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  1. Alluring-Ash

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    Congratulations Mrs.G! She is a little beauty! [​IMG] Glad to hear daddy made it for her birth! What a special story.

    I second the Medela lanolin. I lived by it! Always helped me to heal faster when I had issues related to feeding. (also made for a more comfortable time with the pump! )

    Good luck with it all! I pumped for my first one for 2 months before he could latch properly and finally he did. Just keep working at it [​IMG]

  2. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I still try to nurse her a couple times a day. I feel like a cow with the amount of milk I got going on. I only bought a handpump because I didn't want to spend alot of money if A. I wasn't able to breastfeed, B. I decided not to or C. whatever other reason there could have been. It works out well, it doesnt really take much time at all. I can pump a 4oz bottle in like 10 minutes, actually I think it is less than that! She wasn't taking the bottle very well at all...but is getting better. I just nursed her and it wasn't all that painful. I think I really just needed a bit of a rest to heal up and attempt it again with a refreshed mindset. It's a lot of working learning how to do it just right....but we will get there.
    Daddy loves giving her bottles so even if we figure out the whole latch ordeal I'll still pump bottles for daddy to feed her! [​IMG]

    Also, I did know my doctor had to do an episiotomy...he told me afterwards. My stitches are fine, but they forgot to mention that I also tore and there are a couple stitches as well and are in a really irritating location and rubbing. They said to check it out in a mirror....well I did, I cried and I'll never look again. Pretty sure it was the most scary thing EVER! [​IMG]

    Ariannah had a weight check today, she is 4 days old. They said she should be back to her birth weight of 6lbs140z but she was only 6lbs 11.8 oz. They want me to wake her every two hours to eat, but she pretty much does that already. So, hopefully now that my milk is in, she is taking the bottle better and such we can get some weight packed on her! Otherwise, all is well and she is just perfect! Such a content baby...

    I am looking forward to being healed, because this really sucks! I dont take my painkillers because I dont care for how they make me feel...I give in at night sometimes and take 1 just to take the edge off to try and rest. They said it'll take a good while to heal because of the damage and such. Not really what I was hoping to hear as I'm anxious to get back into shape. I havent lost much weight, I'm pretty swollen...I was looking forward to shedding a few decent lbs after having her....but that isn't happening. I hope it starts coming off tho. Not sure what I can do to help since being up on my feet walking around only makes me swell a lot more and causes great pain to my crotch area!

    I got some of that nipple oil stuff. Also, they prescribed me some super strength stuff...only problem, now I am not being covered by insurance because some paperwork got messed up and it'll take a couple weeks to sort it out....by that time I'll be outta the country. Well I'm off to snuggle my lil baby! [​IMG]

  3. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Brighton gained a little bit of weight, but still not birthweight yet at 2 weeks old. He's still down 1/2 a pound. He saw the pediatrician today for his well child check and she said he's doing great in general and that he is super strong and his muscle control and strength is great, so it is really looking like the floppiness and tremors were all just temporary and related to my difficult prolonged labor and blood sugar issues. She put him on his tummy and he was holding his head up and looking all around without bobbing or anything. He almost looked like he was pushing himself up with his arms but I doubt that's what he was actually doing. I do have to take him back again on Monday for another weight check and will have to do this every week until he gets back to and above his birth weight. I was looking at RJ's old weights and when I add in the extra weeks that Brighton stayed in, they are the same size at the same ages. If they stay this way it looks like I'll have two tall, scrawny kids. LOL! We got RJ weighed today too and he's 22 lb and 34.5 in and just turned 16 months today.

  4. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Mrs. G., don't worry, you'll shed the weight soon. You're only a few days postpartum! Take it easy. The stitches are so annoying and painful. I swear, my stitches probably hurt and poked me more than the dang tears would have. I barely tore, and still, it was at least 3 weeks before I felt decent down there. I had a few stitches for a few different tears. In one area, I had 1 stitch, one freaking stitch, and that thing poked and poked and poked and didn't dissolve for weeks! Weeks! It was insane. And for the love that is all things holy, do not take another look for at least another week! It all goes back to normal, pinky swear. I almost passed at when I looked at my bits a few days pp.

