discussion on saheli periods.

Discussion in 'Centchroman' started by weather, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. sassymin

    sassymin New Member

    Thanks for the reassurance about the PMS going away! I'll be sure to keep up with my vitamins too. Now I'm just waiting for my period to arrive!

  2. janu

    janu New Member

    Hi All

    I have started taking saheli(one tab twice a week) from my last period i.e. from 15th Oct 2006, my first saheli period was of 30 days it started on 16th Nov 2006. But this month Today is 21st of december and still I have not had periods,In this month We used withdrawal and some times condoms.
    I am affraied whether I am pregnant or....
    Does saheli works properly In last two months I had only once taken my pill a day before by mistake.
    Can any one guide me.
    Thanx in advance

  3. Twins Mom

    Twins Mom New Member

    Ok, here's the update.....took a pregnancy test last night.....big fat negative (whew....big sigh!)...even though I was about 99% sure the result....needed that 1% peace of mind! Today is now day 47....I was always 28-30 days before, and my 1st 2 months on Saheli were the same. Guess Ill just be happy with the freedom and the negative test & keep waiting!

  4. Nickee

    Nickee New Member

    I'm with you Twins Mom! I took a HPT today and NEGATIVE! woo-hoo. I'm at about 42 days I think. I shall take another test sometime next week perheps.

  5. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    For the first time in all my time on Saheli (almost a year), I have reached Day 33 with no period. Since I've been tracking my temps out of curiousity, I know I only ovulated on Day 26 or so. Very late! I know that odd ovulation times (early or late) can happen on Saheli, so I thought maybe my period would still be on time. Not that I'm very late yet, but it's interesting that this is the first time in about 11 months I've been late at all. It has, however, been "teasing" me all week. Light cramps, emotional ups-n-downs. Worst PMS I've had for a number of months. Life stress hasn't helped (may have even been reason for ovulation delay). Hoping it comes soon, but the temping is nice b/c I know I have no reason at all to worry.

  6. LilyDreams

    LilyDreams New Member

    Today is day 119 and I've been on a once every five days schedule for more than 2 weeks now, down from twice a week for the 3 months before that. There is no sign of a period and no sign of pregnancy. Is anyone else not having a period? I have yet to have one on Saheli...

  7. EllieGoulet

    EllieGoulet New Member

    Day 105 here. Forgotten what it's like to have one! [​IMG]

    Numerous negative pregnancy tests, random cramping, still nothing, and haven't had one since I started on Saheli either Lily. Still on twice a week dosage because I'm nervous given the scares last year. Could be the reason?

  8. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Seems very possible to me that the higher dose is working so well in your bodies, you are having no period. On the plus side, you are certainly protected from pregnancy! At least one user on the MSN club board indicated they never had a period, and presumably that person had eventually switched to 1/week. So I suppose that's even possible. I wouldn't want to not have a period at all, either. Granted, you only have "fake" periods on the pill, they certainly aren't a sign of normalcy and health... but Saheli isn't supposed to suppress the normal cycle completely in most women, so it would be frustrating if it did.

    As for the scares... it seems that the common factor was a transition in dosage, the rather abrupt change in blood levels, not necessarily a lower dosage itself. If you want to see how your body does on the 1/week dose, you won't know until you try. It certainly seems to me that your bodies do not need the higher dose to be sufficiently affected. I would only suggest using back-up protection for a month or so until the blood levels can stabalize. Again, we don't base that recommendation on medical reason, as much as on experience and suspicion.

  9. Nickee

    Nickee New Member

    It's been eight weeks, but I think I have got my period! Three weeks later then expected, but I suppose that means the Saheli is working? Funny thing, I'm pretty sure I ovulated like, three days ago.

  10. EllieGoulet

    EllieGoulet New Member

    Thank you MW - your post's are always very reassuring [​IMG]

    Have decided that I will try going to once a week dosage, and will use back-up for a month or so

  11. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Good luck Ellie, and keep us posted.

    I meant to update this thread... My period eventually arrived on Day 38. That's the only time I've ever been that late. But since I know I ovulated on Day 26, and the typical luteal phase is 12-14 days, I guess I was really right "on time"! Tracking temps was really nice, because I did not even consider pregnancy when my period was late. I knew what was going on. Obviously, the point of any birth control pill is not to have to worry about tracking fertility, etc. But it is a way to gain extra peace of mind and to see what's going on "behind the scenes" with your body.

  12. Twins Mom

    Twins Mom New Member

    Alrighty....my period finally arrived on day 57....nearly on schedule had I not skipped an entire period inbetween. This was an awful period.....bled like never before for a solid 6 days (usually its light & Im finished in 3 days). I certainly hope this isnt shades of periods to come. Ive been on Saheli since late August, so have been taking the 1x per week dosage for a month....we shall see what next month brings!

  13. skycircles

    skycircles New Member

    My last period was pretty much normal, except with decreased cramps. Yay! My cycle has returned to 29 or 30 days, after my first Saheli period was 35 days.

  14. EllieGoulet

    EllieGoulet New Member

    Day 128, still waiting....have gone down to 1x week, but am still experiencing hot flushes, in fact I'd say they're worse than on 2x week. Am taking Vitex, Vitamin B and other chinese herbal concoctions my accupuncturist prescribed.

    Am actually wondering if I should come off Saheli all together so I can confidently go to the doctor and ask what's wrong with me...I know what they'll say if I go whilst still taking something they could know nothing about. Get off it!

  15. kanna

    kanna New Member

    Re: discussion on saheli periods. *DELETED*

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    Unwritten New Member

    looks like Spam to me.

  17. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks julperki! I didn't even see what it was, thanks to the quick work of our mighty moderators.

    After last cycle's oddly long duration (38) days, I'm back to my usual and predictable 30 days, right on time. The temp tracking also enabled me to predict it... my temp (along with my mood - yiked!) dropped suddenly. I've charted two months with fertility friend - the crazy long cycle, plus this one - and the website still predicted my period start right on the money. Nifty.
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  18. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    Weighing in: today I started my period after my longest Saheli cycle ever: 46 days. I'd had extra thick discharge and occasional mild cramping the last few days, so I knew it was coming. Fortunately no PMS this time; it's been a breeze so far.

  19. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member

    Hey no prob ...gosh forbid I miss a spammer in centchromem...
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  20. LilyDreams

    LilyDreams New Member

    After just over 2 months since my last dose of Centchroman, I finally got my period last night. I was on Centchroman from September 1-March 5 and had no periods while on it, though I started it with a natural period post HBC pills. Just thought I would let everyone know. I do not plan to go back on Centchroman at any time. Thanks.


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