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Discussion in 'Who's Due When...' started by nikkiwants4, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. nikkiwants4

    nikkiwants4 Member

    Thought I'll start this thread hope I am not the only one. Come on ladies and join me and post your due dates. Went for my ultrasound yesterday and I'm due February 5, 2012 my daughters birthday.

  2. BethnConnor

    BethnConnor New Member

    congrats nikki and welcome to the forum [​IMG] I am due in 8 weeks I cannot wait, with my second boy. My son connor is 4 years old so he is just thrilled to be a big brother! hope you have a healthy 9 months!

  3. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I'm due Dec. 30th, so who knows, I may end up with a January baby! Time will tell!

  4. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    Hi Nikki! Congrats!

    I'm due Feb 23rd! Went for an u/s today and confirmed 9w2d. Healthy heartbeat and looking like a little gummy bear!

    Nice to have a due date buddy now! I've been hanging out in the Oct, Nov, Dec thread.

  5. nikkiwants4

    nikkiwants4 Member

    Hello ladies and welcome.

    Congrats Beth that is wonderful to hear I know this heat is killing you right about now hope you have a speedy uncomplicated delivery.

    Hello HWG#2 glad to meet you. I am also happy to have a due date buddy I see you have a lil man r you hoping for another lil man or do you want a girl? As for me this is baby number 6 for me I have four girls and one boy and I really think this is my son. Well thats what I want anyway and I almost sure it is. I will be 12 wks tomarrow and I will be getting my tubes tied after this one.So really hoping and praying for a lil man.

    Hey labby good to see you again how's your lil momma doing and are you hoping for a son or daughter? when will you find out the sex or is it gonna be a surprise?

    Have a great night ladies.

  6. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    Hi nikki!

    Wow! 6 bambinos-that is amazing! My fingers are crossed it's a little man for you to round out your brood!

    I'm more or less impartial as to the sex. Would love another boy (though I am pretty sure it might kill me to have two crazy little men running around the house). Growing up I always wanted a brood of boys and kinda like being the lady of the house. But, now that I have a little man, I can't help but wonder how it would be to have a little girl around the house, too. We didn't find out the sex while we were pregnant with our son, but Dh really wants to know this time. So, I guess only another 10 weeks or so of waiting :). I don't really have any feelings one way or another about what the sex is-seems like some of my symptoms were about the same as with DS, and some are different...so much for intuition :)

    How are you ladies feeling? The morning sickness is pretty awful these days-not puking, but hovering over the toilet plenty. Otherwise, hanging in there. The depression is worse some days than others, so I am trying to ride it out until the 2nd T rolls around which Doc says should provide some relief.

    Will say this, though: cannot get enough of the food/cooking channels. Despite the m/s, I LOOVVVEEE watching good food on TV. I was like this with DS too. It's like TV cocaine :)

  7. nikkiwants4

    nikkiwants4 Member

    Hey Ladies I have been missing in action due to school, five children and we just relocated to another state. So my hands have been completley full, but I have wonderful news. I had an ultrasound today and it is a BOY YIPEEEEEE FOR ME I AM SO EXCITED!!! I have a picture of his manhood lol. It almost seems unreal, but I am really excited to go from two girls to a boy that is such a relief. How are my ladies doing I missed you guys, but I am back now. How are you HWG??? Hows the pregnacy??? Mine is good beside wanted to eat pickels all of the time. Have a great night ladies.

  8. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    I'm due May 1. As there is no due date thread for me, maybe ill just hang out here.

    Congrats on the boy Nikki. I know how badly you wanted one.

    HWG, and other ladies, I hope you are all well and progressing nicely!

  9. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    Congrats Nikki!! So excited for your little boy! Wow-sounds like life has been really crazy for you guys. Hope things are slowing a little now. It's tough being pregnant and having 5 kids...let alone school and moving!!

    Welcome Nessa! So glad you are joining us! Hang as long as you like! As slow as the DD clubs have been these days, no reason we can't have some extra members! Have you had your first U/S yet? How are you feeling so far?

    Things are going much better for me. Finally feeling better (both mentally and physically) and beginning to enjoy pregnancy again. This little bugger has been kicking up a storm...which I completely love. I am thinking this baby is just bigger than DS was...I have already seen some real hard kicks from the outside! That didn't happen for another month or so with J.

    20 week U/S is a week from next Tuesday. So excited! We are finding out this time, so should know if we are going team blue or team pink soon!

  10. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Thanks HWG. Im feeling, well, bleh!!! I had about a week of morning sickness a couple weeks ago, then it seems to have gone away, but stomach is still not right. I'm having trouble eating because nothing sounds good. Literally, NOTHING sounds good. And I know I need to eat, but....

