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    The fat comments never stop. People get pretty gutsy and feel it's their place to mention the big bellies of pregnant women.

    I got a pregnancy massage when I was 23 weeks pregnant. It was wonderful!!! So relaxing and well deserved!! The only difference i found between a regular massage and a pregnancy massage, was that they required me to disclose the name of my OBGYN, and any complications experienced during the pregnancy, and the back part of the massage was performed with me lying on my side rather than my belly!! Lots of head and temple massage, and shoulders. It was so nice. Had it not been so expensive, I would have had a few more. (they charge about $60 an hour here where I live, a little steep!).

    Jennifer, one of the gals from my due date group last year went to a chiropractor for back problems during her pregnancy. Maybe you can look into that?

  2. Jennifer21

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    TDG, thanks, I have heard that one is good so we may go to the store and check it out and buy the pillows for it while were at it so we know we have the whole set.. I have a body pillow now that doesn't do anything because its more of a long bed pillow then a body pillow but the pregnancy one is 49.99 so we haven't bought it yet but are going to have to soon.
    Nessa, I found a place that my friend went to, to check it out first that is only 29 for and HOUR!! That is a special for now but without it, it is only 39 for an HOUR so either way I am WAYY excited about the place!! I can't wait to go!
    My mom wants me to go to a chiropractor and I was referred to one by my doctor a few years back but they scare the crap out of me!! I couldn't even IMAGINE having to go to one while I am pregnant, forget that! I just hope the massage works because an hour of relaxation sounds wayy better to me!

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    jennifer, I have 2 herniated discs in my back, which occasionally flare up and make life miserable! A few months before I became pregnant, I went to 6 weeks of pilates-based physical therapy, and it helped so much--it's more of a permanent solution that works to fix the root cause of the pain, not a temporary fix like massage or chiro. I would have gone longer, but it was EXPENSIVE. Anyway, may be something you can look into after you have the babies.

    I did end up going to a chiro during pregnancy, and it also helped. I did not 'do' chiros before then, because I also think they are a little scary. It was easy to find one that worked on preggos. I had some hip and tailbone pain that got worse and worse as my pregnancy progressed (and actually, thanks to the pt I had, my back did not bother me at all during pregnancy!). The chiro did helped with the pain quite a bit, and was very gentle. I even ended up going for an adjustment the day I went into labor (of course I had no idea I'd go into labor later that night).

  4. *mel*

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    Just got back from the second attempt at my 20 week scan! lol! Baby was naughty again but eventually, after loads of different positions and prodding the poor little sod, she finally was able to do the final checks. She also double checked the gender, still a boy [​IMG] For some reason my baby does not like scans! Again they could not get a decent pic but at least all is well and he looks healthy!!!!

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  6. Jennifer21

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    desertgirl, thanks.. I have a pilates class offered at my gym I will start doing after the babies come.. for now I am hoping the mattress and pillow change and the massages help because I really don't want to have to go to a chiro.. I went once and I just don't see myself ever going again.
    Mel, good to hear it's still a boy [​IMG] I am excited for my next scan to make sure it is still a boy and girl since I found out at 17 weeks hehe

  7. desertgirl

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    Thanks for the link, I had no idea such stuff existed--I love the quilt and the sheets. And the rug. And the lamps. Haha, I love Pottery Barn!!

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    No problem, glad you got the link! Thought it would look great in that awesome room!

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    jen--I was never into chiros either, but after suffering lower back pain for a long time DF convinced me to try it...turns out it had nothing to do with my back! It was a hip out of place! She popped it back in and it was heaven..instant relief! The trick is finding a gentle one, but they can really work wonders!

    My blood pressure is up and I feel like total crap today. Im not even into the 5th month and Im so over being pregnant already! lol.

  10. nessa26

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    TDG, it's strange but true, that you do eventually get sick of being preggo. Im sorry that its hitting you so early, but I guess with the placenta previa and bedrest, I would be so over being pregnant too!!! I think I was done being preggo at 32 weeks. I was so swollen, and huge, and my hips and pubic bone were hurting so bad, that I was like "this kid can't come quickly enough" ! Lol. I was hoping to be one of those that would not have to be pregnant for 40 weeks, but of course I was. This coming from someone who wanted to be pregnant so badly, even I was ready to have my body back to myself after a while, and not have to share it anymore!! Hehe

  11. TDG

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    nessa--yeah then I breastfeed and STILL dont really get it back for a long time! lol

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    hey ladies, just want to comment about chiropractors.....I saw one about a year ago when I had some excruitating hip pain. This doctor was also my acupuncturist who was treating me for fertility issues, so she knew I *might* be pregnant because I was trying and essentially treated me like I was. So any manipulations were gentle, but actually I think it was the massage therapist that helped me the most. So if you're having back/hip pain, I'd really recommend finding a chiropractic clinic that also does massage therapy. I think it's pretty common for pregnant women to be patients there.

  13. nessa26

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    TDG, yeah even when you breastfeed, your body (or at least your boobs) belong to baby as long as you let them!! But at least your body starts going back to normal. Thats what I enjoyed. After 9 months of your body being a baby house, its nice to have it tenant free! Lol!!

  14. *mel*

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    I am still pretty lucky most of the time but on the days when my tailbone pain is bad or my other aches and pains start playing up I do start worrying about how bad it will get towards the end!

    My ticker moved onto the next box already!!!! Thats gone fast!

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    Ahh the new box move, how exciting!!
    Yea, I have days where I think I am so over being pregnant but then I rub my belly and I know I would miss it so I am not quite to the ending point yet. I have found a routine that helps me in the morning SOO much: I get out of bed(usually VERY sleep deprived and grumpy) and then before I get dressed I get on a yoga mat and do some stretching, after that I either do a leg exercise like lunges or an arm one like pushups on the wall.. nothing fancy, but just something to make my body feel a little more active... after that I just feel so ready for my day!
    I have also set a new goal for myself because I feel I have been slacking on my water intake which is weird because I LOVE water, but now it makes me gag sometimes so it is hard to drink it like I use to... but my goal is 6 glasses WHILE at work.. that way what I drink in the morning and evening will just add on to the 6. [​IMG]

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    Okay ladies I'm going to lock up this thread and start a new one. I will leave this up for the time being so anyone can catch up.


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