    It's seriously amazing that you can pump so much only a few days postpartum! Wow!

    Don't worry about the super prescription nipple stuff and insurance coverage. In a little bit, you won't need much more than lanolin. Just bring a bunch with you to the island. I had 2 weeks of toe curling pain, cracked nipples, blah, blah, and then suddenly, she latched on and it didn't hurt. It's really common.

    BG, sounds like little B is doing great.

  5. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Quickly chiming in before work. Mrs G, she has to get back to birth weight only by 2 weeks. Tell those people to quit scaring you. I think you're producing a good amount. M was 30 g above birth weight at 2 weeks and the doc was fine with that.

  6. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Mrs G, I second what DG says. You are less than a week postpartum for heaven's sake! Lol!! You should not even think about exercising until at least 6 weeks. I believe walking is fine, but running, weight lifting, elliptical, No! With my first daughter, it took about 2 weeks for the swelling and pain to dissapear, with my second daughter, I felt pretty good about a week later. Even though you feel great before you hit 6 weeks, its still important to take it easy. Your body is still technically recovering. You will lose the weight, so dont stress about that. Babies are only little for such an insanely small amount of time, so focus all your attention and energy into taking in every little ounce of your baby. They grow so so fast, and you never get this time back! Losing you weight, can wait!!

  7. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Mrs G, that's a really good weight gain for her! Breastfed babies typically do not regain birthweight until 2 weeks, and she'll be well beyond it by then. 4oz is an awesome milk production at only a few days postpartum, and especially with just a hand pump, so you're definitely not having any supply issues! You don't need to wake her up every 2 hours at night to eat at this point, that's ridiculous for a baby gaining as well as she is.

  8. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    We decided that we are not going to wake her at night...we tried waking her throughout the day to eat and she isn't a fan of it. I don't let her go hours and hours without eating...but if we try to "force" her to eat, she ends up spitting up. Which from what I've read happens because she has eaten too much/is too full....so it kind of seems like a waste of milk. She has another weight check tomorrow, I think she is doing great so I'm not going to think too much into what they say, as long as she is gaining weight then I'm okay with it!

    She got her pictures done today! [​IMG] I'm so excited to get them back. We also got her passport photos done, that was fun. lol

    Hubby did such a great job taking care of her last night. I've had a really bad migraine and I am unable to take excedrine which is the only thing that will get rid of it, so he got up with her throughout the night...I still woke up but it was nice that he did everything. I should have pumped throughout the night, but I just couldnt open my eyes because my head hurt so badly. This morning, holy boobs hurt! :-/ I nursed her for a few minutes today, tonight I'll try nursing instead of pumping and feeding. Nips are feeling a little better, but they are scabbed and still bleeding...grosses me out! I pumped and it was all bloody, I threw it out...there was no way I could feed it to her it freaked me out!

    Ooh, and hubby gave her a bath last night, it was sooo cute! [​IMG] He also took her for a walk yesterday all by himself while I cleaned the house! He carries her everywhere, pushes her in the stroller when we are out and about. He doesn't do the typical guy thing, pushing with one hand....THANK GOSH! He uses both hands and is soo careful...it is the cutest thing ever!

    Heading outta town Thursday for the weekend, going to get her passport and visit some friends and family! Should be a good time!

  9. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    I was able to nurse Ariannah last night without a lot of pain! She is a "lazy feeder" as the nurse calls her. She just doesn't want to put forth work i.e. taking in more of the nipple/areola so that is why my nipples got so bad....it is a work in progress. But I truly enjoy nursing her. I wasn't sure I would like it and or follow through and do it, but I just love the bonding time with her....hoping we can get the latch perfected. She won't nurse on the right side....I don't know why. I've tried every holding/nurisng position possible and she just won't do it. But the left side she has no problems. Any idea as to why? I'm going to talk to the nurse today at her appt and see what they say. I pump on the right side, but would like for her to nurse at least for a few minutes as she is more efficient than the pump and such!

