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    My right boob makes about twice as much as my left, which is aggravating when my supply is so low to begin with and it seems to be dropping (I want a prescription for Reglan to help out). I get 6-7 oz total for the day. A few days ago I was gettin 9-10 oz easily. I need roughly 20 oz of milk per day.

    I'm supposed to feed him from bottle only because he's small and having issues gaining weight. Right now he's getting 2.5-3 oz of formula about every three hours the last two days. I've been mixing 1 oz breastmilk and 2 oz of preemie higher calorie formula and hoping it helps plump him up better. He weighed in at 5 lb 7.8 oz yesterday so I'm hoping he'll be about 5 lb 9 oz today, but not sure that he'll make it. He's difficult to feed because he only sucks for a little while and then falls asleep so we have to keep waking him up. On top of that, they told us to use the Medela nipples because they are easy suck. Well, the damn things collapse after a few sucks and ge can't get anything without releasing it and getting the air back in. Grrr!!!

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    BG--Fenugreek and Milk Thistle!
    Also, the Jack Newman website has some great info for supply issues. It sucks that you guys can't get Domperidone prescriptions down there [​IMG]

    Frequent frequent frequent nursing and pumping--even more than every 3 hrs if you can, to simulate clusterfeeding, which babies do when they want to increase your milk supply during growth spurts--every 1.5 to 2 hrs in clusters a few times a day or in the evenings if you can. Baby is best at stimulating your breast--you might want to consider supplementing at the breast with a french feeding tube to get him what he needs and keep him producing those hormones for you!

  3. BunnyGirl19

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    I've been doing fenugreek, milk thistle, brewer's yeast, and lots of oatmeal (which I don't even like to eat, LOL) and it's not helping. I did get prescribed Reglan today to help my supply, so I really hope it works. At the very least I'll feel calm and relaxed on it as that's the effect I've gotten when I've taken it for nausea in the past. I've heard the domperidone is better in terms of potential side effects, et cetera, but it's not available in the US. I've found sources for it online from those shady "no prescription required" pharmacies, but I would never order from one because I have absolutely no way of knowing I'd get what I ordered and not something that might kill me. It's just not safe.

    I'll have to try the cluster feeding approach. It's about the only thing I haven't tried at this point.

    I wanted to do the supplement tube as well, but they don't want me nursing or trying to nurse until he's up over his birth weight. He weighed in at 5 lb 10 oz at his weight check today so he's getting closer. He's got 8 oz to go before he's back to birth weight. They told me nursing took too much energy and burned too many calories for him when he's having issues with gaining weight and he's also kinda lazy eating from a bottle and will fall asleep frequently while feeding. They said that was very typical of preemies and we basically just want him to eat and sleep for the next few weeks to try to "catch up" to a full-term infant. He's making good progress on everything except for the weight, although he's now gaining decently with the addition of the higher calorie preemie formula to the breast milk. I'm still wondering why they didn't have me use that much earlier considering they said he'd likely have weight gain issues when I was still in the hospital.

    In other RJ news, he rolled over from his tummy to his back three different times today! They told me to give him 10 minutes of tummy time when I do a diaper change, which surprises me considering their calorie burning concerns, but when I've placed him on his tummy he pushes his head up and kicks his legs all around and tries to get on all fours and scoot. It's so cute to watch! Anyways, he has managed to roll from tummy to left side, take a little break for a few seconds, and then roll himself onto his back from his left side. I was very surprised the first time I saw it and thought I was imagining things or that it was purely an accident, but then he did it again later. I doubt he'll do this with any consistency, but he did it! I'm thinking he's going to be a real handful when he starts being awake and alert more often and caught up to where he should be!

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    Wow BG! Thats super fast for him to be rolling! I think TDG's Waylon rolled very early too! Luke always hated tummy time and would basically just scream and punch the floor untill I turned him round again. he never did 10 mins of tummy time, EVER! lol! He first rolled front to back at nearly 4 months and a few weeks after that rolled back to front. Now he spends more time on his tummy but gets mad that he can't crawl [​IMG]

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    yeah waylon rolled around 4 weeks(i think? ugh already forgot!) so thats very very early! Hes just now getting really good at rolling back to front. I cant believe they think bfing burns too many calories but tummy time is ok--its not like they need it that early. weird! Your milk supply will be much better once hes nursing vs pumping.

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    My mom said I was rolling over by a month old, crawling at three minths, sitting at 4-5 months, and walking/running at 9 months. I started talking really early too and was talking in full sentences by the time I was 10 months. Looks like RJ is going to be on the early side of things too at this point and they had said he'd be about a month behind because of being born a month early. SO did things on the late end of normal.

