Due in January/February/March 2011

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  1. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    OMG!!! I am on ANOTHER new box!!! Yayyyy!!

  2. Walle

    Walle New Member

    Hello all I´m back. So sorry I couldn´t post before but I was in a family trip last week and we were out all day I didn’t have a chance to be online.

    My scan went very well; baby is perfectly normal, growing and IT´S A GIRL!!! (95%)
    I´m very happy. I couldn’t believe it, I was so sure I was having a boy I was in shock LOL!
    I´m having another u/s at 20 weeks to confirm it.
    I bought some pink stuff I promised myself not to but I couldn’t help it!!

    17 weeks and no belly at all! I´m getting frustrated, I was worried I thought baby wasn’t growing enough but she´s OK.

    How have you been??

  3. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    congrats walle!!! i love my girls [​IMG]

  4. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Walle you can be in the no belly club with me [​IMG]

  5. TDG

    TDG New Member

    walle--congrats on the girl!! I bet by 25 weeks you and pam will suddenly pop a big belly.

    Ash--that sucks about DHs job..thats construction for ya! This will be the first winter in 2 years DF SHOULD have steady work because hes got an entire inside of a (HUGE) house to do(normally our winters here shut down construction almost entirely for the season). Im already nesting like a nutjob too. lol. I just dont want to get to dec and have soo much to do on top of christmas. Since its another boy I dont really have much baby stuff to get ready but I just want the house and everything else in my life clean and organized.

    I shared on due in dec thread but not here...I have an OFFICIAL date set now! lol. Dec 30th at 7:30am! Baby is growin good at 2 lbs 8oz. I still dont have to take my blood sugars yet but my blood pressure its getting high. My incision pain is apparently being caused by a lump of scar tissue causing poor blood flow to that spot..so thats good its not anything to worry about. I didnt gain any more weight in the last month(yay me lol)...but Im already up 25lbs. 72 days n counting for me..then its you ladies turns!!

  6. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Congrats on the baby girl Walle - hehe I wish I had no bump but I am looking huge already and feeling it - I am getting back ache and having to sit down more cause I am out of breath a lot.

    Ash yay for another box - time is passing fast. Sorry to hear your husband got laid off - that must be very stressful. Hope he will find something again soon. While he is not working though get him to help you with all the carrying and lifting!

    I am also starting to want to get ready for baby - last time I started a bit later, but I am heavier now and there is more to do so I need to start now - we are emptying the computer room and moving it upstairs so that Laurana can move in there and then I will have to empty her room so we can turn it into the nursery - its more work than I realised and DH only helps in 10 minutes shifts once a night, so could take a while (at least he does do some though as I can't do it alone) Its a lot emptier already and then needs to be cleaned before L can get her new room.

    Wow TDG - end of year baby! Must be nice knowing that now. Hope your sugars and bp will behave. My sugars have gone a lot higher and I am battling to keep them down (every time I do what I think will work I land up going too low which is just as bad) I am on a LOT more insulin now - I think I started on 20 units of long acting at night and its up to 30 already and the short acting was 9/9/9 or thereabouts and is at13/14/13 now.

  7. starbug

    starbug New Member

    Congratulations Walle. I keep wishing I had found out the sex of mine.
    I didnt have a bump at 17 weeks either. Well I had a very small one but people couldn't tell if they didnt know and sometimes it would flatten back down and I could comfortably fasten up my jeans. It has fluctuated in size since then up until 25 weeks where it seems to have suddenly grown. Some of the people at work who I see every day didn't even know I was pregnant until last week!

    I visited London when I was 21 weeks and the underground was really really busy and I never got offered a seat because no one could tell I was pregnant. There was even a seat that said it was for people who were elderly, disabled or pregnant and a big guy in a suit sat on it as soon as it was available. I was very tired and hot that day and was nearly in tears on the tube having to stand [​IMG] Thats the downside to not showing until later on. I could see my small tummy but with clothes on it wasnt obvious at all and wouldnt have occurred to anyone to offer me a seat.

    I was measured today at my antenatal appointment and the midwife said my bump was only 1.5cm smaller than my number of weeks so it is pretty much the size it should be which is a relief. She said baby is just spread out more because I have a long torso.

    So Pam and Walle, give it a few more weeks and you will have your bump [​IMG]

  8. Walle

    Walle New Member

    Thank you all for your congratulations!

    Good idea Pam, I´ll join your club LOL! I guess we just need to be patient.

  9. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm wondering how soon I'll start showing. My mom didn't untilafter 20 weeks with all of us. Yay for girls! I'm really hoping that's what I'm havung, especially since I've had my name all picked out for 15 years now. LOL

  10. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    DH felt the baby kick for the first time last night. It was pretty cool [​IMG]

    I did suck it up and go to a Target today (while on the road) and buy maternity pants. I can still button up my regular pants, but it's starting to get uncomfortable, especially with the long days in the car we're having on this trip.

