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  1. nessa26

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    Ugh, I couldn't imagine having a stillborn. It really sucked as it was losing a baby that I could never hold, and in the end was just "tissue". For me, the fears never ended during pregnancy. I was constantly worrying. Even in the very end when the odds were in my favor that I would have a healthy baby because I had made it to viability, the fear that one last thing could go wrong, having a stilborn, was still there. Then after birth, the fear of SIDS. UGH, let's face it, the worry never ends!! Lol!! I never take anything for granted. That's for damn sure!!

    Nikki good luck at your appt today!! Has your little one started crawling yet? Sofie has 3 teeth, has started crawling (fast too), and is now pulling herself up to a stand, using anything she can grab onto!! She's standing watching me as I type!! Ugh, can she like stop growing now?!?! Lol!!!!

  2. desertgirl

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    I was completely terrified of stillbirth. Actually, I was so terrified of it that the fear kept me from bonding with my baby during pregnancy. The second, the very instant, she was born, that all changed, but a big part of me shielded myself from potential tragedy during pregnancy. From birth on out, it was smooth sailing! I was sorta worried about SIDS, but as she spent alot of time sleeping on my chest, or in a bassinet less than a hand's reach away, I found my fear dissipate over the first few weeks. So just to let you know, for some of us--the worries do decrease GREATLY after pregnancy!!

    Anyway, you all are looking great (those that have posted pictures in the baby bumps) and are having great, HEALTHY pregnancies! Try to focus on that, but do know that worries are totally normal. If you do find yourself with overwhelming fears, speak up to your midwife or ob--hopefully they'll do everything they can to reassure you. Oh, and honestly, stay away from birth stories that mention tragedy--that caused and feed my fear. I read hundreds of birth stories, and of course, a very small fraction of them did not have happy endings. I haven't even wanted to contribute a post on this topic (and I hope y'all move on from here), because it's not something that is worth your time and precious energy to concern yourselves about. It's just not.

  3. TDG

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    yeah sorry for the negative vibe... its just been on my mind a lot finding out my friends preg again.. I just hope they dont ever have to go thru that pain again. I really try not to worry, because after all-besides being heathly and following common sense--theres nothin that we can do to prevent such tragedy, so worrying does no good!!

  4. jasmineflower

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    omg, guys, don't do this to yourselves! Once you start thinking that way (the worst)(and I know it's sooo easy to, trust me), then you're all gonna be grey-haired young ladies giving birth in a few months!

    Remember the BEST of the situation:

    1) You're PREGNANT.
    2) So far so good...you are ALL past the 1st trimester...where ANYTHING can happen
    3) For every 3 tragedy births you hear of, there's 3000 healthy births.
    4) You're PREGNANT. An awesome feat. A miracle.

    POSITIVE VIBES PEOPLE!!!! It's easy to go down that road and obsess over the bad, but why if the odds are really in our favor? It's way way way way more likely you'll have a healthy/normal birth!!!

  5. nikkiwants4

    nikkiwants4 Member

    I am not sure if she will decide to do an ultrasound tomarrow, but I do know if not tomarrow it will be sometime next week. Thank you Nessa and yes my baby girl is crawling, pulling to stand and is cruising. She is starting to get enough nerve to let go and stand on her own I guess it's true when they say children are moving out of the way for the next one. She also has four teeth on the bottom and one coming in at the top. Boy do they move fast I'm thinking she will be walking by next month if she keeps up at this pace, but it wouldn't be a surprise because all of my children where very fast.

  6. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Jasmine that is how I always try and look at things and I have tried to do it ever since the start of this pregnancy. I kept telling myself that the odds were in my favour of everything being fine, every now and then though I still get my moments of fear!

  7. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    Thanks for bringing it back to the positive vibes but TDG no worries, things like that honestly don't worry me about MY pregnancy they just make me sad about theirs... I gues going through the ectopic gave me enough of my own horror story so the rest make me sad but don't add any additional worries.
    I still haven't been feeling movement regularly, I was getting nervous but when I went to the doctors yest I heard both heartbeats and the doctor said everything is OK... I guess they just aren't strong or regular enough for me to notice.

    Also, Idk if I am the only one, but I literally igamine my belly and boobs every time I am naked lol.. I already see the beginnings of stretch marks on my boobs and I am FREAKING out!!

  8. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    I really wouldn't worry yet about not feeling regular movement, some days I feel more than others. Do you know where your placenta is? Mine is on the front so they said it could be a few more weeks before I am feeling constant movement. However I have definately noticed an increase this week, in fact he is happily kicking away as I type this [​IMG]

    Is anyone else starting to get aches and pains? It's worrying me that I am feeling achey already at only just past half way through! I am getting terrible pain in my tail bone, it started weeks ago but was only when I sat on something hard like a bench or something but now it's if I try to walk any kind of distance or if I sit in the same position all day (like at work). Also, the past few days the muscles right at the top of my legs have been killing me, like in the groin area? This is mainly when I walk. BF thinks it's to do with the extra weight I am carrying up front but I don't know? Will be mentioning it to my midwife at my next appointment. So far I have put on 15 lbs!!!! EEEEK!!!!

