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  1. *mel*

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    Yeah I know, it isn't a decision I have made lightly and I'm not looking forward to the surgery or the recovery. I keep going backwards and forwards wondering if I'm doing the right thing. If they could give me better odds on chances of the ECV working I would give it a go, if I didn't have a unicornuate uterus I would probably give it a go. I have looked into it alot, I can't find one single success story of it working with a unicornuate uterus. I know doctor google can do more harm than good but seriously, not one!!!

    I had such a strong feeling from early on in this pregnancy that I was going to end up with a c-section. I was surprised when they kept telling me she was head down until last week as I thought she was breech but figured they were the experts. At least now the decision has been made I have made peace with it and can start planning for it rather than it being a surprise.

  2. iampam

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    Aww sorry to hear that Mel. FWIW, I just saw the boss's wife yesterday, she said she had one natural birth, one epidural, and her third kid was a planned c-section because of being breech, and she said that was the easiest to recover from. I'm sure it's no picnic, but hopefully it goes as smoothly as possible.

  3. *mel*

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    You know thats funny, I was talking to a lady today who had a c-section. She said it's not too bad, she only needed painkillers for 3 days and after that, although tender, she said she didn't need any pain relief! That sounds much easier than my recovery from a vaginal birth! lol! I think women like that are rare though. Most of the women I have spoke to who have had both will all say they much prefered a vaginal birth to a c-section mainly due to the long recovery.

    In all seriousness I am expecting it to be hard and preparing for it to be hard but the more I get my head around the fact that it's going to happen the easier it is to accept.

  4. BunnyGirl19

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    My very good friend had a vaginal and a section. She said the C-section was by far the easiest and least painful to recover from and if she has anymore kids she's definitely going for the C-section again. I know she definitely seemed back to herself much sooner.

    Me, I'm personally a huge fan of epidurals and the urinary catheter and no longer see any advantage to attempting a natural birth, especially considering I require so many extras that it's not really possible to get out of bed and move around anyway, so I don't see any advantages for me to try it naturally.

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    Thats ok BG, theres no prize for having natural childbirth. Prize is a healthy baby, no matter how or where they are born.

    Mel, i also have a friend whose first and only child was breech, and he was born by elective csection. She reported to me that her recovery was so easy, that ahe couldnt understand why anyone would want to undergo labor and vaginal delivery. Do you have any friends or family who can help afterwards? With like bringing you food, helping around the house?

  6. BunnyGirl19

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    Very true Nessa, but so many women act like you are somehow inferior or a bad mother for not going all natural, or being selfish and not properly informed. I think it's silly they act that way, like we should not avail ourselves of anything that improves our comfort throughout the long process of labor. I'll gladly take my "wimp" status and be more comfortable. LOL

  7. KawaiiNot

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    I have seen plenty birth debates, but I have never seen this.

    I think each birth is an accomplishment, epidural, CS, natural, I don't care.
    But I do think that women who go natural have every right to be proud for their choices, and not made out like they like to step on women who choose differently.

    The important thing is doing what feels right for you individually, not what other people think, or even what you percieve they think.
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  8. *mel*

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    Well I would think the reply to that is pretty obvious, a c-section is major surgery! lol! I honestly havn't found many women who would prefer surgery over giving birth but I guess there are a few [​IMG] When it comes down to recovery time from a vaginal birth I guess it depends on the type of vaginal birth you have. Mine was forceps and I was shocked at how hard the recovery was. I remember saying that labour was actually easier than I had expected (I had a real phobia of labour before going through it!) but the recovery was 100 times harder than I could ever imagine! But I also know other women that had forceps deliveries that were back to normal within a week or two. I suspect I wasn't stitched up quite right and thats why my recovery was so difficult.

    I have come accross women who look down on other women for chosing pain relief during labour. I have no idea why women feel like they have the right to look down on other women when each birth experience is unique and everyone experiences labour differently.
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  9. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Just trying to shed some light on possibly a stressful situation mel. That i have heard very positivs stories, not all are horror stories. I can only hope yours is similar.

  10. iampam

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    I think that natural childbirth is ideal for a normal, uncomplicated delivery, and I wish that more hospitals were better equipped to support women to labor in that way (better tubs, little to no monitoring in bed, etc). I think that all women should have some idea of what a natural labor is like and ways to cope because sometimes you can't get an epidural or it doesn't work for whatever reason. Plus I think some women have this idea that you can go through labor and delivery with NO pain, and that's not really how it works.

    But I don't think pain relief is a bad choice, and that's what I am going to do next time. I don't think having had a natural birth makes me a better person. Frankly I don't even feel particularly accomplished about it. Everything happened so fast, I really didn't have any other options, given that I had chosen birth center and not hospital. It doesn't feel like an achievement like with sports accomplishments I have. I feel more traumatized than anything.

