could i be pregnant????

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by jessileigh, Jun 3, 2015.

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    I had my period may 14th and have had sex every other day with my partner. For the past 10 days ive noticed, dizzy spells when i stand up. Bloating. My nipples are sore and now my breast have gotten fuller and hurt to touch, i dont even want to wear a bra. I can smell EVERYTHING. I do not have any cravings. I am urinating more and past couple days ive been more tired than usual. Ive had slight cramping which my pms cramps usually have me in a ball crying, these have been very bearable. Im also v constipated, i have a very regular poop schedule lately i can sit on toilet for hours and still nothing. Is it.possible im pregnant? If so, id only be a lil over 3 weeks. Expecting my period June 10th. Ive also have woken up every morning past 3 days with a sore throat and runny nose that goes away throughout day. Helpppp?

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    All women and girls of childbearing age can be divided into two groups: some are trying by all means and forces to avoid pregnancy, while the other is applied sometimes incredible efforts in order to become mothers. Such women are interested in the age-old question of how to get pregnant fast, especially when the time inevitably runs away like the sand in the hourglass.


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