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  1. Brandyminix

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    I got the essure in 2014, I my periods were very heavy and would last most of the month. I have been having headache's, pains in my joints, bloating, and a hard time sleeping when I do sleep I have an even harder time waking up. I had to have an ablasion and I'm still bloated all the time with periods still lasting longer than normal. I also hurt while making love. My next step is a hysterectomy if it doesn't get better and I'm only 25! Is this really from the essure?

  2. Eliza90

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    it is all normal. I already posted this in the other thread but anyway, I also felt great discomfort and irritations. My periods lasted longer and i was bloating and feeling dizzy almost every day. It is very uncomfortable but it a period we must surpass

  3. Ann S

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    I had the essure procedure done four weeks ago on Wednesday. I feel great! No pain no problems. The only annoying thing is I still have a very small amount of blood when my husband and I have intercourse. It usually last a day or so. The doctor said it was because of all the movement and the procedure. I have read on forums where this is normal for a bit? It takes a while to heal like after having a child? Thanks for any help!


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