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Discussion in 'IUDs' started by Ahas5, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Ahas5

    Ahas5 New Member

    I just got the paragard copper iud put in yesterday. Very crampy, more so than period cramps. So far, not happy with it.

    What seems to be the most bothersome is (hard to explain but i'll try) I can feel it in there. Sorta like when you have a tampon in and its not in correctly so every time you sit down you can feel the pressure against it. I feel like I need to push it out or something. Has anyone else had this?
    Also, did research and have read that you can have a funny discharge afterwards but mine has a funky smell to it. Is this a sign that something is wrong or is this what your body does to get used to having something else inside of it? Im really afraid of an infection.
    I know that this iud has no hormones in it but since having it inserted, I have been very weepy.

    Any help with this would be great!

  2. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    I had my copper iud put in about 2 months ago, so I'm relatively new with this too.

    1st--I highly doubt your weepy state has anything to do with the iud, except you may be uncomfortable and regretting your decision.

    My initial discharge after the insertion smelled and looked funky too--for me it was the iodine that was used to swab my cervix. That went away in a day or two. If your discharge still seems funny in another couple of days--you should go back to the doctor.

    That uncomfortable feeling--I think I know what you mean--if it doesn't go away in a week or two, go back to your doctor and talk to her about it. I'm trying to remember if I felt something like that--I think I felt a pressure like I sorta had to go #2. That also went away after the first week or so. Have you checked for the strings? If you do check, and feel anything hard (the strings are obviously strings), then the iud might not be in correctly.

    I've been really happy with mine so far--two periods with it, each lasting only 2.5 days still. I have slightly more cramping than pre-iud, and heavier flow, but nothing like the gusher I was expecting.

    But there are tons of horror stories, so if things aren't feeling right, definitely go back to your doctor!

  3. Ahas5

    Ahas5 New Member

    talked to the drs today
    they said that the reason i can feel it in there and feel like i should be able to push it out is because my pelvic floor is shot from having 5 kids.

  4. ThePolly

    ThePolly New Member

    i thought that having kids makes it easier for your body to accept the iud... and your pelvic floor are the muscles surrounding the vaginal opening, not your cervix. sounds fishy to me.

    i was uncomfortable with my iud for the first week, but eventually stopped noticing it. never noticed a funky smell. i have no kids, never been pregnant, and kept the iud for three years.

    i have heard though that iud's scar the tissue in your uterus making it harder for the egg to implant on the uterus wall. any thoughts?

  5. CariFairy

    CariFairy New Member

    That is not what the IUD does at all.

    The Copper IUD BOTH kills sperm to prevent conception, and prevents implantation due to the copper IONS that are inside of your uterus.

    IUD'S do not work by causing scarring.

  6. ThePolly

    ThePolly New Member

    I didn't know the copper kills sperm!

    I also heard that it creates a minor infection in your uterus so the egg won't implant....can the "infection" be just the copper ions you mean?

    But doesn't it create scar tissue over the years? That's what i meant...that's why i heard that it can be harder for a woman to get pregnant, if she has had an iud for many years.

    I LOVED my iud, and considered getting another one. I was just worried about putting my chance of having children at risk. Maybe i don't have all the facts!

  7. CariFairy

    CariFairy New Member

    Many women have IUD's for 10-15 years, and go on to have many children. IUD's and infertility are RARE, unless you get a severe infection and PID, which scars the fallopian tubes.

    Uncomplicated IUD's do not create fertility problems. This is why so few women in the US use IUD's, yet so MANY women everywhere else do, because the IUD has a bad rap here in the US.

    It does not create scar tissue. The simple act of having a 'foreign' object inside of your uterus prevents pregnancy also, although the reason is less clear.

    The IUD can cause extra white blood cells to enter your uterus, but that is because the body is confused about the foreign object inside of it. This only happens at first, your body soon will adjust. =)

    The IUD does not cause infections.. Women getting an STD on an IUD does though.

