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    I pay 34% of my income in federal and state taxes as well as for Social Security and Medicare (that I will likely never have benefit of when I am old enough to retire). I know we'd be in better shape and less deficit (assuming government doesn't decide to spend it all) if more people actually paid taxes in. Nearly half do not pay any taxes at all and the majority of them receive public assistance (welfare, foid stamps, subsidized housing, free medical care). We have a huge percentage that do not contribute to society, but take from it instead. In my view, that is completely wrong and we should not be trying to provide even more in subsidized services until they fix the disparity in taxes (make everyone pay and contribute, not just some) and how services are distributed. We also have a major problem with illegals here taking a ton of taxpayer money in terms receiving health care, other living assistance, and also money on prisons from crimes they have committed. This problem needs fixing as well. It's all fine and good to say we should have universal health care, but it is entirely another to try to implement it when there are things that need to be dealt with before it could even be implemented.

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    I am sure we are on different sides of the spectrum, but that is not a bad thing! I also like to hear the different sides, and I do find it fascinating how your system works. A lot of our individual values come from how we are raised. I am sure that if I grew up in a country such as yours, then I would feel completely different than I do having grown up here. I like to go by the motto "Live, and let live." We are individual people with our own ideas and we should not only accept that fact, but embrace it. Thank you for the insight on a different point of view. [​IMG]

    There was something else I wanted to say on a different topic, but preggo brain has struck once again! [​IMG]

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    So... Would making 10 lbs of chili con carne, 10 lbs of vegetable stew, and three huge pans of lasagne to portion up and put in the freezer count as nesting? That's what I thought...

    On another note, I'm huge. I'm Goosey McWaddle. I'm not far from having my own gravitational field. I miss being able to see my genitals, shaving is pretty hit and miss lately. To my SOs great amusement.
    I miss my long walks, they now cripple me and I can't walk for hours after I've had a decent exercise.
    Heartburn anyone? Reflux? Especially during sex, how hot is that? Rawr baby.
    And I think I've found a stretchmark. I thought I was home free.
    Ah, the joys.
    I'm at a weird stage, getting real sick of being pregnant, but don't feel ready for the babes at all yet. I'm sooo ready to be ready! [​IMG] lol

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    OMG, I totally feel ya! Tired of being pregnant, but not sure if I'm ready for him to be here yet. I'm ready and anxious to meet him, but nervous that I'm not really ready yet. Guess it's a done deal though so I better get ready!

    Sex? What's that? I couldn't tell you the last time that happened! Just not feeling sexy at all - poor hubby...

    LOL on the shaving! I was just telling hubby that I didn't know what I was doing down there, just feeling around and shaving what feels hairy! I looked at it today with a mirror, and let's just say if I don't get it fixed up it will be extremely embarrassing when I get to the point where my doctor is having to check my cervix, etc.! It may just have to ALL come off! Haha!

    I go on 30 minute walks, and by the end of it my hips hurt and I feel more winded than I should be for only 30 minutes!

    I don't have heartburn, reflux or stretchmarks. Although, I hear the stretchmarks hit the last few weeks. I have lots of old ones on my arms, breasts, hips, and thighs from puberty. I'm sure I'll get plenty more in due time!

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    Kawaii, as strange as it may sound, yes you do get sick of being pregnant. And, I seem to remember I was at about where you are now when I was just done with being pregnant and wanted to meet my little girl! Now, I know your situation is a little different where you weren't TTC, and trying to avoid pregnancy, but even for those who tried and tried and wanted to experience pregnancy (like me), you just get to a point where you are tired, and ready to meet your little one. It wasnt until after Sofie was born that I felt I took the pregnancy experience for granted. Oh well Im sure there will be a next time!!

    Hehe, I also thought I was going to be a lucky one and skip the stretch marks until one day I was standing in front of my hubby, and he was sitting down, and my bare belly was right in front of his face, and he said I had stretch marks in that area between the pubic bone and belly button. You know, the part you can't see!!!!! Errrrrr!!! Shaving my pubic area was often done blindly. I shaved all the way till I gave birth. No way was I showing my stuff looking like a jungle down there! Lol!!

    All pains, and discomforts and awkwardness, but.......hmmmmmm I look at my little girl, and she's so beautiful and worth it!

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    Am I suppose to fast for the glucose screening?