    I feel like the belly has really started to pop in the past few days! But now I'm just in the awkward "fat or pregnant?" stage...

  11. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I already can't fit into my normal jeans and haven't been able to since between 5 and 6 weeks! I bloated up something awful in the early weeks and that didn't finally go down until a few days ago. My main problem with my jeans though was I was retaining fluid pretty bad, which made my thighs puff up so they were too tight there.

    On Saturday I was getting so miserable even wearing my yoga pants that I broke down and bought one pair of stretch corduroy maternity jeans and wouldn't you know it, my bloating went away two days later. LOL

  12. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Pam I have to say I really hated the "fat or pregnant" stage! lol! It was so frustrating to me and I hated the way my waist seemed to be getting thicker but there was no bump, plus I had it in my head that I needed a proper bump to wear maternity clothes. When you do finally give in and buy them you realise they are sooooo comfy and you wonder why you have been wearing your normal clothes so long! lol!

    BG I feel your pain with the bloating, I had real bad bloating untill I came off progesterone at 10 weeks. After that I did still bloat but it was no-where near as bad!

    Congrats on the baby girl Walle!!!! Have fun buying pink [​IMG]

    Starbug I doubt very much I would have been offered a seat at 21 weeks either! To me it was plainly obvious I was pregnant and to people that knew I was pregnant they were looking for it, but when I look at my pics it really wouldn't have been that obvious to a stranger, especially depending on what I was wearing! Looking through my pics I would say it was probably around 25 weeks when I really started to pop, and once the weight started coming it was coming FAST!!!!

  13. Bron

    Bron New Member

    I think it also depends how observant the person is - I had a lady at work tell me the other day when she heard me talking to someone else that she had no clue I was pregnant and I wasn't showing and another today who said: "Good luck with the pregnancy" when I had said nothing - turned out her daughter was pregnant though so I guess she would notice. Even my DDs teacher said it is only noticeable sometimes depending on what I am wearing.

    Hehe I have been in maternity clothes since 9 weeks pregnant simply because I didn't want to buy a normal size up and I still had clothes from last pregnancy. Most of that was bloat, but now I have a true pregnancy bump.

  14. starbug

    starbug New Member

    My jeans were too tight very early on, at about 6 weeks onwards due to bloating. so I tried to wear looser fitting clothes and some of my slightly bigger jeans right from the start. I started wearing maternity clothes at about 17 weeks but have only worn a few items since then as my tummy has fluctuated so much that some weeks I haven't even needed them. The rest are all still hung up in my cupboard untouched as they are still way too big. But even at 18 and 19 weeks, I could fasten up my regular jeans on odd days as my tummy would be completely flat sometimes. I tried not to though as it was still uncomfortable.

    I am 26 weeks today and still wear alot of my normal tops, but I'm in maternity bottoms now all the time as I have more of an actual bump now. Plus I think most of the 9lbs I have gained has gone to my thighs [​IMG]

  15. Love0322

    Love0322 New Member

    Ok question!? Why does the bloat go away? I lost weight a year ago but held on to my old clothes. I am now only wearing my old clothes, my smaller sizes are very uncomfortable. At night I totally look pregnant. My mom keeps saying maybe you are further along. LOL. So does the progesterone supplements make more bloating? I'm confused?

  16. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Love- It is just one of the lovely quirks of pregnancy! Like morning sickness or heartburn.....

    I was on progesterone with my first and I bloated like crazy and when I went off the bloating seemed to have stopped so the hormone progesterone ( same one you get just before AF ) can cause bloating which is why you will hear of all the women complain of how bloated they are when they are round there periods.

    I honestly thought it would go away this time too but still at 23weeks I look about double my size at night because of the way my body takes in food these days!

    Pregnancy can be all too confusing! No one is the same! Mine have been polar opposite in some ways and the same in others....

  17. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Oh man, maternity jeans are soooo comfy [​IMG] They are a little big but I put the bella band on top and they've been staying up just fine [​IMG] I told DH I am never going back to normal jeans! haha

  18. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    That's what I told SO the other day. I said I should just buy all maternity jeans to wear from now on pregnant or not! LOL

  19. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    LOL @ pam and BG! I said the exact same thing! I can;t understand why they don't make normal jeans that comfy! lol,! I'm gonna miss them when I'm back in my old clothes!

    Love the progesterone supplement definately caused me alot of bloating, I also had pretty bad constipation too on it so I think that may have added to my bloating. I still got bloated when I stopped them at 10 weeks but it was no-where near as bad! And BF used to look at my nighttime bump and be amazed how big it was, he swore it must be twins! He never saw the daytime flat belly because he was at work so just used to see my huge belly in the evening! lol!

  20. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm locking this thread ladies and starting a new one as it has reached alot of pages. I will keep it up here for a while before moving it to archives.


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