Due in August-September 2010 - Part 2

Discussion in 'Archived Discussions' started by gutterflower, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Oh Ali, how lovely! Welcome, Ty!

  2. Shelly25

    Shelly25 New Member

    Double congrats to Ali and Lily, well done on the safe arrival of your little ones!

    Must admit I feel a bit lonely now, just lil' old me waiting to give birth.!! Really hope it happens in the next week [​IMG]

  3. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Thanks girls!

    Any update Shelly? Hope you didn't DIY the membrane stripping! Lol.

    Lily, hope all is going well!

  4. jasmineflower

    jasmineflower New Member

    It does look like you're the last one standing, Shelly, but it'll be soon enough for sure! [​IMG]

  5. Shelly25

    Shelly25 New Member

    Nope nothing, nada, not a sausage!!!

    To scared to strip my own membranes, feels all weird up there worried I might do some damage, Lol.

    I will be pregnant forever........ [​IMG]

  6. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Happy due date Shelly! It CANT be forever! :p

  7. nikkiwants4

    nikkiwants4 Member

    Congratulations Ali on your new baby. Enjoy!!!

  8. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Thanks Nikki!

    Not much longer Shelly! Hang in there!

  9. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Keep checking in here to see if Sheely updated, can't wait for your news hun and I'm pretty sure you wont be pregnant forever!!! lol!

  10. Shelly25

    Shelly25 New Member

    Hi still pregnant at the moment, hope membrane sweep tomorrow gets things going. Thanks for checking in on me !!

  11. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Aww! Sorry Shelly! I sure hope it moves things along! One way or another it will be over soon. xx

  12. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Awww poor you [​IMG] Did you go over your due date with your first? Hope the membrane sweep gets things going!

  13. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Shelly, I went to 41w 3d before labor started and 41w 4d until M came out. One way or the other, it won't be more than a week, 10 days tops. I imagine that you won't be getting much sleep, what with this being your second (acc. to Mel's post above). Sleep!

  14. Shelly25

    Shelly25 New Member

    Thanks guys. Yes my son was 11 days overdue, I suppose i was hoping this being my second she may have come early or at least on time !!!

    Oh well sweep booked for 2pm so I just hope it gets her moving!

  15. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Urghh! 11 days over, that must have been crappy [​IMG] Good luck with the sweep!!!!

  16. Shelly25

    Shelly25 New Member

    AArrrrggghhh, she couldnt do sweep as cervix too far back am booked in for induction sometime next week, but have not got definite date yet. This wait is driving me crazy!!!!

  17. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Awwww Shelly! How frustrating for you! Hopefully you get the induction more towards the beginning of the week instead of the end! Or even better, maybe she will decide to make an appearance over the weekend [​IMG]

  18. TDG

    TDG New Member

    oh no! Are you not in the US? I didnt think Drs here ever let people go that far past dd!

    mel--lmao--I just read your ticker as 38 weeks---freaked me out for a second!

  19. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    I *think* shelly is in the UK but not sure? Here they generally let you go 2 weeks past your due date as long as no complications.

    LMAO 38 weeks! That would freak me out too! Haha! I have only just got used to being 30 weeks!

  20. Shelly25

    Shelly25 New Member

    Yes I am in UK. Usually induce between 10-14 days overdue. I suppose its my own fault for assuming she might come early!

    Mel- Just wanted to say congrats on your pregnancy, I was following your story all the way and very happy when you conceived first cycle! Not long to go for you now, which part of UK are you in?

    TDG- you must be super mum having three kids close together, are you hoping for boy or girl this time ?


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