  10. TDG

    TDG New Member

    MrsG--its common for babies to prefer a side. IDK why but it is. Just gotta get used to lop sided boobs for now. lol. Id keep offering the other side but she may never want it.

  11. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Mrs G, try pumping for a minute or two on that right side, and then offering it to her. If you're kind of engorged it can make it harder to latch on.

  12. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    I'll definitely try that.

    Her weight check today was good 6lbs 13oz so almost to birth weight.

    ME, on the other hand....am one miserable emotional complete disaster of a mess. I went to the hospital the other day cause something didn't seem right. They said that everything looked fine, just swollen. Well last night I noticed a stitch hanging out so I went to the office today. All of my stitches came out and now its just ripped wide open. My episiotomy wasn't lined up correctly and so my vagina is one big mess. THey said I need surgery to correct it. So, I'l find out on the 31st when that will be scheduled. Looks like mommy and baby aren't going back to the island with dad. THey said recovery will be bedrest for a week or two and the overall recovery will be long and painful due to the amount of damage done and what they have to do to correct it. I haven't stopped crying since going in....I know worse things could happen and I am thankful that I have a happy healthy baby, but my vagina is seriously broken, disgusting, frankenstien looking mess and I am pretty darn upset by the whole thing. :*(

  13. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    I'm so sorry Mrs G [​IMG].

  14. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    I'm so sorry Mrs G, that sounds really horrible [​IMG]

  15. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    ...All I can think about is my poor vagina. Hubby tries to be nice and comforting and says, "It doesn't look that bad" Uh huh...I've seen it and it is awefully depressing. I just didn't think things would turn out this way. I'm glad Ariannah is safe, sound and healthy....just wish I wouldn't have had the complications.

    We are going to get her passport tomorrow and making a little vacation out of it, going to the zoo and such. I was super excited and I'm just kind of blah and irritated. I know I gotta put a smile on my face and make the best of the situation and enjoy every moment...I have no clothes that fit, so hubby is taking me shopping in attempt to make me feel better. lol

  16. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Did the stitches dissolve too early then? Or just so swollen that they tore out? Sounds very painful!

    Brighton rolled over today!!! He went from back to tummy twice. I am shocked at how strong he is and how good his muscle control is considering his initial floppiness and tremors.

  17. TDG

    TDG New Member

    That really sucks MrsG. I think anyone would be upset by that! I was horrified looking at my c section incision..I cant imagine seeing my vag all torn up! Try to stay positive..it will get better. Are you supposed to be up and about shopping/zoo etc? Maybe that is adding to the swelling and problems? Ive only had c sections so I dont know the rules of vag recovery, but Id think more time JUST resting would be ideal for any type of healing.

    BG--Sounds like you have another early lil mover on your hands. You are going to be a busy mommy!

    Is there anyone left in here?

  18. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    THey didn't dissolve they completely tore right out.

    Doctor said to take it easy, but the damage is more or less already done. I might just get me a wheelchair...haha
    It sucks but I'm trying to make the most of it! I don't know if I had anything to do with the outcome, being out and about too early, but I wasn't told that I couldn't so I felt good and I went about and did my errands. I know regardless of my actions, I was sewn up incorrectly and there was tons of swelling, so possibly the combination is what caused it.

    I'm definitely not looking at it ever ever again, not until after surgery and it is completely healed, I'll seriously have a mental breakdown!

  19. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I wonder how they managed to tear out? I know mine were hidden stitches both deliveries (I couldn't see them at all, just the mess) so I can't imagine they would have torn out with that method. If they weren't hidden I could see them catching on your pad and pulling. How do they do the reconstruction? Are they just going to recut and stitch? I don't know anyone that's had to be reconstructed before. It must be quite uncommon. It just sounds painful!

  20. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Yeah, that is very odd. It sounds like you may have had a botched stitching job, because I have never heard of stitches coming out. So either that, or something done by you caused them to come out. Ive torn with both my girls, and never had this problem, and was up and moving around quite a bit after both of them (sitting around, taking it easy can actually slow down your recovery). I really hope you can get this taken care of quickly and easily. How come they just couldn't restitch you?


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