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    Pure exhaustion, that's what's going on, lol! I have been soooooooo tired. I feel like at any given time I could just collapse and sleep for a good 12 hours or so. I'm starting to think I may be on the anemic side. I had to switch over to gummy prenatal vitamins since I take my vitamins at night and that is when the nausea is the worst and I was unable to swallow the big horse pill vitamins. I happened to be looking at the label today for whatever reason and realized there is NO iron in the gummy ones! I haven't been eating much red meat lately since meat seems to be a bit of an aversion for me when pregnant and I'm not a huge fan of leafy greens, so I'm wondering if my iron could be low contributing to my excessive tiredness. Since my nausea seems to be easing up I'm going to try to switch over to the pill vitamins tonight and see if that helps. Those have something like 156% of the percent daily value of iron for pregnant and lactating women vs. 0 in the gummies. I'm hoping it helps because I need some energy!

    I don't put a whole lot of faith into these things, but out of curiosity I looked at the Chinese gender chart thing the other night. DH REALLY wants a boy this time around. So I did the calculations to get my lunar age and lunar month of conception, only to look at the chart and find that the month we conceived was one of only 3 months in the whole year that says boy! So if we would have conceived when I really wanted to the chart would have said girl. Again, I don't really put a whole lot of faith into those things and am quite the skeptic, but it was interesting to see and gives DH some hope, lol!

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    Hey Labby-I hear you on the exhaustion! That was the worst with DS. I'm starting to get there, but not feeling so bad yet. Still, James' sleep schedule has been so crazy that I have been in bed much earlier than normal these days, so I am sure that is helping. I bet iron will help you a lot. I find myself a little anemic normally around AF time and my nueropath gave me a really nice iron supplement with went a long way to help for that last couple months we were TTC.

    I love the chinese calendar! Not sure I really believe all of that stuff either, but with James only one of the "tests" said girl (actually, really wasn't a test just based on cravings/aversions). Everything else said boy. If nothing else it's pretty fun to let people run thier experiments! Most people to said girl for me only said that because that is what they hoped for. Guess I better check out the Chinese calendar this go-around!

    So, how do you plan to start introducing Olivia to the idea of a sibling? I realize she is still pretty young, but I am really starting to consider the best ways to break James into the idea of a second little one around the house. He is SOOOOOOO attached to me and I know will have a really hard time not being the one who is held and cuddled all the time. I want to start warming him up to it gently in the next couple months.

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    I'm not really sure how to introduce her to the idea being that she is so young. We talk to her about it a lot asking if she's ready to be a big sister, but know that she has no concept of what a big sister even is. I'm afraid it will be hard because she loves her cuddle time. Friends of ours have a 6 month old little boy, and she gets VERY jealous when I hold him. But at the same time, she also loves trying to help out with him and is always trying to give him a bottle or his pacifier. She seems to have gotten a bit better with letting me hold him over the past few months, but I usually have to have him on one leg and her on the other. I think we will probably just continue using him as practice, lol!

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    Congrats, HWG! I love that you changed your user name!

    I can't even imagine how y'all are managing with the fatigue and having a toddler. I'd be ded. I never did shake the fatigue when I was pregnant with Piper, and yeah, her nights still suck, so hats off to you both!

    My best friend is pregnant, due at the end of November. She has a 2 year old...as of now, I don't really think he's going to understand the concept of another baby till it's here. He showed up to a party this weekend wearing a "I'm a big brother" tee-shirt though--it was really cute!

    Oh, the Chinese calender was right with me. All of the other wives tales were hit or miss. It was fun because my best friend (see above, lol) was pregnant at the same time, and she didn't know the gender either. She ended up having a boy--we did carry differently, but her body type is on the opposite spectrum than mine, so go figure!

    Whit, hope your placenta moves! Beth, hope you're doing well too!

  5. *mel*

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    The chinese calendar was wrong for me, the normal one and the one with the adjusted lunar age. Most of the old wives tales were wrong too! lol! I even carried him in a girly way [​IMG] Stidd fun to obsess though!

  6. HWG#2

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    Hi DG! I'm hanging in there with the fatigue so far, but I have been sleeping pretty well. We are still co-sleeping and James tends to go through very sensitive phases when he will not stay asleep unless I am right there with him. That has been the case for the last few weeks. I am beginning to think it is divine intervention making sure I am getting enough sleep! For the last few months I have been pulling 1am-ers frequently and that is sooo unhealthy for a pregnant body.

    As for helping J learn about a baby brother/sister, I think we will start talking about it in a few months. He is just becoming more verbally proficient and I know he i understanding more and more. I just want to make sure we do it in a way that is loving and imposes no expectations.

    TMI Alert
    So, symptoms: diarrhea!!?!? WTF? I was expecting nausea (which I don't have) but I had to drive a half-hour home from town unexpectedly this afternoon because it was so severe! Not sure if it is from the Motzarella cheese I had eated a few hours before or the French Fries I had a few mins before, but wow did my body reject it! Hoping it was the later, because I LOVE cheese! Not the first time in the last few days, probably just bad cause I was so far from home and had to hold it. Ugh! My poor tummy is sooo sore and bloated now. Time to bust out the mint tea and probiotics, I guess.

