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Discussion in 'Mental Wellbeing' started by Krysia, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Krysia

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    Hi, I don't post on here too often but I read the forums frequently. I've had a really difficult last few months and was using alcohol as a coping mechanism. The thing is that I fear that I've become dependent on it and need some kind of help. I've been making some really stupid decisions and it's affecting my quality of life. I'm not sure what to do, does anyone have experience with this that they would like to share about? I guess I should also mention that prior to the last few months I hardly ever drank. When I say hardly I mean I would drink maybe once a month, now it's every day. I'm kind of scaring myself. Krysia

  2. GreenTea

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    In your other post, you mention depression. Are you on medication for it? If not, would you consider it?

    As it is, you're self medicating with alcohol. Antidepressants, once you find the right drug and the right dosage, would relieve your depression without the negative effects of alcohol. And most antidepressants are not to be mixed with alcohol, so that could be further reason not to drink.

    That is, of course, assuming that you can stop yourself from drinking. Are you able to make yourself not drink? Could you perhaps decide to abstain from alcohol for a couple of months, then reevaluate a couple of months from now? Or have you tried that and slipped?

    Alcoholics Anonymous uses a smaller steps version of that: take it one day at a time, say just for today, I will not drink.

    On the face of it, it sounds to me like you are abusing alcohol, but not necessarily an alcoholic. If you drank about once a month before you hit this rough patch, you must be in control of your drinking most of the time.

    I've had a couple periods in my life when I was drinking every day or nearly so, and drinking mainly to deal with stress. Both times, I got scared and decided I'd better quit drinking while I still could. I abstained from alcohol for about a month or two, and that got me away from becoming dependent on it. One of those times, I was having major anxiety attacks and self medicating with alcohol. Going on medication relieved the anxiety, and with that, I could stop drinking. It became, again, something I could do for pleasure, not stress management.

  3. Krysia

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    I am taking anti-depressants and should not be drinking on them. My behavior when I drink with the medication is appalling and I think it took some really unpleasant events for me to recognize this.

    thanks for your advice and sharing your experience. I'm going to talk with my counselor on thursday about this.

  4. Aiden1

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    Hello guys can my drinking problem be simply because my dad was a heavy drinker ? I drink A lot of sodas and I believe it's getting out of control . Could it be because my father was a heavy drinker and I chosen it up from him or are sometimes ?

  5. Hi aiden1,

    this is totally UNSCIENTIFIC,,, just a reference point.

    I have noticed for many years that many drinkers in our different close and far family branches are so because their parent(s), father primarily, were drinkers, some of them near killers.

    About 2 years ago I casually asked my DH "why you are not a drinker?" and his answer was "I can't tell, what I know is that my father got drunk only once on Christmas when I was 9 ".

    Using his 'kitchen psychology' that he practices so much and VERY good at that, I analyzed his answer:
    1. I did not ask about his father or anyone else,,,,,,
    2. Could it be that in his subconscious THAT is the reason he never drank? or smoke?
    But I don't care to know, I like the way it is.

    Another parallel, this time comes from my own observation and involvements with some women over time.

    I have known a total of 7 women, unrelated, that were abused or subdued to become foot mats or grew in such environment and then ended married to a man with same traits and behavior.

    Each eventually got out from under that terrible life, some with my help, just to be linked to another man with SAME or worse traits and behavior,,,, and they called it LOVE !!!.

    WTF,,, excuse me ????

    Impossible to fathom, at least for me.

    My point is that some parts of our brain are not loyal to our being but to their previous experiences, Who knows?

    Again, point of reference only, good luck to you.
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  6. GreenTea

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    If your drink of choice is sodas, you've really got a problem. You need Sodaholics Anonymous. It may be called Popaholics Anonymous if you live in the midwest.
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    Sodaholics Anonymos??? Is there really such a thing?
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    Haha GT nice!! How did we miss that guy and his blatant spam link? I've half a mind to leave it because its funny to read [​IMG]

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    The spam link wasn't there until today. This is one of those sneaky spammers who make semi-legitimate posts, wait around a while, and then insert a spam link signature when they figure they're not being watched anymore.

    I banned Aiden and deleted the signature, but yes, let's leave the post because it's so amusing!
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  11. Ricy Mardona

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    I think you are being a victim of Dipsomania. Waste no time and just rush to your physician.besides you need counseling.

  12. steevennsmithh

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    Alcohol abuse is described as any harmful use of alcohol and that by definition is a drinking problem. Is your drinking alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence.If you consume alcohol it is important to know if your drinking is safe, risky or harmful. This test can help you assess your risks and decide if you have a drinking problem.
    Many people think of alcoholics as disheveled, homeless winos who have lost everything, but there are people who meet the criteria for a medical diagnosis for alcohol dependence who are highly functional in society and still have their jobs, homes and families.


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