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    Most men will go throughout their lives thinking hard of different methods to attract women and once they try out all those methods they realize that a lot of their strategies do not work because women do not respond to them positively. The difference is that women think more emotionally and use their feelings more than men so you need to discover strategies that may not make sense but work perfectly at attracting women if you want to achieve success in your dating life and date as many women as you want whenever you desire to.

    First off most men who fail with women end or worshiping them and putting them in a pedestal showing that they submit to them and are intimidated by their looks. Men like this will do anything to please the woman and as a result the woman ends up getting turned off and bored because the man is not challenging enough.

    Second off you show that you are authentic and not impressed by her yet because you are not instantly interested in her in a romantic way, she has to earn that first and a woman will become instantly attracted to this because it happens so rarely yet it is so powerfully attractive. Use this method with caution. However do not go overboard with it were you are playing so hard to get that the women has no chance at getting with you because then she will begin to see you as cold and distant.

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