DUE IN JUNE 2008!!!

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  1. **Cleo**

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    [​IMG] <span style="font-size: 26pt">to you all!!!</span>
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  2. Guest

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    Congrats to Curly and the futur mums to be in here!:)

  3. Mum of jj

    Mum of jj New Member

    Well im not sure if i should be on this thread or the may one!! if i go by ovulation ill be due first week of june but if i go by LMP im due may 26! I have got a 34 day cycle so im picking june so might just stay in here and when i get scan at 18 weeks if im wrong i can change!! hurry up BFP'S!!!!

  4. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Mum of jj, that's what I did!! I thought I was due around October 26th, but my scan said I was due November 3rd, so I switched to the November thread. Still I could end up giving birth in October though, but oh well, I got my gals in November along with me, there's only like 3 of us, haha!!

  5. RoxyDotMissy

    RoxyDotMissy New Member

    We 3 November ladies have to stick together [​IMG]

    Congrats Mum of jj! H&amp;H 9 months!!

  6. Curly007

    Curly007 New Member

    Hey mum of jj I am borderline too. Either the very end of May or the very beginning of June. But I figure I will go with June since firsts are usually overdue.

  7. sky5209

    sky5209 New Member

    Just popping in to say congrats to mum of jj and curly/ Sticky vibes and happy and healthy nine months to you.

  8. rosey

    rosey New Member

    I think I am right along with you guys on the border, my dd is May 30th, so it could definitely go either way. How are you feeling? So far my bbs hurt like crazy, but they have for almost 2 weeks, my cramps subsided but I still have some dull ones that come and go, my lower back has some aches and pains and when I get tired, I get really tired. I think that's about it so far, no real sickness yet. Have you had a checkup yet?

  9. Curly007

    Curly007 New Member

    I am there with you on all that Rosey. I can add slight nausea
    and completely over the top emotional to that list as well.

    I haven't had a check up. I do not have a doctor and I have no connections here to ask about references. I tried looking at my allowed doctor list this morning but all the insurance stuff is a bit annoying at the moment.

    I would like to get to a doctor though because I had the smallest spot of bleeding yesterday but nothing since. So I am a little worried

  10. 76er

    76er New Member



  11. rosey

    rosey New Member

    We're waiting for you here 76er : )
    Curly, I'm sure the spot of blood is nothing, it sounds like everyone experiences it at one time or another. Probably a good idea to find a doc though. I finally sorted through my insurance stuff and found a midwifery to go to. I thought I would try the more alternative route and see how I feel about it before going the standard doctor/hospital route.
    I am trying not to be too emotional, but I definitely feel some stuff under the surface, so far no fights and minimal crying though.

  12. Mum of jj

    Mum of jj New Member

    yay!! curly with my 1st i was 1 week early exactly! this is my 2nd! My boobs have started hurting in the last 48 hours, they hadnt changed at all and i woke up early hours yesterday morning and they were hot itchy and felt swollen so out comes the bio oil! when i got dressed in the morning i was literally hanging out of my bra! it was like they went a cupsize larger over nite!
    i have had very slight nuasea for a week nothing major just an hour or 2 eachday and find its really bad as soon as i have a puff on a ciggy - i have full intentions of giving up!!
    My belly seems to have started to get a little bit bigger and im only 5 WEEKS!! have started the stretching pains! its amazing how much you forget about pregnancy - the stretching pains!! when they started yesterday i was oh no i forgot about this part! im sure ill be saying the same when labor happens too!

    Fingers crossed for you 76er! sticky vibes and babydust!

    We should add photos as our pregnancies progress, it will be a great way to keep each other updated!

    Right better go and get my little man some brekky. love to you all!! xoxox

  13. Curly007

    Curly007 New Member

    Ok so I need to rant a little. I am not really the go to see the doctor type unless I feel as if I am dying or something is bleeding and will not stop. This theory always worked well when I knew how the system worked and knew my doctors. But now that I am in a new state with a new health insurance (I have had it for about a year) trying to get into a doctor to confirm my pregnancy let alone start prenatal care is becoming a bit of a task.

    See apparently I can self-refer to an ob/gyn for annual check ups but in this case my primary doctor must have record of my pregnancy first. That wouldn't be so hard if I even knew who or where my doctor was. So I called and switched my doctor (mind you they asked if I was planning on making an appt. before nov. 1st). I also confirmed that I could call the doctor's office to schedule. She said yes. So I call the doctor's office (as I sneak out of ear's reach of co-workers) and the doctor's office says they are not taking calls at the moment. To call the on-call doctor for emergencies. Well this isn't an emergency but how does one get into see a doctor to get a pregnancy confirmed without jumping through 20 hoops.

