Due in January/February/March 2011 - *Part 2*

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  1. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Due in January, February, March 2011:
    Myste: January 3 [​IMG]
    TDG: January 8 It's a...... BOY
    Kez81: January 15
    BunnyGirl19: January 29 [​IMG]
    mrs guardian February 8 It's a...... GIRL
    Alluring-Ash: February 19 It's a...... GIRL
    Bron: March 2 It's a...... GIRL
    Apies 1810 March 3 (twins)
    iampam: March 11 It's a...... BOY
    Walle: March 23 It's a...... GIRL

    If anyone wants to catch up on the old thread here is a link

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  2. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    Wait, Myste and BG are both preggo again, we need new due dates!!!

  3. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    oh unless they are in the april/may/june thread huh?? duh hahaha sorry!

  4. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    LOL! Yeah they are in another thread now! I didn't want to take them off here.

  5. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    no no, your right!! i just had a brain fart and forgot there was another thread after this one is all hehehe

  6. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Kez, Apies, and Pam let me know what your babies are and I will change the top post [​IMG]

    I am so shocked we have just ONE boy in this thread so far! Well, kinda in this thread since TDG will be having baby in December now!

  7. Walle

    Walle New Member

    I know, where are the boys??!! All the pregnant people I know are having girls.

  8. Bron

    Bron New Member

    There are a lot of girls here - on another board I write on it was first all boys but now the girls are catching up - maybe the boys will catch up here too.

    Pam are you finding out and if so when?

  9. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think it's odd how it seems to quite often happen that way! The Aug/Sep thread was mainly boys, the Oct/Nov/Dec is mainly boys and this one seems to be mainly girls! lol!

  10. TDG

    TDG New Member

    oh crap...if only I was actually having my baby in jan maybe Id be having a girl!!! grrr... lol

  11. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    I find out Thursday. I think it's a girl but DH prefers a boy and I am really OK either way [​IMG] The theories about BD timing and baby's HR have all been pointing to girl so far. But we'll see!

  12. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    lol, TDG! [​IMG] Maybe.....

    Pam- Don't let those things fool you! My baby boy had a nice high girl h/b and my little girl has been in the 132 range almost every time! OH! AND..... Chinese calendar was wrong for BOTH!

    Can't wait to hear the news!

  13. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well, according to your BD timing, going by Baby Comp gender prediction, you conceived on the "fertilization optimum" day, which is equal chance for boy or girl. Helpful huh? LOL

    My mom thinks I'm having a girl because of my heart rate which was 163 at my 10 week appointment and according to paperwork I was given to read there, the heart rate range for that point is 145-165 so I was at the top range. I know it's just a myth that heart rate predicts gender though. My Baby Comp is predicting a girl for me since I actually bothered to input the sex info this cycle. I did those psychic TTC predictions too (I know, silly) but they all said girl for me and they were all really close to right on with my due date too, so I hope they got the gender right. If I do the Chinese gender chart without the lunar age adjustment it says boy for me, but if I do it with the age adjustment it says girl. I won't know for at least 4 more weeks when I get another ultrasound done (just a portable though), otherwise my anatomy scan is at 18 weeks and I'll know right before Christmas assuming Little Bunny isn't shy. I'm hoping they can tell at my 14 week appointment (I actually transcribe for my perinatology clinic and their tech is awesome about getting the gender right between 12-14 weeks!), but since the doctor is just doing a portable it's not as likely. The tech this time said she didn't see a nub in the crotch area so she was leaning girl at this point, but that it was still a few weeks too early to tell because the "baby junk" is still too small to get a good view of it. I'm so hoping Little Bunny doesn't grow a penis in the meantime! LOL

    I don't know if you had any hCG levels drawn, but Israeli researches proved that girl babies have roughly 16% higher beta levels after the 6th (I think) week of pregnancy than boys do and that girl beta levels double faster than every 48 hours in the first 5 weeks while the boys double more slowly between 48-72 hours. Other smaller studies done since have shown the same correlation. So, if it holds true, Little Bunny should be a girl because my beta levels up until 5w0d doubled at a rate of roughly 1-1/2 days.

  14. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Well the Chinese predictor was correct both times for me - well I guess if Ash and I combine then they'd have their 50% lol. This baby's heartbeat has been quite a bit faster than Laurana's was at the same stage and my hcg levels with this one were also higher than I suspect Laurana's would have been at the same stage (I had a later test for her)

    Lol TDG - I promise you that if you push your C-section a few days later your baby will still be a boy [​IMG]

    Good luck for your scan Pam.

    I have finally emptied the room Laurana is move into it - DH must just move the computer and his table out and then it needs to be well cleaned and then I can clear Laurana's room which is to be the nursery. At least I am doing something.

  15. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    My baby's HB was 180 and some change at 8 weeks, and I think still high 170s at about 10 weeks. My hCG levels were through the roof at 8 or 10 weeks (I forget), way above the normal range they listed for that timeframe.

  16. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds like me. My hCG level was 57,996 at 6w0d and I measure behind a few days in crown-rump. The top hCG level for the 6th week (meaning through the end of the 6th week) is 56,000 on a few charts I've seen.

  17. starbug

    starbug New Member

    I have a feeling mine is a boy. Obviously I could be completely wrong about that lol, but its just a feeling I have. I've been calling him a he anyway as I don't like to say 'it.' I will be quite surprised if mine's a girl but I don't mind either way.

  18. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Pam and BG maybe there are twins hiding in there - they would have to be pretty good hiders though if you haven't seen them yet [​IMG]

    Starbug are you not finding out til the birth?

    Well I had to bleach the carpets in the room DD is moving to as they were disgusting and we cannot afford to have them pulled up - everything stinks of bleach now and I managed to damage my finger in the bleach (its really sore) but it worked so I feel happier about that now - apparently bleach is ok to use when pregnant, but I am taking it slow as it really smells bad which can't be good. Anyway, not too much more to do til we can move DD in.

  19. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    I've had two ultrasounds, and I have a small tummy, so it would be a VERY big surprise if there were twins!

  20. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm with Pam. I doubt they would have missed one at this point since I've had three ultrasounds now, two vaginally and one abdominally. I'm also quite thin (I think Pam and I are the same starting sized based on past posts) with a completely flat stomach other than some intermittent bloat higher up in the belly button and above area. The top of my uterus can be felt quite easily at this point now but it doesn't appear to be higher than it should be based on the fundal height charts I've seen. Of course, I did have a neighbor who didn't find out she was having twins until around 30 weeks and it was missed on two previos ultrasounds including the anatomy scan at 20 weeks. She was always measuring several weeks ahead in fundal height though, so there were potential signs.


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