Diaphragm any good?

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by greengrl, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. wnderng

    wnderng New Member

    Hey, does anyone have any info on the contraceptive sponge? Anyone who's used it and liked it? Anyone who's used it and had problems with it? Better/worse compared to the diaphragm? Thanks!

  2. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    I did. You're right, there is a catch. See my post on page 2 of this discussion, last one on that page.
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  3. Jocelyn Fitz

    Jocelyn Fitz New Member

    Well, I'm just having my first period after my first month using a diaphragm, and I'm quite happy to see it! Funnily enough, I was more anxious about this period than I was about any for the 5 years we've been using withdrawal! I guess it was knowing that his guys were in there trying to do what they're meant to that got us a bit nervous.

    We're getting used to it - it's more a mental than a physical issue, as so far we've had no problem with the D and no reaction to nonoxy. I'm going to satrt putting a couple of spermicidal pessaries in before the diaphragm, as well as a couple after it's gone in, just until we both feel more confident that I've got it in right, and that we can trust it.

    I know that used properly it's as reliable as most things, but our one real issue is that if it does fail, we wouldn't know until I missed my period. It wouldn't be a disaster for us by any means if we did have a third, but it's not really part of our plan. Youngest starts full time school in September and I'm looking forward to having from 9am to 3pm to myself! Im that selfish ;-)

    Cheers, Joc

  4. Yael

    Yael New Member

    We tried using the sponge and I hated it. First, it foamed and made disgusting noises. Second, I had a lot of trouble getting it out because it slipped off (we'll know if a couple weeks if it even worked). Third, I got a mild yeast infection from the spermicide. Last, my husband got a terrible rash from it. Not good.

    I can't use a diaphragm because I'm prone to bad UTI's so I think I'm going to have my gyn order me a Femcap. I checked out their website and it recommended using spermicide which doesn't thrill me--even the homemade or "natural" stuff upsets the delicate balance in there. I did recently read that there are studies showing that using spermicide with a diaphragm does nothing to increase its efficacy so hopefully that applies to the Femcap as well. One thing's for sure--I'm not interested in pills.

  5. Lessa202

    Lessa202 New Member

    I just got a prescription for a diaphragm. I have used one in the past and was quite happy with it. I am currently using the sponge and it is ok...I'm a little nervous about the failure rate for women that have had children...that is why I am switching to the diaphragm.

    Sponge is a good option...I plan on keeping a few around just in case. They are a bit pricey but not too bad for every once in awhile.

    For the person that posted about having to put the diaphragm in a couple hours before...I don't think that is true. I believe it is just like the sponge...once in correctly you are protected. You have to leave it in for about 6-8 hours afterward but I believe once it is in place you are protected.

    I was pretty happy with the diaphragm before so I'm sure I will be happy with it again. Beats hormones any day!!!!

  6. N

    N New Member

    I used to use a diaphragm years ago and it was OK. The worst things were the noises (like fart noises) as air somehow found its way round the diaphragm during and after sex. Yuck! And the spermicidal jelly. My husband hated it and sort of made oral sex undesirable!

    I'm looking to get another diaphragm though for a different reason now. Have just had a copper IUD inserted and I'd like to use the diaphragm so I can have sex during my periods, particularly if they are going to be longer and heavier.

    Has anyone else done this?

  7. damselfly

    damselfly New Member

    I used a diaphragm for a while and it was decent. Pretty good choice if you're not too concerned about an accidental pregnancy. (We used it in conjuction with a condom, just in case).

    I did get a lot of UTIs and was a little sensitive to the spermicide. Also I noticed that I would be drier during intercourse than without, but nothing that some lubricant couldn't fix.

    It's a good option, and I'd say to give it a try.

  8. spydergrl

    spydergrl New Member

    i'm going for a diaphragm fitting this friday, the only other method from bcp, which i wont do. i am pretty excited to have decided on this.. any info i can get i welcome.

  9. gemzx2

    gemzx2 New Member

    I am a little upset that my physician and all of the basic websites I read about diaphram use never mentioned that there is a consistantly higher rate of UTI's with diaphram and spermicidal use. I have a history of infections (3 before), and instantly got 2 more, a week apart, when I started using the diaphram. After, I found the plethora of information on the web about diaphram use and UTI's, but I would still think this information should be immediately given to all women who are interested in the diaphram. If I had know of this issue, I would definitely have not spent $50 on a diaphram I used 8 times, (not to mention the trip to the ER since I was on vacation when I got the first UTI).
    So if you previously have had UTI's, you should definitely not be using a diaphram or spermicides.

  10. Hazel600

    Hazel600 New Member

    I started using a diaphragm about two months ago, and I'm actually pretty happy with it. The worst part was getting fitted. I couldn't get the sucker out and I nearly fainted. But now it's incredibly easy to use, my husband can't feel it, and it is way better than condoms. There is definitely some spermicide leakage the next day, but a pantiliner takes care of that. I'm a little suspicious of infections... I will say that in the past three months since quitting the Pill and starting with a diaphragm, I've had one yeast and two bacterial infections. But I'm still optimistic--I think my body is still adjusting to life post-hormones.

  11. NYCityGirl27

    NYCityGirl27 New Member

    I came off bcp almost six months ago and I was using condoms. My boyfriend absolutely hates condoms though, so I have been using a diaphragm that I got a few years ago. It can be a little annoying. You have to clean it, dry it, put the gel in, insert it and then watch the clock to make sure that you are within the time frame of the spermicide (I believe you have to reapply after 2 hours). I can definitely feel a difference internally and would not doubt that yeast infections and UTIs are more common using this method.
    In my opinion, it's better than being on the pill but it is a little more work.

  12. Celebrian80

    Celebrian80 New Member

    We started using a diaphragm this past month. The first time was good, but the second time we used it...OUCH! We tried to have sex twice and I started having horrible cramps. I was crying afterwards, which I later had to soothe my BF that it was nothing he did.

    But I'm assuming the diaphragm may be too big? Perhaps that is why I cramped up so bad?

  13. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    Probably. The best diaphragm fitter I had told me that if it's too big it will give you cramps.

  14. NYCityGirl27

    NYCityGirl27 New Member

    I just read online that diaphragms need to be replaced every two years. Good to know.


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