too bad. So they put an IV in to fix his blood sugars. Finally one night we had a great nurse. I was just beyond upset at everything and we came in to find him with a paci. We both blew up at this nurse(who had just started her shift and hadnt given it to him). She felt soo bad and totally understood what we were saying that this made no sense the way they were doing things. They had originally said it would take at least 2 days to wean him off the IV. That nurse did it in 8 hrs! She would actually call me every single time he woke up so I was able to really feed him and the IV sugar could be lowered without hurting his blood sugars. Then in the AM she actually removed the IV but told them it had to be removed because it had started falling out! lol That nurse was my hero!! So things were OK but he was still hard to wake up to feed so it sugars still werent as stable as they wanted them. Again I KNOW if Id been able to nurse on demand with him on me all the time they would have straightened out a lot faster. So they put a feeding tube in and started giving him formula after I would nurse him. On top of all this, he started to look jaundice early in the week and I told them he needed a bili light to fix it before it got bad. But no...they had to wait until it was serious to even consider treating him. Like it would have hurt ANYTHING to get him a light or a lightblanket to lay on. So now at the end of the week he finally has that and we had to take the damn thing home with us. PLUS on top of all this...the neonatalogists in the nicu like never see the babies or talk to the parents! They saw me ONE time the first few days and they did all of their treatments based on numbers in charts...never actually seeing the baby! Jaxon is a strong healthy baby who didnt have ANY problem that my other kids didnt also have. So after a lot of putting up with BS I found out my inlaws have a connection to the head of the nicu. I dont know forsure but I suspect he may have gotten a complaint from them because the last day or so the treatment was TOTALLY different. The nurses call me every time he is awake. They dont try to keep me from him. The dr sees me and him every day AND asked my opinion on how to best fix the blood sugar problem. Now that Im able to feed him as much as I want he is getting better! Surprise surprise! So we finally got to leave but the drama continued! The peds here will no longer do circumcismns in the hospital. Apparently they make more money doing them in office!! My ped doesnt come here and wont do them in office so I had to make a special appt. to have that done after we finally leave this place! BIGGEST NIGHTMARE EVER. So df went with me...thank GOD! We get to this peds office for the circ. This is a large popular place so we didnt expect any issues. First issue--it was dirty. The toys in the waiting room looked like a mechanic played with them. Next the dr comes in..doesnt wash his hands(no sanitizer either), OK I thought maybe he did it in the last room, doesnt used gloves to examine balls/penis, STILL doesnt wash his hands leaving the room either!!!!!!!! Now if this werent bad enough it goes on..he also didnt use sanitary covers on his medical equipment(like the lil light thing), he picked off the scab that was left on his belly button, then he laid Jax down on his belly on a fluffy blanket and ignored him while he was obviously having a hard time getting his head up to breath! I know Im forgetting something else too, but on top of all this he looked like a creepy pedifile. We let him do the circ against both our better judgement. Thankfully it looks good so far but you could not pay me to ever set foot in that place again!!

    Im SOOOO unhappy with everything about this experience. Ive always had my kids here where there is a nicu in the off chance they needed it. Now that Ive seen how rigid and policy following they are, instead of using common sense, I dont think Id ever do it here again. The only good thing I can say about this hospital at this point(other than some of the nurses are wonderful angels) is that they offer a thing where new moms can basically rent the hospital room for $30/day which includes meals. I could have stayed in the nicu with him once I got released. They have private rooms but they only have cots and super uncomfortable chairs, and public bathrooms with no shower. It would have been a nightmare to stay there with how ruff I was feeling from this surgery. The dr got my insurance to approve a 4th day, plus $60 for 2 days rent is pretty good to get to stay there with him comfortably. I missed my other boys like crazy. Jaxon is a pretty mellow easy going baby so far. He was nursing really good until I came home and had to start giving bottles for jaundice. Now he gets overly full from the 1oz he gets and wont wake every 3 hrs and my suppy is starting to suffer. Hes also gettng frustraited my boobs are slower than a bottle. It sucks. If they had started the biliblanket when I asked we may have been able to avoid bottles, but they didnt so I had to take the blanket home, took him off monday, but his levels were back up weds so I started supplimenting bottles and then friday his bilirubin was back down. I have to take him back next week to be sure it stays down now. He also isnt gaining weight fast enough which Ive never had to deal with before. Everything has just been screwed up!!

    I can not get over how big he was! Hes so tall and huge for being 37 weeks!! He was my biggest baby by 2 oz, but he was 2 weeks younger than W!!! He also had CRAZY long nails. If I wasnt 110% sure about when he was concieved Id think his dates were off! I feel pretty decent already. All the walking back and forth to the nicu in the hospital made my swelling severe and last longer than usual. It literally damanged my nerves! Now that the swelling is gone my feet feel badly bruised and my carpal tunnel is so bad my hands are 95% numb all the time. I sure hope that gets better soon because it makes everything really hard(like typing this! lol) I have almost no bleeding which is a big change for me..I usually bleed the full 6+ week heavy.

    I have never had any issues with my c sections, but this time it has really impacted my bonding with Jaxon. I also didnt get a hormonal high like usual. Its not that I dont feel anything for him, but I just dont feel like hes my baby. I worried this would happen if he was a boy but Im certain that has nothing to do with it. Its just been this separation and extremely stressful weeks. I feel pretty Ok about having a boy. Better than expected. I get a little sad when I saw the its a girl sign on other peoples doors, and its upsetting when I think about what the dr said about having more kids, but Jaxon is just perfect. Seeing my 3 different boys Im just excited to see what kind of little boy Jax will be. Im glad the separation doesnt seem to have affected him the same way. He has known me since birth. He crys when other people hold him but immediately gets happy when I take him. He will also stop crying and look around for me if he hears me in the room. He loves to just stare at me. Hes so sweet. Im relieved I feel so good about having another boy because I really thought Id be a mess. [​IMG]

    Ironic side notes:
    I read in a pre labor check list to get a water proof mattress pad and thought thats silly..what are the odds your water would really break in bed? Apparently good! lol. Im glad we already had a good waterproof mattress protector.