    Oh and how does one stop co-workers from eating my pretzles. They are the only thing that keeps me from feeling sick and they eat them all.

    Ok rant over. Thank you for listening.

    I hope everyone is doing well and may other soon join us.

  14. Mum of jj

    Mum of jj New Member

    Hey Curly, I would just book in for the emergency doc, if he/she says something just say that thats what the doc office told you to do.
    We dont have to go through docs here if we dont want, i have rang my old midwife last week when i found out and she has booked me in next week.
    I have started showing in the last week and people have actually asked if i am pregnant, ive got a wee belly on me and im only 5 and half weeks and i KNOW my dates arnt wrong! Mum told me im having twins, it makes me wonder!!!!

  15. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Curly, I had the same problem. We moved to this area about 3 years ago and we didn't have a family doctor or anything. When I found out that I was pregnant, I went to the Health Unit and they confirmed my pregnancy with a test and a blood test, they also arrange my dating ultrasound and referred me to an obgyn. I didn't get in to see my obgyn until about 12 weeks. I don't know if you have a health unit or something like that to go to to help you figure out what you need to do, because that's what helped me. Just thought I'd try to help you out a bit. good luck

  16. rosey

    rosey New Member

    Awww Curly, sorry about all the doctor hassles, and the pretzles, can you keep em in a drawer? Maybe have some that have taste really bad on your desk, kind of like you do for a dog that keeps getting into stuff, have some that taste like spicy rotten eggs or something [​IMG] Good luck

    Mum of JJ, it is early to start showing, but really exciting, I feel like I will start showing soon as my boobs have already gone up almost a size, yikes. That would be fun to have twins, do you have a history of them in your family?

  17. Mum of jj

    Mum of jj New Member

    hey rosey!
    Yea they are 2nd generation twins, so every 2nd generation someone will have a set of boy/girl twins. Its like that on my mothers side as well both of dhs family, both his parents have a set of twins amongst their siblings.
    I could be showing as this is my 5th pregnancy, we have one DS and the other 3 not meant to be so it could be that reason too.
    Not sure but it is exciting, i can imagine myself being huge this time round, im only little so we'll see. Its very exciting, im very impatient too and want to know if it a boy or girl!! ive had friends doing the wedding ring test etc.

  18. rosey

    rosey New Member

    Sounds like you have a good chance of twins, sometimes they can pick them up on the heartbeat scan at around 10 wks I think. I have a lot of twins in my family also, DH's father is a twin as is mine, my grandma had a set of twins and my mother had a set that never made it. I would be really excited, I would love twins, except the risks also go up, so I would probably be a lot more worried also. Is time going really slow for you? I feel like I look at my ticker a million times and it is still on week 4.
    I haven't heard of the wedding ring test, I'm betting it has about a 50/50 success rate [​IMG] that's just me being a pessimest though.
    Is that your DS and you in the picture? It is really cute.

  19. rosey

    rosey New Member

    Bahh, my hormones definitely started messing with my mood today, I feel like lashing out at everyone for no reason, I am really trying to keep it under control, so far haven't snapped at DH, but have gotten really close all day.

  20. Mum of jj

    Mum of jj New Member

    Yep thats me and ds when he was 8 weeks old. yes this time is going way too slow, it will be ok when it gets to the stage of actually having a proper belly!
    The wedding ring test was accurate with my son, my friends all done it and most were right. but it is an old wives tale.
    you get your wedding ring and get a strand of your hair and put your hair through the ring and hold it iver your belly, make sure its still, then it should start moving, if it moves in circles it suppose to mean that its a girl and if it moves sideways or back and forth like a pendulum its meant to be a boy.
    you can also hold it over your wrist and it tells you how many children you will have and the gender(including mc. hold it over your wrist and it moves then move it away for a few seconds and do it again, keep doing until when you replace it over your wrist and nothing happens, mine went, boy boy boy girl girl boy, i lost 2 before my son, then lost one after, so supposdly this one a girl and im meant to have another boy after.
    BUT it is only for fun and like i said its an old wives tale. my cousin has 7 kids and a friend of mine who didnt know her or how many she had done it and it was pretty accurate, it said she is having one more and she blew it off as she got tubes tied 2 months ago but guess what, she found out 2 weeks ago she was pregnant again! she is shocked but happy.

    anyway enuff of that.... I too have had my hormones messing with me, ive been snapping at everyone, not a nice person at the mo.
    i need more quiet time..
    anyway this has been a long enough post.
    hope you feeling better soon rosey.


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