Do IUD strings move after sex?

Discussion in 'IUDs' started by liz-skees, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. liz-skees

    liz-skees Member

    My first IUD fell out after a few weeks and I had to get a new one. After getting the second one I got my period. After my period, I felt the strings. I had sex and felt the strings and they felt the same. I had sex again and felt the strings but this time they feel different. Should I be worried that my IUD was moved AGAIN? Do the strings generally move after sex? Before I could feel both strings separately, they kind of curved in opposite directions. Now I just feel what seems to be one thick strand and it's curved a completely different way.

  2. GrahamS

    GrahamS New Member

    I'm sure the strings get moved around during sex but it doesn't mean the IUD has moved. During sex the penis hits the strings and they are flexible. This is normal, I believe.

  3. liz-skees

    liz-skees Member

    Is it normal for them to twist around each other? I can't tell if it's both strings twisted around or what exactly it is. It just feels like 1 thick string. This was also the first time that we've had sex and I didn't cramp afterwards.

  4. liz-skees

    liz-skees Member

    Well forget the last part, I'm cramping again.

  5. GrahamS

    GrahamS New Member

    I'm stumped. I guess you visit your ob/gyn and have it checked. Aren't there websites dedicated to IUD's and see if your symptoms are normal.

    I still think the strings getting pushed around, twisted, etc doesn't mean something is wrong. I had a gf with one and I could feel the darned thing every time we had sex. Not exactly pleasant, but manageable for me. She had no complaints and had the IUD in for 2 years - the entire duration of our relationship.

  6. liz-skees

    liz-skees Member

    I've looked online, some say it's normal, some not. The cramps are so different every single time. Sometimes my entire vagina hurts, the inside, the lips, everything. Sometimes it's the top of my pelvis, sometimes it's my right side, sometimes it's around my belly button. It's some of the weirdest stuff.
    I'm also extra worried since my first one fell out, I'm fairly certain that the people at planned parenthood put it in wrong to begin with since this experience with this IUD is completely different than the first time around. With the first one, my boyfriend said he hit it and I felt and could actually feel the end of the IUD, not the strings. When I called they said if I wasn't bleeding to not come in until my 1 month check up. The next day I couldn't feel the IUD so I assumed it was normal for it to drop down. Guess not.
    I'll be calling my doctor on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.

  7. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    My strings were always doing funny things. Main thing is just that it's not protruding or disappeared! KUP!

  8. liz-skees

    liz-skees Member

    I've had spotting for about two days and I'm still cramping sometimes, especially after I have sex. All of that is normal so I'm assuming that means that my IUD is doing what it's supposed to.

    I go to my normal doctor instead of planned parenthood on the 17th. I had a period once I had my second IUD put in because I was already 8 days late so it forced me to have it then. My appointment is 2 days before my next period.

  9. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah I spotted on and off for at least a year consistently and then randomly after that. And I still cramp after sex even after mine was out but usually only if I O or we're rough (or just before or after my period).

  10. liz-skees

    liz-skees Member

    Oh it is definitely worse if I "O" haha. The spotting doesn't bother me too much, it's so light it's really only noticeable when I wipe. My biggest problem is the cramping. They're completely manageable with pain pills but I hate taking pills every day. One of the reasons I stopped my birth control pills and switched to non-hormonal was because I was tired of constantly putting medicine in my body. So much for that right now haha

  11. czlc89

    czlc89 New Member

    You should talk to your doctor about this if you are really concerned. I don't know that the strings have to be in any one orientation, but you should at least check to make sure that they are there. If you can't find them, this is when you should worry and use some kind of back up birth control because there is a good chance that the IUD has moved and stopped working.

  12. liz-skees

    liz-skees Member

    I scheduled to talk to my doctor on the 17th. I could feel the strings with my first IUD but it had apparently dislodged and fallen out so feeling the strings isn't that reassuring to me. I also do not have Mirena which is the link you posted is talking about. I have paragard and it is non-hormonal.

    The best site I've found to help me with my strings is this one-
    Just a heads up, it may be a bit gross for you to look at but seeing the shapes and movement of the strings has helped me feel more comfortable with my own strings moving around and changing.

  13. liz-skees

    liz-skees Member

    I got really busy and never updated. I went to my doctor and they did an actual ultrasound to check. My IUD was in place but again, I'm 2 weeks late for my period. Since I went to the doctor 3 days before when my period was supposed to be, I'm sure they would have noticed a baby in there haha. I don't think I'm pregnant, I don't feel pregnant, but I'll probably test on Monday just to be sure. Now I'm worried that maybe I'll never have a period or maybe not be able to have kids since I haven't had a normal period since stopping my hormonal birth control [​IMG] being overweight doesn't help either.


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