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    HWG#2! love the new name. [​IMG] sorry about the diarrhea! such a bummer! I hope it subsides quickly!!!

    Labby, I know we aren't supposed to endorse things, however I was borderline anemic, and experiencing severe fatigue and irritability. My midwife recommended floradix- She suggested the liquid first, because it works faster. It doesn't have TONS of iron, but it has lots of herbs to help with absorption. you take the little recommended shot before every meal (it tastes kinda like a thick fruit juice, not bad) three times a day. Then to switch to the pills once the liquid is all gone to help maintain (same blend of iron and herbs, just in a very small pill form) You also take this three times a day, once before each meal.
    Also, just a note to help you absorb the most of he iron you are taking, I've been reading that if you take it with Vitamin C, such as a glass of orange juice, it can help you absorb it, as well as on an empty stomach. However, if you take it with calcium this can hinder your absorption.

    I hope this helps! I just truly empathize with your fatigue, and I know it doesn't get better over night. I am feeling SOOO MUCH BETTER! and It really only took a week or so of the liquid to get me to that point. now I'm just maintaining, and I hope me HEM labs on Friday show the improvement for sure.

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    Thanks, Whit. I'll have to look into that. I'm ok until about 1:00 in the afternoon. Then I get to the point where I can hardly keep my eyes open and I start getting a bad headache. Of course I think it may all be work induced too, at least the headache part anyway. I go for the sequential screening today, and they do a bunch of bloodwork there so I'm sure my iron will be checked as part of that. I go to my regular doctor on Thursday, so I should find out then if anything is off and if they recommend anything. I've never had iron issues before, but I've also been a pretty big meat eater. Meat is one of my aversions though when pregnant, even with Olivia. I just can't stand the smell and it isn't appetizing at all to me. I could easily be a vegetarian during pregnancy, lol.

  9. labby06

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    Well we had the sequential screening today. Unfortunately, our little bub is too big for the NT scan so we ended up with just a regular ultrasound and the serum screening, which isn't quite as accurate but no big deal. The crown-rump length has to be less than 84mm and our little peanut measured 88mm. So he/she is measuring at 14w2d, so a bit ahead of schedule but nothing to be concerned about. It's quite an active little bugger, really wiggling around the entire time. It's so reassuring to see on the screen when you can't yet feel it!

  10. HWG#2

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    Congrats on the good screening, labby! So does that mean you are due at Christmas now? :)

    So, I think my bladder took a vacation this week. I swear, I have ZERO capacity these days! I peed before lunch, went and had a salad, sweet potato fries and water (not THAT much either) and looked 4+ mos preggers when I got back to the office!! A trip to the bathroom and I back to pleasantly chubby looking, but come on!!! I do not remember this little capacity until far later in pregnancy last time.

    2 weeks to my 8 wk U/S-can't wait!!

  11. WhiTniZZle

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    YA! congrats on the screening Labby. funny about the bladder HWG#2, love hearing that ya'll are coming along so well. I was there just a short wee time ago. I just ewnt for my glucose and hem tests, so I should know next week if we we have GD or are anemic. so . . . fingers crossed.

  12. HWG#2

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    Any word on the GD/iron levels yet Whit? How are you feeling otherwise? You are in that wonderful not-too-big-yet, lots of kicking stage of pregnancy that I LOVED! What is your EDD?

    It's official-I despise early pregnancy. I despised it the first time and despise it this time. My body does nothing but play tricks on me and it ticks me off! I was sicker than a dog all weekend and the last two days I have actually felt pretty decent. M/S gone, diarrhea gone even regained a little energy. I get that it is really dumb to complain about feeling good, but it always scares me when symptoms come and go...arg. Been in a crummy mood all day because of it...

    K...done complaining...promise.

    Where is everyone??

  13. labby06

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    I despise early pregnancy too. I'm definitely not one of those "oh I love being pregnant" people. My nausea is mostly gone, but I still have issues swallowing those horse pill vitamins. It's weird because I'm taking the same vitamins I did last time and I don't remember having issues then!

    I do keep getting what I'm guessing are round ligament pains, especially when I sneeze. Oh it's horrible. Last night I also had some weird stomach pains, but it was all over my belly, not just the lower abdomen. I had to lay down for it not to hurt as it was uncomfortable to sit in any sort of position. I was starving though by the time I got home from work with this new stupid schedule so I think I ate way more than I should have which I think contributed to it. I pigged out because I was so ravenous! I think I learned my lesson though, lol!

    Other than that not much going on. I go for the second set of blood work for the sequential screening on the 19th, and have my level 2 on Aug 12. They only call with results on that if there is something wrong, and since I haven't heard anything from the first bloodwork I'm guessing all is good. We will be finding out the gender which I'm excited for. Everyone keeps telling me boy, but I don't really have any feelings one way or another. I guess I am also leaning towards boy but I think it's because I know it's what DH wants, so I think it's some wishful thinking, lol! I'll be happy with a girl too though since we won't really need to buy any clothes since it will only be a 2 month difference between them so we don't have to worry about the seasonal thing.