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    Ali, no. I didn't. The test is basically to test your body's ability to control your sugar after consuming a highly concentrated sugar item. If the doctor wanted to see how your sugar is after fasting, that would be the fasting blood glucose screening. Not usually a test they do unless you fail your glucose tolerance test, diagnose you with gestational diabetes and then need to monitor you further.

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    Ali- They told me to fast 4 hours prior to the glucose test. So nothing too crazy. As for shaving, I use a mirror so I can see down there! LOL. I can't paint my own toenails anymore either, so now I am going to fork over the money and get pedicures!

    Kawaii- I hate to break it to ya, but I got ALL my stretch marks in about the last 5 weeks of pregnancy. They hit like a hurricane! But you may be lucky and not get too many. I got them on my hips and lower stomach, and a few on my upper upper thighs. This time around, I just see the same marks stretching again, so I am hoping that maybe I won't get any additional ones since my skin has already done this? Anyway after about a year, the stretch marks were white, and I hardly noticed them, especially the ones on my thighs and lower abdomen. The ones on my hips were the wide noticeable ones, and they were the purplest too, but did go white. I see them getting a bit red again, but I'm so over worrying about stretch marks.

    Also for us, no sex. I'm actually not supposed to because I'm high risk, so I just do the best I can for hubby in other ways, and he's been very understanding. He's getting the snip snip after I have the baby, so we can be carefree and crazy after that, and I'm excited.

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    Yeah, me too. Actually, I think I got my very first one right at 33 weeks--the baby flipped from breech to head down and did something really weird and painful to my belly button on the way--my belly button was bruised from the inside out later that day and there was a tiny, 1" stretch mark radiating out. It was just that lone little mark for a while, then a few weeks later, right at the very end, I ended up getting some on the lower part of my belly--where the skin was still loose--I still don't get that. They faded very, very quickly. Only a few months after birth they were barely noticeable and already white.

    Ali, I was told to fast too. Call your ob's office and see what they say. I only had the 1-hour test, or whatever the typical, first glucose test is called. I sorta begged to bend the rules (and thought I could as I was seen by midwives who are generally more relaxed than ob practices) because my screen was at 8am in the morning and I knew I'd be starving and feeling nasty without eating for so long. But nope, they recommended against eating, though I was told I could maybe eat a piece of toast if I thought I was going to pass out!
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    I too scheduled my glucose test first thing in the morning, just like desertgirl did. I was super hungry, but it actually wasn't that bad. Just make sure you eat something with a lot of protein after the test, because I felt ICK after all the syrupy stuff. Nothing that orange can be good for you! LOL. [​IMG]

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    I didn't have to fast at all. They just told me not to eat or drink anything but water during that one hour.

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    I guess some prefer to have their patients fast, and some do not. I even asked the nurse if I needed to fast, and she said no. My test wasn't even scheduled until that day of my appointment, and it was already 2 in the afternoon. Like I said, its a highly concentrated sugar drink, and it's your body's ability to metabolize the sugar after one hour.

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    Well they didn't tell me to fast and my test Is not for 3 more hours and I'm starving so I think I'll go ahead and eat. I can't call them for another hour when they open and they were already closed last night when it occurred to me that I had heard of people fasting. If it turns out that they wanted me to fast then they will just have to reschedule my appt. and I'll make sure it's first thing in the morning!

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    So I might have to do the glucose screening again. [​IMG] Not only had I eaten breakfast, but then I was 15 minutes late getting back to the lab after drinking the orange syrup - which I didn't think tasted bad at all. It was ice cold and I was thirsty, so I may have been kind of desperate. Anyhow, the nurse said she hoped my results wouldn't be skewed. But she continued with drawing my blood, so it must not be that big of a deal.

    My doctor was out sick, so there was a student doing my u/s today. I love the students. They are so eager to get the practice that they really take their time looking around and I get to see my baby that much longer! [​IMG] She said, "he's moving around a lot" which my response was "yep, all day and all night!" Which, I didn't tell her that he was actually being a little more calm than normal. I've posted the u/s pics below, but since I can't scan them, they are taken with my camera and the quality is a bit compromised. The left is a profile, of course, and the one on the right is hard to see but it's the same shot as the left only he has his foot up by his head. They are really limber little things! After he moved his foot from his face he started sucking his thumb. Busy little thing! I don't know how they don't poke their eyes out with all the gymnastics! Here he is weighing in at a hefty 2 lb. 6 oz. Haha!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Since it's a little quiet on here, I will start up a new topic [​IMG]


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