  8. Ahas5

    Ahas5 New Member

    After 6 days of having my copper iud in, I had it removed. I had cramping, pinching, discharge, bleeding and the over-all yuckies since having it inserted. I know, from these forums, that it sometimes takes more than a week for your body to get used to it and to not notice it anymore but I just couldnt stand it. It was bad enough to interfere with my daily life. As soon as they pulled it out, instant relief. Havent cramped, bled or anything since having it removed.

    I guess Im going to try my diaphagm again. Thought about using the mini pill but the drs said that it will decrease my milk supply (and im exclusivley breast feeding) so Im not going to use that.

    I'm not downing the iud at all. 10 years without having to worry about birth control sounds great! And I'm jealous of women that can do it. I havent had a good experience though.
    Guess thats why theres a million differnt kinds of birth control. Somthing for everyone.

  9. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    That sounds like me for the first week. I even remember saying to my husband "I think I made a mistake. I never should have gotten this thing."

    After about a week, the pain lessened, and the bleeding stopped too, it may have taken a little longer.

    It took forever before I was able to actually 'think' about the IUD. I remember coming to this forum (actually, that is how I found this forum, doing an IUD search). I would read some of the posts about IUD's, think of the thing in me, and feel faint. I actually had to put my head between my knees, and also had to go and lay down after reading some of these posts. Can you say 'squeamish'? LOL

    I survived. I have had my IUD for a year and a half, and recommend it - IF you can get through the first month, it is clear sailing after that!
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  10. maudie

    maudie New Member

    This may not make an awful lot of sense, as I am slightly panicked, so bear with me.

    I had an IUD fitted at the end of January, and aside from the problems everyone else has already described, haven't had much issue with it. I'm quite small (8st, 5'2", size 6-8uk) and when it was fitted I was warned that this might cause pain, heavier periods etc, and pain during intercourse. Ok, so 3 out of 3 on that front.

    I was experiencing pains in my lower abdomen in the first few months, kind of a stabbing pain on the left side, so I went to have it all checked out towards the beginning of March and was assured everything was fine. In March I had a lot of bleeding in between periods (kind of a very light 3 week period actually) but was in South Africa, which prevented me from going to my clinic, and by the time we came home everything had settled down. Since then I’ve had 2 normal periods, the ‘spotting’ has stopped and so has the stabbing pain.

    I have, however, experienced some pain during intercourse, but I had that pre-IUD so didn’t think too much of it as the pains were few and far between, and seemed to be more related to how I was feeling at the time (and what position!).

    My panic really only began last week. I usually get my period around the 17th-19th of each month, so being a few days late has worried me, and I know I’m incredibly fertile - I unintentionally conceived on both the pill and the injection, and have since shunned hormonal treatments after having both a medical and surgical abortion – not a route I want to take again – so I hit the internet hard to see what the magic PC box had to say.

    Now I’m becoming more and more worried that the IUD has become displaced, which can lead to pregnancy, and like I said, I’m really not looking to go down that road again. Has anyone else experienced any kind of pains like the ones I’ve described, either during intercourse or otherwise (i.e. sitting crouched and coughing causes pain)? If so, what action do you recommend?

    Or should I go straight to the clinic and ask them?

    Gah. Yup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Maudie, you should probably go to the clinic. I'm sure your websearch showed that you can get preggo with the IUD, and it's better just to know than to wonder. Pain while coughing or squatting should not be a side effect of the IUD, and certainly not pain during sex--I'm surprised you were told it's normal to have pain during intercourse with the IUD--that's not true. So if it is causing you pain, something is not right and you really need to get it checked out right away. If one doctor tells you it's normal and fine, you may want to get a second opinion.

    Just curious--did you get the copper IUD or Mirena--I'm guessing copper since you've gotten pregnant from other types of hormonal birth control?

  12. maudie

    maudie New Member

    Thanks, desertgirl. I've booked an appointment for this afternoon; like you said, it's better just to know than to wonder.

