Depressed? Pill side effects

Discussion in 'Mental Wellbeing' started by Tee W, Apr 7, 2015.


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  1. Tee W

    Tee W New Member

    I am new to this forum site, or any forum site for that matter so I hope I am using it right!
    I am hoping to get some feedback or support about some of the issues I am having.... I struggle to openly discuss personal issues and feelings in depth in person so I thought I would try this method.
    I am 23 years old and around 10 months or more ago I started to get increased ovulation & period pain, heavy periods etc. I ahd always had bad pains but they seemed more intense... Around 6 months ago I finally went to my doctor and after waiting a month to see a gyno and numerous scans, internals etc it showed I had a 4.5cm lump on my ovary - the gyno advised they wanted to go in keyhole and have a look but wanted to do one more ultrasound before they booked it in - and my ultrasound came back that the lump had gone but there was a medium sized one on the other size, it also showed signs of polycystic ovaries and my gyno decided that he wanted me to try levlen ed for 3 months and we would re-assess the pains etc after that time - if nothing had changed by that time he would go in via keyhole and look to see what other issues there may be such as endometriosis..
    Now my issue since then I am almost one month into my 3 month course of the pill and I was prescribed levlen ed, since starting it my mid month pains and aches haven't changed all that much and are still quite painful but I am very very down and feeling "numb" or anxious , I am a generally happy go lucky person and it's having a real effect on me - my husband has even woken me twice in the past 2 weeks hysterically crying in my sleep.
    I don't know whether to keep going and it might just take some time to straighten me out or should I tru go back to the gyno ASAP? Has anyone had similar experiences?



  2. sam4014

    sam4014 Member

    How are you feeling now? I know when I first started the pill, I was VERY sad and would cry randomly. This lasted for a month or two maybe, and then I was fine. I'm now off the pill and have a whole new set of symptoms I've posted about on another thread. Hormones affect us all differently so it's hard so say how long it'll take your body to adjust. I know lots of women who have no problems whatsoever starting or stopping the pill. I would definitely talk to your OB/GYN if you don't notice any improvement after a couple months. I hope you are feeling better!



  3. IllaScholl

    IllaScholl New Member

    Sorry to here about the situation. Even one of my common friend had the same issue. He took help of a doctor you must consult a doctor I feel avoiding pill is better.



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