Couples needed for a PAID online research study!

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    Our research team at Indiana University is recruiting heterosexual, monogamous couples between the ages of 18 and 40 to participate in a study related to the daily sexual experiences of couples.

    Most research to date has focused on sexual behaviors and perceptions from an individual perspective. However, less is known about the sexual experiences of couples. In order to better understand the sexual lives of couples, this study will ask heterosexual couples to complete a daily survey on their sexual attitudes and behaviors.

    The study that we are recruiting for, the Couples and Sexual Behavior Study takes place entirely online. Couples who decide to participate in this study will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about themselves, their sexual attitudes and their sexual behaviors over a period of approximately fifteen (15) weeks. The daily surveys will include a brief questionnaire about your sexual activities both alone and with your partner.

    Please feel free to forward this email to colleagues, friends or members of your organization who may be interested in learning more about this study. If you would like to read additional information about the study and decide whether you would like to participate, you can go to this web site:

    If you have additional questions about the study, please feel free to send us an email at or call 812.855.0364.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards,

    Michael Reece, PhD, MPH
    Director, Center for Sexual Health Promotion
    School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
    HPER 116, Indiana University
    Bloomington, IN 47405"

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    This topic has been stickied. It will now stay at the top of the forum.

    Please let us know when the study is closed. We will unsticky the topic at that time.

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    Aw, no Canadians or I would have signed up!

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    It says they're not accepting anymore [​IMG]

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    I've just pm-ed the poster and asked them to tell us if the study is over.

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    Why cut-off at 40? Just curious.
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    wow this is so intriguing

  8. Phillyboy

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    cut off at 40?? isn't that discrimination :):(

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    are you still looking?

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    I think it is already over. They've found there required couples.


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