    And yes, I do have the copper IUD. Hormonal treatments not all seem to be quite ineffective, they also turn me into a grumpy little monster. [​IMG]. As my partner puts it, I'm "a delicate flower who has a very fragile balance."

    Or something like that.

  13. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Haha, I've been called a 'delicate flower.' Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's enough to send me into a maniacal tizzy. Sort of like a dandelion puff exploding into the wind--how's that for delicate?

    Good luck with your appointment--hopefully you'll find out if it's your IUD (or something) causing your problems and you can solve your pain today!

  14. kattchi

    kattchi New Member

    hey, i had my IUD fitted about a month ago and have had no problems with it after the first couple of weeks which we abit uncomfortable. ive had a period, which did have quite a lot of cramping but nothing too bad. I think ive experienced the pain during intercourse too, but agree that it sometimes happened before the IUD so i havent been too concerned. it happens mainly when im on top and sort of leaning forward and if i change position a little it subsides. However if you are at all concerned that you may be pregnant i think you should go and get this checked straight away. the though of finding out you may be will obviously be a scary one, but its surely better to know then you can decide what to do rather than to worry about the possibility and put it off. i hope everything works out for thhe best, good luck x

  15. mandylou

    mandylou New Member

    Had my copper iud fitted in Jan 07. 1st period EXTREMELY heavy. Subsequent periods still heavy but not as bad as that 1st one. Now use super plus tampax and occasionally take ponstan tablets on heaviest days. My concern is, every month by the time my period finishes which usually takes about 8-9 days in total, i start with a very "wet" "slimy" mucousy discharge, which eventually develops into a thicker discharge, but lots of it. I@m sure this is my body producing more discharge as I ovulate, but I feel i onlt have 1-2 weeks of each month when i'm not bleeding or discharging! Is this how things will be now? Does anyone else have this problem. So much for spontaneous sex, i now have to check for "plugs" of mucous/discharge prior to sex! HELP!!!!

  16. lynz17

    lynz17 New Member

    yes yes yes yes!! it's the same thing for me except my periods last about 14 days from start to complete finish... then i get the thick discharge for a few days right after.. i have just about 1 week of clean, non-period, non mucousy, non painful sex. this is why i'm considering removing my IUD that i got this past january.

  17. ashey23

    ashey23 New Member

    I am 20 years old and a college student. Im currently on my second period after getting my Copper IUD inserted. I basically got it done because i was sick of having to take a bc pill each day. The day after I got it inserted, I did some real research and psyched myself out and thought I made a huge mistake after reading many horror stories.

    HOWEVER, i abesolutely love it!! My first period came a month after inserted with yes, an expected heavier flow, however still lasted the same number of days. Cramping was pretty minimal. No spotting or cramping after my period. Although, I got my period a week early for my 2nd one I am experiencing no cramping. I get a thick discharge (no odor) at certain parts of my cycle but consider it normal. Ive had sex since, and i totally forgot about my IUD until after the sex!! my sex drive if anything has increased because the hormones in my old bc pills dried me up, now its all slip and slide!

    I abesolutely reccomend this method!!!

  18. agusia

    agusia New Member

    I don't mean to scare everyone, up until now I thought paraguard was the best thing ever. I hardly ever had painful cramps, normal and regular menses, and a peace of mind. A few days ago my thoughts on IUDs changed quite a bit. I've had it for 7 months, placed post-partum after my 2nd baby. No plans for more kids for another 5-6 years or ever. I felt the strings each month and even though they seemed softened, maybe they were shorter but really a couple mm here or there, I couldn't tell a difference. I had it placed by an experienced OB/GYN who does them daily and had 100% success rate up until now.

    Well, missed period this month and lots of cramping lead me to a pregnancy test, and well it's a positive. Cramps on one side increased to a point that I went to ER, being a nurse I know my chances for ectopic pregnancy are increased with IUD.

    In ER, ultrasound showed that IUD is misplaced, almost going through the uterus wall. No fetus could be visualized in uterus or tubes because they say it's too early to see. They tried to take out the IUD- no luck it's really stuck.