    Dfs co worker told him this would be an oct baby forsure and hes been totally freaked out ever since then about me going into labor early. I sure wasnt expecting that after 3 scheduled c sections! I did have a weird gut feeling it would happen this time but I didnt really think it would!

    Funny story:
    I went to fill out the birth cerfiticate forms and they were filled out. Apparently while I was high out of my mind on morphine I attempted to fill it out. O M G. I have no memory of it at all. I put waylons name on it, for my name I put our address, for mothers primary language I put OTHER. LOL. Plus there are lil doodle scribles all over it like a 5 year old did it. I nearly busted out my staples laughing so hard when I realized what I did.

    The boys have all taken to him great and are thrilled to have a new brother. They keep asking when he can play with toys. lol. Now if I can just get him waking better to eat, stop these damn bottles and get his weight gain on track we might be able to actually enjoy him for 2 minutes before he grows into a wild boy. lol. Ill try to get some pics on later when I get them uploaded to the computer!

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    Oh WOW TDG. What a horrible experience with everything. I hope that things just keep looking up from here. That is a big baby for 37 weeks! Sounds like a lot of the same BS that Bunny had to go through with hers being early... babies just cook for different amounts of time and sometimes they're done sooner!

    I hope that despite the lack of confidence your doctor has that everything heals just fine with you and that your regular doctor will reveal that things aren't as bad as the first made it sound.

  18. BunnyGirl19

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    That sounds just awful!!! And I'm surprised they couldn't unstick your bladder. It's pretty common that it needs to be done with repeat sections. It must have been stuck at an awkward location. And I know I don't have all the details, but just because you had some tearing to your uterus during the surgery does not mean you can't carry more pregnancies, especially if the tearing was just an extension of the incision line. You may have additional stress points, but again, not a major issue except in laboring on your own.

    One of my internet friends had a bad experience with her 3rd section. Her uterus ruptured trying to remove the placenta and while they were treating that managed to extend the incision longer (tearing) and cause a prior scar to open up. She was told absolutely no more pregnancies and they were trying to get her and her husband to consent to a hysterectomy during the delivery. They refused it. Her own OB said she should be fine to have more children if she gives it enough time to heal before another pregnancy and they do a section at 37 weeks before she's likely to go into labor on her own. Well, they waited two years to try again and have had two successful pregnancies since then. Not everything is impossible and there is always hope!!!

    I hate how they do everything by the book these days instead of taking each individual case into consideration first. With RJ being a 35 weeker they wanted to stick him in the NICU and they monitored him so closely trying to find any reason to keep him the hospital. They found none. And then after we went home with him they wanted to admit him again because of his weight despite his excellent feeding and far exceeding the minimum wet and poopy diapers for the day. Now when Brighton was born he had clear issues I wanted them to deal with. He had blood sugar issues due to my insulin drip during labor. He had bad tremors and couldn't eat until he was 3 days old and was limp and flopping when not shaking all over. I kept being told he'd be fine in a day or two, that it was normal. He lost a pound of weight before he was able to eat, then stayed the sane weight for days even though calorically he was getting enough to be gaining. We got a referral to a doctor that specializes in preemies and newborns with issues (Brighton was a 37 weeker so not actually a preemie). That doctor determined that Brighton showed all the classic signs of a post dates baby and should have been born sooner (probably 36 weeks when I started having major GD complications but the hospital wouldn't allow it on that basis at that gestation). It was also felt he should have been on a feeding tube or an IV because of his bad tremors and lack of eating. There is a concern that because of his essential starvation and tremors he may have acquired a brain injury and needs to be watched for signs of possible cerebral palsy or seizure disorder (thankfully at 3 months he's perfectly fine and doing great with motor skills). They want to see him again when he's 6 months and 12 months. And what I thought most interesting about the whole specialist's exam, the weight issue was not a true problem. Some babies are born "overweight" due to excess fluid retention and occasionally excessive weight gain in the days before birth. Babies then shed the excess in the first week of life to balance out to their "normal" size, and it is most common in diabetics. This would explain why both my kids had a big drop in weight and slow gain (RJ hit birth weight at 2 weeks and Brighton at 3 weeks). I definitely plan to bring this up next time if they try pulling the same crap about starving my kids!

    I hate that the country has gotten so sue-happy that no one thinks anymore, just follows protocols. Your poor baby (and your family) had to suffer because of it. To me it doesn't sound like ge needed the NICU and there really was no reason to wait on the light blanket aside from their protocol that says to use one once the levels hit a certain number. I hope things are going much more smoothly now and you'll be able to wean off the bottles soon.

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    Geez, TDG, what a nightmare! I normally just lurk but I had to chime in and say you're doing so amazingly! Good for you for sticking up for your baby.

    BG--here's an article/small study on birthweight and IV fluid--one of the better studies to come out of Canada in the past couple of years [​IMG] Now if only more hospitals would start using it to guide practice. All the LCs I know are super stoked [​IMG]


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    I think it's funny that Brighton at 37 weeks had more signs of overcooking than Eddie did being born at 43 weeks. Babies have their own schedules!


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