    I had an ultrasound about a week ago, and they gave me a new due date of May 1 (original was May 4) and we saw the heartbeat. I'm currently in the process of switching doctor's offices. Long story short, my old office sucked, took forever returning phone calls, and in the beginning with trying to get betas and a progesterone prescription, I was constantly chasing after them. It was rediculous. I also strongly want to go with just a midwife this time around (if a good labor and delivery permits), and the new place has good midwives. So right now, I have no appt. scheduled, but they did call to tell me that they received my records and would be calling to schedule an appt.

    Wow, 18 weeks already?? Good luck at your 20 week US. This completely different pregnancy is making me hope it means boy. But I will be perfectly content with two little girls!!

  11. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    Well, entirely different pregnancy does not necessarily mean different gender! We had our 20 week today and IT'S a BOY!!

    Very excited to have a little brother for James. I always thought and hoped I would end up with all boys!

  12. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Congrats HWG!! How exciting!!

  13. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Congrats, HWG! I agree, different pregnancy does not mean different gender! I'm in the same boat!

    My good news of the day is that I once again passed the glucose test! YAY!!!!! So I somehow managed to fall in the 10% where GD doesn't reoccur!

    Not much else to report on. It's getting super uncomfortable to sit at a desk all day. She is up under my ribs just like Olivia was. Still a little gymnast and rolling around pretty much all day long, but it is slowing down a bit probably from less room. I feel like my stomach can't possibly stretch any more but I still have a ways to go, yikes!

    We're going for the 3D ultrasound on Sunday which is exciting. We did it with Olivia too and they give you a DVD recording of the whole ultrasound and a ton of pictures. We will also get confirmation that it is indeed a girl since we never got a great shot at my level 2 and I really couldn't make out what they were saying were the girl parts, lol!

  14. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    Thanks DG & labby!

    Congrats on the glucos test labby! How was the 3D? I hear you on being uncomfortable-only mine is reverse-sitting upright all day keeps baby on my bladder which KILLS me by the end of the day.

    Nessa-How goes the new doctor pursuit? Any luck? Feeling okay?

  15. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Congrats HWG

    New doctor/office is OK. They have me seeing the high risk doctor until 14 weeks which is a little silly to me, but seeing as how the midwives outnumber the doctors in the practice, the midwives just want to make sure anyone with a history like mine gets cleared by high risk first (my history being, ectopic, miscarriage, fertility meds, being on progesterone).

    Feeling a little better. Still aversions galore, but Ill take that over the nausea. Some days I just cant seem to find anything that sounds good. Ultrasound on Tuesday went well, measured right on track at 11wks with a strong heartbeat, and what a wiggle worm!!

    Hope everyone else is well. Nikki? How are you holding up?

  16. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    Nessa-so glad the ultrasound went well! Are you feeling a little more at ease with this pregnancy now? Kinda nice that they are keeping you with the high risk folks for now. At least you know they will keep a close eye on everything!

  17. nikkiwants4

    nikkiwants4 Member

    Hey ladies sorry I have been MIA again. School is really demading along with the children, but we are settled in our new home and things are getting better.Pregnacy is going really well I don't have too many complaints besides looking for a new doc which sucks because I have been seeing my old OB/GYN for 8 years now I have to switch, but things are good. I am really excited about my baby boy he is going to be a Jr. I cannot believe I am 6 months already time sure flies when you are busy. How's everyone else doing?

    Oh wow congrats Nessa that's wonderful news on the pregnacy. Glad the ultrasound went well and a Taurus baby that's a treat I am a taurus and we are very good people ;-).You can hang out here all you want, but you can start your own if you want and still hang out with us too.

    Yay Labby for passing your glucose test!!

    Congrats HWG on your baby boy how wonderful!!! Yay we are both having boys.

    Have a great night ladies. Are you guys getting ready for the holidays?

  18. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    hey nikki! I am sure life is very, very crazy with all that is on your plate!! No worries for being MIA. Bummer looking for a new OBGYN! I would NOT want to be doing that mid-pregnancy. PLus, I love mine.

    I am finally feeling really good. FINALLY! The beginning of this pregnancy was so much harder than last time. But, I guess that's why they call it the "honeymoon trimester". Everything feels better; Emotions, appetite, physical discomfort. Yeah!

  19. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Yay!! HWG, so glad to hear you are finally feeling better. My morning sickness (all day sickness), seems to have taken a hike too. I stopped my progesterone pills a couple days ago, so I think that had a lot to do with it.

    Nothing else new on my end. I can feel my uterus growing. And I always look 7 months pregnant at the end of the day, because Im so bloated. Errr!!

  20. nikkiwants4

    nikkiwants4 Member

    Glad to hear everyone is adjusting to the preganacy well. I am started to feel those aches and pains again, but other than that everything is good. I found a OB/GYN hopefully it goes well. I will keep you guys updated. Have a great day ladies


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