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    Are you tired of asking girls out on dates only to have them reject you? Don't worry you are not alone. Very few men have a 100% success rate when it comes to dating most of us may have faced rejection at one time or another. However, a few men seem to be successful at dating all the time. What is it that causes them to click and you, to fail?

    Here are a few tips

    Women like alpha males, men who appear to be capable of taking on the world and winning. A confident mien is sometimes the vital factor that can help you clinch a date with that hot chick you've been drooling after. A word of caution here there is a very fine dividing line between confidence and arrogance. Nothing turns off women faster than arrogance so don't overdo it.

    Most men seem to think they only need to look good on days they plan to ask girls out or on the day of the actual date. This just isn't true. Women always notice which man is presentable and who isn't. If you look presentable only half the time, your chances of landing that date reduce drastically.

    Make sure your dream date sees you frequently before you ask her for a date. Girls are not likely to date a man who springs up from the woodwork to ask them for a date. Hang around a girl long enough she's bound to notice your interest and is more likely to be receptive. Avoid appearing needy though.

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