  14. Penguin-Goon

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    lol labby i hate to burst your bubble about the clothes thing if you have two girls with close birthdays, but i thought the same thing and then i ended up with one teeny little girl and one HUGE girl and ended up basically having to buy julie a new wardrobe to have clothes that fit her for the right seasons [​IMG] LOL! now shes all caught up to kaydee and i still have to buy two sets of clothes cause they wear the same size and if i only get one wardrobe i end up having to do laundry like 8 times a day LOL!

  15. BethnConnor

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    Hello ladies, wanted to give everyone and update on my little man Cooper! He is measuring 29 weeks and 5 days although I am supposed to be 28 weeks, I go by his measurements because thats how my first son was and he was 2 weeks early [​IMG] I am feeling good, just alot of pressure. Had a sono of our little guy yesterday and he is 3lbs4oz right now! His head is right down on my cervix he is preparing to come out of course its too early right now but boy is he giving mommy lots of pressure. Sometimes I feel like he might fall out lol..Hoping this means when the labor day comes I will go quick, first birth was 4 hours of labor and thats it so I am thinking this time will be even quicker [​IMG] Just can't wait to meet my second baby boy! How is everyone else doing. I can't wait he could be here in 8 weeks!


  16. WhiTniZZle

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    HI everyone!! I am doing OK, my blood test results came back, and the anemia ones were good, however the GD ones were not so good. It came back a 142. pretty high. So my midwife has me self testing after every meal to indicate if I truly have GD, or if it's from inconsistent diet, and certain things that spike my blood sugar. It's pretty interesting, though scary for me. If it ends up that I do for sure have GD, I will not be able at give birth at home. I understand the good reason, however, I hope it isn't so. We will be having another U/S at 32 weeks, to see how the placenta thing has changed (fingers crossed). Otherwise this pregnancy has been quite nice, so I'm trying to keep a positive outlook.

    We're getting close Beth!!! woo hoo!!! My belly is getting JUST HUGE!!! and I've officially gotten a few new stretch marks. None on my belly, Thank GOODNESS! all just in places where they were before (thighs, hips) and one new spot . . . just below my ass. WTF?? lol

  17. HWG#2

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    Whit-bummer about the possible GD. Fingers crossed that it turns out to be false positive. So glad pregnancy has been pleasant otherwise. There will always be things that don't go quite as planned. I think it's just preparation for motherhood :). I really hope everything works out for a home birth...how awesome will that be?

    Beth-Yay! Getting so close to meeting your LO! Big boy, huh? 4 hours the first time? I hope you live close to the hospital!

    Well, had an unplanned U/S today. Baby looked good-measured 7w6d, hb 161. My 8wk OB apt wasn't scheduled until Wednesday, but I have been having some pretty unbearable depression over the last few days and after experiencing PPD with DS, I knew I better get my butt to the doc. Working through this depression while pregnant is going to really suck. But, I can't feel this way for the next 7 months...I'll loose my mind. I am trying to regain some excitement about this pregnancy and do feel somewhat relieved by the good ultrasound, but really wish I felt as happy as I did when I was pregant with DS. Ugh...damn hormones...

  18. labby06

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    Sorry to hear about the possible GD, Whit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays away for me, but I know the odds are not in my favor. At least if you do have it they can monitor you closely so you don't end up with a 16 pound newborn like that one that was just born in Texas. Could you imagine carrying something around like that in your belly???

    HWG - I'm sorry to hear about the depression. While I don't think I necessarily fit that classification, I can definitely relate to you on the not feeling as happy and excited about this pregnancy as the first. I think part of it is that I am just too preoccupied with Olivia to even really think about it. With her I took weekly pictures of my belly. I have yet to take a single one of this pregnancy! With her I already had everything picked out and we had already started on her room by now (deciding to keep things neutral). Not so with this one! With her I was checking sites daily to see what was developing, how big she was, etc. Again, not this time around! I feel like I'm just kind of rolling with the punches at this point and am not being very proactive as I was with her. Don't get me wrong, I am excited and we very much wanted this, again I think it's just that there is way too much other stuff going on that I don't have as much time to focus on this pregnancy as the last one.

    As for an update here, there really isn't much of one. I'm pretty much past the nausea which is good. I'm still super tired though but I blame most of that on work and the crappy situation I've been put in here. I never got a call back on the first set of blood work for the sequential screening, so I guess that's good as they tell you no news is good news and you will only hear back if there's a problem. I go for the second draw on the 19th, regular OB appt on the 29th, and level 2 on Aug. 12.

  19. BethnConnor

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    posted some new 30 week baby bump pics in baby bump folder..whit I want some up to date of your belly [​IMG]

  20. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Just a quick update...we had our level 2 on Friday and everything looks great! Baby is right on target for growth and is looking perfect!

    And we're getting another little girl!


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