***Due in June/July 2010***

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  1. BunnyGirl19

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    Lovenox is a blood thinner otherwise known as low molecular weight heparin. I have idiopathic thrombophilia, which is a fancy way of saying my blood clots too quickly, but they haven't found a specific cause for it. I'll have to give myself daily injections of it. I was told recently that I would need it throughout the whole pregnancy and for the first six weeks postpartum and that I would need to start the shots at six weeks. But now that I'm pregnant they are doing the "maybe you need it and maybe you don't" thing. They are going to wait until around six weeks to decide and then go from there. For now I'm just on 81 mg of aspirin and hoping it's adequate. I also have small blood vessels so adequate blood flow to my uterus is a potential concern as well.

  2. T.E.

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    Had my dating scan today, they think I'm due June 20. I thought I was 2-3 days further, but figured I'd get the ticker according to to the dating scan.

    Pregnancy symptoms seem to be hitting me sooner this time around. Have been nauseous 24-7 and it's getting worse. Not happy about that. I also don't remember being so tired the first time around -- could barely get out of bed for the last few days.

    The little beanie has a HB (don't know any numbers), so that's good news.

  3. gutterflower

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    YAY TE on the heartbeat [​IMG]

  4. T.E.

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    Thanks, Gutter. Somehow, the HB makes it feel much more real.

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    Yay for the heartbeat. My beta was only half of the minimum they expected to see and less than a third of what they wanted to see. Last evening my beta was 623 and they wanted a minimum of 1200 but 2000 or more ideally. So, they gave me a shot of 5000 IU of hCG to try to help with that. I'm a little worried now, but the good news is that they confirmed twins and they saw a yolk sac on each embryo a week earlier than they normally do.

  6. sky5209

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    *knock knock*

    May I join???

    I hope I don't jinx myself....I got a BFP this morning (and a faint one yesterday) and I should be due beginning of July.

    Congratulations T.E. and Bunnygirl!!

    P.S. If you know me on FB, please don't say anything. We plan to keep it a secret for a bit.

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    Ohhh!!! Congrats honey!!!

  8. BunnyGirl19

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    Congrats! We're doing the secret thing as well for now.

  9. BunnyGirl19

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    Miscarried today. Back to trying yet again!

  10. Alluring-Ash

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    Oh BG I am so sorry!! [​IMG]

  11. gutterflower

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    YAY Sky!!! Congrats girl!!!

  12. **Cleo**

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    I'm sorry Bunnygirl I only just read your sad news {{hugs}} is there nothing they can do for you pre-pregnancy to help maintain a pregnancy when it does happen?? I am aware you take aspirin but is there nothing else?

  13. T.E.

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    Oh, oh, haven't been here forever. So sorry, Bunnygirl. Sending lots of hugs your way.

    Nicki, congrats!

  14. Ambrosia

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    Sending prayers and hugs to you BG...please don't give up!

  15. soonerslee

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    Hi everyone,
    I posted a while back during the beginning of this TTC #2 journey. In the end, the process took a lot longer than the first time around, nearly a full year longer. The battle with secondary infertility really shook and humbled me, which made it difficult for me to continue posting online.
    Anyways, we found out over the weekend we are expecting #2! I've had 2 beta draws, at 11dpo of 35 and 14dpo of 195, so we're looking good right now. Looks like we're expecting a late July 2010 baby, so I hope to join you ladies for this journey.

  16. Confused-Hasya

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    Congratulations, Leslie! HH9M.

  17. T.E.

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    This thread has been awfully quiet ....

    Nicki, Leslie, how have you been?

    I had my first OB appt and a screening u/s today. The baby's very active, kicking and moving permanently. I almost feel surprised for some reason --- somehow I didn't really believe that I was pregnant (despite being really sick 24-7, so much worse with this pregnancy).

  18. soonerslee

    soonerslee New Member

    T.E. - Glad the baby is doing well!
    I go for an early scan tomorrow. This will be our first one this pregnancy so we're really looking forward to it, although I know you can't see all that much at 8 weeks.
    Like you T.E., I'm not sick with this pregnancy, I do get an uneasy nauseous feeling several times throughout the day, which is completely different than the first pregnancy when I felt nothing at all out of the ordinary. I also feel my belly is taking shape a lot earlier than the first time around. I don't think I had a problem fitting into all my normal clothes until around 18 weeks first time around, this time I think I've only got at most a couple weeks left until I need to break out the bella bands for work again.
    take care girls

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    How are the June/July Moms doing? This thread is just as important as the other ones so PLEASE share with us your journey. Missing the newly preggy news [​IMG]

  20. gutterflower

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    wow it has been quiet here!!!


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