  9. jasmineflower

    jasmineflower New Member

    Tail bone pain I've been getting also, the same way you're describing actually. I would sit down on something hard and it's like isntant pain and I'm so uncomfortable, as if my bones have shifted or something lol When I get up I'm fine, so I think the hardness is putting pressure or something? dunno But it's that time, though, the weight is starting to put pressure on everything. Best is not to sit for too long at a time. My job requires me soemtimes to sit for hours without getting up, so now I'm gonna have to speak up and be like "ummm, yeah, break" 'cause i dont' want to be in pain for the next four months!!

  10. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    I have no idea where my placenta is, I will try and remember to ask on my next vistit.
    I have horrible back pains.. I am soo achey all the time, I was telling the hibby yesterday that I feel like I am FULL term already!
    I think you should always bring it up just in case they have some suggestions to ease your pain.. I am going for a prenatal massage tomorrow because I have been cleaning and organizing the house like crazy yesterday and today I will after work and tomorrow I will be walking ALL day so I know my body will be begging for a massage!

  11. TDG

    TDG New Member

    The pains are probably just the joints/ligaments looseing up for birth..that happens suprisingly soon! It gets more painful with each pregnancy-because the ligaments are weaker. Last time by 20 weeks I was like a 90 year old woman I was in so much pain!! My Dr laughed when I told her and said oh well it gets worse each time--Im thinking OMG and I want FIVE kids, Ill be crippled by then! lol. NOT looking forward to those pains..

    Jennifer-I just noticed your ticker--I LOVE that movie--soo funny! [​IMG]

    Im having some cramping today--its got me a little worried. But no bleeding yet so thats good. My migranes also came back. Boo just when I thought the second trimester had me feelin great!

  12. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    hehe yea TDG, that is one of my favorite movies... may go home and put my feet up and watch it [​IMG]
    yea, I was walking down the hallway to my office and MY FIRST STRANGER asked me how far along I was.. although when I told him I was due in Dec he kind of was at a loss for words.. I quickly added I was having twins hehe.. He was sweet though, I don't think he meant anything by it, was just not expecting december because it sounds so far away still

  13. TDG

    TDG New Member

    lol!! At least you can justfy it with twins!! I had one Very old lady ask me if Im excited to be almost done!! I was like ummmm yeah but Im not anywhere near being done! awkward... lol

  14. nikkiwants4

    nikkiwants4 Member

    Well ladies went to the doc today and I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Wednesday the 21st of July. So I will find out how far I really am. She said I am between 18-20weeks, but I know I'm not 18. I'm guessing @ least 20 or 21 because I should be turning another week at leats by tomarrow.I think I can kind of pinpoint when it happened so we shall see on Wednesday.

  15. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Jennifer, just so you know, prenatal massage may make you feel worse right off the table before it makes you feel better. 'course, it all feels good on the table. I had such severe pain in my hips from commuting, and look at me, figuring out when an ideal time would be for the next one. Women! :).

  16. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well it seems I am now at the stage where people think it's accpetable to call me huge? Two people have said it this weekend!!! Thanks alot! I'm only half way! lol!

  17. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    haha yea, I get HUGE, BIG, FATTY, etc from all my little sisters but they are just being kids so it doesn't bother me...
    really confused? I might feel worse? I really hope not! I have had bad MS yesterday and today it seems it is starting again.. so much for my easy second trimester months, I have given up on that lol.. I just thought a prenatal was JUST what I needed because my whole body is just soo achy especially my back. Since I had previous back problems to where I couldn't stand or hold a baby(yes, twins are going to REALLY be hard considering) for more then a few minutes without having a shooting pain in my back. So I pretty much came into this pregnancy knowing my back was going to be a problem... but the huibby and I are going to splurge on a new mattress and we are looking into which one is best for back pains

  18. TDG

    TDG New Member

    jennifer--we have a sealy posturpedic and LOVE it. Its done wonders for DFs back problems. Also make sure you get one of those pregnancy pillows or a regular body pillow to "hug" while sleeping on your side--makes a huge difference in back pains as you grow.

  19. TDG

    TDG New Member

    jennifer--we have a sealy posturpedic and LOVE it. Its done wonders for DFs back problems. Also make sure you get one of those pregnancy pillows or a regular body pillow to "hug" while sleeping on your side--makes a huge difference in back pains as you grow.

  20. TDG

    TDG New Member

    oops sry..dunno how I did that twice..


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