    So far healing-wise, I think the damage down there is at least as bad as having the episiotomy. I know I got stitches inside and out and that there was a tear she didn't stitch. She said second degree tears. Frickin baby with her elbows by her ears...

    I feel bad about telling the midwives I want an epidural next time. I think usually the patients there are more happy afterward, once it's all done. I was in a reasonably good mood and everything, but I know that I felt clear-headed about that during labor, it wasn't like it was just during transition.

    What makes me sad is I LOVE the birth center and every single thing about the entire experience but the pain. I love the style of prenatal care I had, and I hate thinking I might have to give that up next time.

    Ironically, the morning I gave birth, they had a training at the birth center on the use of nitrous. They are going to start offering it there soon, like within a few weeks. They both agreed that it really would have helped me. I definitely would have used it if it had been an option, but I don't know if nitrous alone would have been enough, like not enough to make me want to take my chances on that being my only option next time. I would like to deliver somewhere that it is an option, in case everything happens so fast that I can't do an epi, but I think UW is the only hospital that offers it, and I don't see myself going that far away from my in-laws.

  11. nessa26

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    And, yeah, I like the natural parenting page on fb (i dont consider myself a NP even though i breastfeef, coslept, baby wore, i enjoy some aspects of it), the women on that page are quite literslly unbelievable!! The ones who would do exactly what mel and bg said: tell youyou are bad for getting an epidural, for notdoing this, for not doing that. Extremely judgemental, and truly believing thst they are mom of the year. Its pathetic. I can assure you, as someone who had natural childbirth, i dont look down on anyone. Dont understand why some women do that. So childish.

  12. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    I used to like the Peaceful Parenting page on Facebook, but as a friend pointed out about some of the moms, "They might parent peacefully, but they sure don't Facebook peacefully!"

    Nessa I'm glad I'm not the only one who found natural birth overrated [​IMG]

  13. KawaiiNot

    KawaiiNot Active Member

    That's nuts. I don't understand why anyone would care what other people choose for birth. How does it affect them? Totally weird.
    Women who sit on facebook or forums judging other for doing things differently, I think these are the insecure mothers needing approval.

    Just as a FYI Mel, my sister had two vaginals and one CS. Her planned CS was a breeze she said. It was with her youngest so she had two others to care for as well. That part was a bit of a hassle, although not too bad, but recovery from her CS was totally unproblematic.

  14. *mel*

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    ;ust a quick update from me. Baby Abbie was born by emergency c-section on 1st April at 12.37am due to me going into labour on 31st March. She weighed 6lbs 14ozs and we are both doing well. Hoping to be discharged from hospital tomorrow!

  15. iampam

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    Congratulations Mel!!! She has the same birth date as Eddie [​IMG] Their little April Fools joke to us, I guess [​IMG]

  16. Confused-Hasya

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    Congratulations, Mel! Love the name!

  17. Alluring-Ash

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    How is life with 2 little ones Mel?

  18. Raunchy-Row

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    Oh, I missed this! Congrats Mel! Hope you guys are doing amazing!

  19. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks [​IMG]

    Life is a little hectic at times but we are getting there. BF starts working away week after next, that will be a little more interesting!

    Abbie is doing good, she was up to 7lbs 9ozs (birth weight was 6lbs 14ozs) last thursday. I have to take her to physio, first appointment tomorrow as her feet are slightly facing inwards due to probably being wedged somewhere in my uterus! They have told me not to worry and the physio will be able to sort it so fingers crossed! She also has to go for a hip scan in June as both of her hips were clicky at her newborn check and they scan all breech babies as a precaution anyway. We also have an appointment with her on Thursday as she has these strange marks all over her. The health visitor is pretty sure they are strawberry nevus birthmarks which apparently aren't permanent but can take up to 10 years to go, however it's unusual to have more than 2 or 3, so far Abbie has 14!!! They can get pretty big and she has 2 on her face, I just hope they are strawberry nevus and nothing more sinister! So yeah, nothing too serious but all little extra worries you can do without with a newborn!

    She is a pretty good baby so far, sleeps alot of the time which means I still have lots of time for Luke right now [​IMG] She gets fussy most evenings for a couple of hours, just when I'm trying to cook dinner and sort Lukes bath etc, can be difficult to put down at bedtime but then only wakes twice in the night (usually about 1 - 2am, then again about 5 - 6am) and goes back down fine after those feeds.

    Recovery from a c-section was actually soooo much easier than my recovery from Lukes delivery [​IMG] I don't want any more kids but if I were to get pregnant again I would definitely go for a c-sectin again, yes I am one of *those* women I couldn't understand before [​IMG]


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