  7. *mel*

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    Oh my!!! You were super super advanced!!! I never even heard of 3 month old babies crawling before! lol! If RJ follows in your footsteps he will be keeping you on your toes!

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    Ali- my nipples flattened out when my milk came in. I did pump to pull them out but they wouldflatten again. I was told that since it is so much work for premmies to latch and suck that I needed to use a nipple shield. K is able to eat well with it. I have nursed her a couple of times without it but I know she is not getting as much milk and its harder work for her. I'll nurse her with out the shield on the right side then she is too tired for the left side.

    Has anyone else used a nipple shield or have any sort of experience with premmie sucking issues? I hope to be done using the shield when she is 3-4 weeks old. I feel nervous that she will alwasys needed it and that i'm doing a diservice by using it. Advice?

    Also, tummy time already? Gee I haven't been doing that yet. I guess I better start.

  9. BunnyGirl19

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    I don't know about the nipple shield thing but if RJ is over birth weight on Friday I can work on trying to nurse him. I've been trying anyway and he jyst can't/won't latch anymore do I don't know how nursing is going to work then. Maybe the shield? I'm supposed to make an appointment with lactation if his weight is high enough. I worry that he'll never nurse so I'd be just fine with having to use a shield if it got him to latch and nurse. I can't pump enough for him to eat as I only get 8-10 oz a day.

  10. Raunchy-Row

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    My Mom is studying to be an LC and she swears nipple shields are most of the time worse for new nursing Moms than they are helpful....because once a baby starts nursing with one, it can be really hard to get them to stop and they really should only be used in cases with flat nipples/inverts....Do you have access to a really good LC who would be able to help you learn to latch her again without the shields? Also, doing breast compressions while she's nursing will really help increase the amount that she's getting and decrease the work she has to do and they're really easy to do!

  11. BunnyGirl19

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    Here are RJ's newborn photos from the hospital. They finally came in the mail yesterday.







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    Oh!!!!!! So precious! He's adorable BG!

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  14. TDG

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    omg he is the definition of precious! the last pic is sooooooo sweet!

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    super cute.

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    So cute BG!

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    Aww what a cutie [​IMG]

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    So Cute BG!

    Well, I have a few minutes and thought I'd write out my birth story!

    Well, as most of you know I was in the hospital for heart rate decelerations for 22 days before the baby was born. The doctor did an amnio at 36 weeks and the results showed that the lungs were not developed according to some tests, mature on another. So I waited until 36 w and 3 days to begin an induction.
    I had cervadil placed at around 5pm on Wednesday night over in Labor and delivery. Before getting the cervadil I was 20% effaced and less than a finger tip dialated.
    By morning I was one cm and 50% effaced. My doctor was very happy with the progress and said a resident would break my water asap.
    Well the horrible resident who must hate woman came in to break my water. She was so rough. The pain was the worst thing I have ever felt. The nurse felt bad for me. I thought I was going to throw up or cry when she was doing it. She had no compassion or gentleness about her. There was blood but not water. Not a trickle or drip or gush...nothing. So I think that it was for nothing.

    I was not allowed to walk but they did let me sit on an exercise ball. I did that for over an hour. When a different resident came to check me there had been no progress.

    The next thing I knew the mean resident was back in swinging a paper in my face not telling me anything that was going on. Finally my husband was like is that a consent form...are we having a c-section. She would not address the issue and said my doctor would be in. Another resident came in put me on oxygen and told me I started having late decelerations and that my doctor would not let the baby go through anymore.

    Everything went really fast I was on a table being prepped for a spinal block, I was scared and shaking because everything went so FAST! My husband was finally allowed back in the room- I was cut at 4:25 and the baby was out at 4:25---it only took 25 seconds!
    I kept saying what is it what is it...the doctor responded with "its a baby!" My husband then told me it was a girl. I heard her cry. She was taken to the specil care nursery people and my husband was there with her. Everyone was commenting on how much red curly hair she had! I was stunned. For one I couldn't believe she was a girl!!! Everyone kept telling me she'd be a boy. I couldn't believe she was ok! Her lungs were fine! And she had red curly hair!!!!WHAT??? It does have a curl when its wet and its a beautiful auburn color. She is perfect.

    She didn't spend anytime in the special care nursery. She got to come right with us.

    It was amazing. I'm still amazed that I finally have her! Its been such a long journey.

  19. TDG

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    Oh my gosh...it must have been serious to go THAT fast! I cant believe the Dr said "its a baby"! UH DUH! Id have been irritated. lol. Thats so wonderful shes healthy and a red head. Those are the best. [​IMG] How are you feeling?

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    Amazing story Love!! And huge congrats. I know how much you have been through and my heart broke so much for you. Its so bittersweet to see the results of the heartache and hard work. And how cute with the red curly hair!!!!


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