Diaphragm any good?

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by greengrl, Oct 17, 2005.

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    No...I don't think I was. I guess I just assumed it would be as easy as the diaphragm was to remove.

    Next time I will push. Thanks for the info.

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    Hubby and I have used Diaphragm for 22 years to plan our family of 4 children. we have not had a failure in all that time. It can lead to the occasional yeast infection I have had 4 in 22 years.It is essential to use your correct size and put it in every time. These days hubby slips mine in during foreplay. Size is very important when first fitted I was 80mm as the children were born I increased to my present fitting of 100mm. Try not wear if you are going thru the airport scanner as mine set the bells ringing at LA international! Can be embarrising. Raewyn N.Z

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    Because questions about the diaphragm arise time and again on this forum--and yet infrequently enough that this thread tends to migrate several pages back in between inquiries--I have decided to feature it.

    This topic is still open for posts.

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    yes bearing down does help and pulling slowwwwwwwwwwwwly helps too! With those two things in mind you should have no prob, well I dunno, it works for me! I love LOVE the sponge but woooza it aint cheap!
    I was wondering for users of diaphrams....can you partner feel it?
    Also anyone try the cervical cap, i heard it was way smaller?

  5. GreenTea

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    My partner couldn't feel it. If anyone on here has tried the cervical cap, she's probably not in North America, or else hasn't used it for years--it's no longer available in the States or Canada.

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    really i thought that was just in the us...too bad!

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    I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned the new latex-free Femcap. You do not need to be measured as it comes in three sizes:
    small - for women who have had no pregnancies
    medium - for women who have been pregnant
    large - for women who have had vaginal deliveries.
    This is the website for more info:


    It is completely non-allergenic and has a handle to pull it out with. It fits very snuggly and should be used with spermicide.

    I am very long inside and had difficulty getting it out, the first time I used it. But the next time I used it, I tied a bit of thread to the handle and it was much easier to remove.

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    HI! THANKS for all of the information. I have been using the diaphragm for two months now-I like it but have noticed a strange colored mucus...I hate to be crude, but I need to find out if this is normal. Has anyone experienced this- if yes, are u willing to share?

  9. Dolores

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    Here is the website for another non-latex contraceptive cap which is more effective and easier to use than Femcap. It comes in one size for everyone and works with a suction technique.

    Lea\'s Shield

  10. GreenTea

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    Lea's shield doesn't really fit everyone. I tried it, and it gave me really bad cramps. The cramping started after I'd had it in maybe an hour and a half--just long enough to have sex and have to leave it in another 5 or 6 hours.

    Kbhealth - what color is your mucus? Have you had itching or burning or anything like that? Without knowing more, my thoughts are that it could be from spermicide mixing with your natural mucus (I never got strange colored mucus that way, but who knows) or else an infection.

  11. rae

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    Hi there everyone. Hubby and I have been diaphragm users for 23 years now. We used the method to plan our family of four children. All the babies were vaginally delivered. when I was first fitted 23 years ago I was 80mm as the children came my size increased to my present fitting of 100mm. It is now 11 years since my last pregnancy, so it is effective even for me a multiparous person. Hubby slips the diaphragm in for me during foreplay. We never make love without me wearing the device.
    As for yeast infections I have had a few in the past but nothing to worry about say 5 in all the time we have used it. So as far as we are concerned a very effective method. Raewyn

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    Any other users out there? I just got fitted for my diaphragm, but have yet to use it. Any failures? ie pregnacny?

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    I'm sorry, no. I haven't tried it, nor will I. The failure rate is way too high for me.

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    I went off the Pill in October and started using the Diaphragm. Never really had any problems except for one yeast infection (don't know if that was the Diaphragm's fault or just natural).

    I no longer use the Diaphragm simply because it's too cumbersome. You have to put it in a few hours before sex, the spermicide is messy, and it's kind of embarrasing when, during sex, if I'm on top, my vagina makes noise (soo embarassing... i've never had this problem before).

    Also, re-applying spermicide for subsequent sexual sessions is totally unrealistic for me. I'm not going to be whipping out the spermicide applicator thing and using it in a moment of passion. It would totally ruin the mood.

    In a nutshell, Diaphragm = not my thing.

    We went back to using condoms half time, and withdrawl the other half of the time (I don't think I'm very fertile to begin with).

    I may want to go back on BC pills some time in the future. I've heard some good things about Ortho Tr-Cyclen Lo.

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    If you want to find more diaphragm users, try the Yahoo group that I posted on the first page (fifth post from the top).
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    I used a diaphragm once several years ago and won't ever again. Long story short: It's spring-loaded, slimy, ended up flying across the room, and after I finally got it in, my boyfriend at the time had to yank it out--it was basically vacuum-sealed to my cervix. I won't be going down that road again.

    I'm interested in trying the sponge, but my boyfriend is worried about its effectiveness rate. I was thinking that we could use a condom in addition to the sponge when I'm ovulating. Anyone get knocked-up on the sponge? [​IMG]

  17. Theadorastar

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    Hey everyone! I just got a diaphragm last week and the spermicide is already starting to irritate me. It's that darn non-oxyl 9.
    I was wondering if any of you have suggestions for alternative spermicides that don't contain n9. I have heard some good things about Femprotect, but I cannot find it anywhere. I live in the states and I can't find it in any drugstores but I also can't seem to locate it on-line.
    Thanks for any help!

  18. GreenTea

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    Theodorastar - Again, look at the fifth post from the top on page 1 of this thread, or click on the following link. The Diaphragms and Caps group has recipes for alternative spermicides in their archives--there's a very simple one that you can make out of lemon juice and aloe vera gel--as well as sources for others such as Femprotect. So far, Femprotect is available only in England and Germany--if you want to use it in the States, you'd have to order it from there. They do give the contact info in the group's archives.

  19. Theadorastar

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    Thank you so much! I am going to see about ordering some and I will make sure to let you all know how it goes. Thanks again!

  20. melissa26

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    Has anyone tried the lea's shield? it sounds good,I'm not sure if I'm right but I gathered that you can have sex for up to 8 hours before you need to put more spermicide in (not 8 hours at once, you know what I mean I hope!). So it seems that you can 1) put spermicide on, put it in
    2) do your thing for up to 8 hours
    3) leave it at least 8 (?) hours after youre done
    4) take it out

    it sounds pretty easy, there must be a catch. Has anyone used it, what did they think?


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