    So, I'm here today, 2 days post ER visit, with positive pregnancy, possible ectopic as I'm still having strong one sided pains- which worries me a lot because this condition is life-threatening. Plus, an IUD that's buried and might have to be taken out surgically. Today I'm going for reapeat blood tests and utrasound.

    Basically, I'm not trying to scare anyone. But, I was told these complications are very rare, yet it happened to me. So, therefore I would really caution women who never had children, but want them in the future, think about it a bit more. IUD can cause serious complications and infertility.

  19. babygirl18

    babygirl18 New Member

    I also have had a copper IUD put in recently, Para Gard.
    I am n/p and it was inserted April 22nd

    The pressure I think I no what u mean, I had something similar and mine was a bit painful, motrin, or aleve would help, and laying down for a little bit if I had time would also help. As for funny discharge, I did get, and it did come with a funny smell. I heard this was normal. I was also afraid of infection, I didn't take baths, I only took showers after having it inserted for about a week and a half in fear of bacteria getting in there and causing an infection. As for you feeling weepy, were you on a hormonal birth control before you were put on your IUD? Adjusting to the shift from hormonal birth control to a non hormonal birth control could be making you feel this way. If that is the case that should get better soon.

    I was a little iffy about my new IUD at first as well but just hang in there and let it settle in for a few months, dont be afraid to ask questions and keep remembering it should settle in. I heard for some it can take up to 9 months to fully settle, but for most it only takes a couple of months.
    XX I hope it works out, I no it can be frustrating. XX

  20. eva77

    eva77 New Member

    Hi I have 3 children oldest 6 youngest 21 months. I am allergic to latex, and actually had a severe reaction to the birth control pill, tried several and each time rx happened quicker, within 10 minutes, face went numb, couldn't swallow! So I had a patch test with teh allergist and prayed , and I had my paraguard inserted last December, no major cramping, bleeding lasted 3 weeks though. Was very happy first month missed, midwife said b/c I bled so much i had little lining. Next month got normal period. Noticed some increased pimples on jaw line and behind ears, still nothing life altering. Then started having arm pains, wrists hurting, pins and needles very easily. I thought i was sleeping on my arms or something. then saw neurologist for some leg issues going back to last birth (tore pubic symphysis, the cartilagethat hold together the pubic bones) So he ordered an MRI withn contrast, to make sure my leg numbing fatigue wasn't due to MS or something. well day after MRI, i had parathesia, decreased sensation in my entire right side of my body, like novacaine wearing off, only it never did. I started getting sharp pains, in my shoulders, then after a few minutes it would be my hip then my ankle, it just was random and thankfully temporary pain. The ER Dr. said that it was probably MS and i would need a MRI of my brain. I just kept thinking this doesn't make any sense. Meanwhile the most discomfort was down my forearms and they kept going numb. I kept feeling these cold waves through my body, followed by burning sensations. It was just so strange. Both MRIs were clean and my nerve test resulted clear. Blood wrok unremarakbale except elevated ALT and RFactor. I had a copper patch test before getting the IUD and it was fine. I started having frequent urination and pressure whenurinating inmy pelvis and lower back. The numness comes and goes, the cold and burning haven't stopped either. My allergist says these symptoms do not constitute an allergic reaction. My midwife says nothing is impossible but lets wait and see the rest of the test results. She also did a urinalysis. Last night my husband and i sat down to watch some TV and watched an old episode of HOUSE we hadn't seen. Turns out it was a nun having an allergic reaction to an IUD she had in place from before she was a nun. Coincidence? My husband just kept looking at me in disbelief when they figured out the cause of her renal failure and elevated blood work was severe reaction to IUD. I am just very frustrated as i am being told it is anxiety, stress, and one Dr. actually said HIsteria!!! Are we in the 1950's... Please if anyone has had strange sensations as these...I am wondering if the heat from the MRI somehow caused the IUd to leeech a higher amount that precipitated all my symptoms. Amke any sense?yo anyone... ?


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