Coming of off Depo provera?

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by brandyab, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Sinead850

    Sinead850 New Member

    I have been on the depo for almost two years. I was due two weeks ago for my shot and decided not to get it because I have gained 25 pounds and have not had a period since I started it (which I don't mind). I am experiencing headaches, irritability, fatigue, extreme hot flashes and severe dizziness. I am going to have to quit my bartending job because I get so dizzy and fear I'm going to pass out and hurt myself. I'm 23 and all the accounts of hot flashes I have read about say that it is from premenopaus but clearly I'm not about to start menopause. How long do these adverse side effects last? Will I loose the weight I gained? I'm reading mixed responses.

  2. Melissa Newman

    Melissa Newman New Member

    This is my second go around with using Depo. I must say I was 100% happy my first go around except that it took 18 months for my cycle to return. I was off for a couple of years and went back to trying to find a pill that did not upset my stomach. With no luck I went back on the Depo about 5 years ago. This go around I have gotten the night sweats, headache and issues with my teeth. I stopped taking the shot in December so it's a wait and see game as to when and how my cycle will return. I can tell you this past week I have started with severe cramping. So not looking forward to this but I want to be healthy and no longer take this poison

  3. Melissa Newman

    Melissa Newman New Member

    During my break I was tested for premenopausal and all effects were due to the shot. I was told that the shot stores in your fatty pockets and until they are fully out that you will have effects of the shot.

  4. tech_n9nebby

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    Help! i want to get off of depo and i'm deathly afraid i will start gaining weight after i get off
    my diet is very healthy, i exercise every week 5-6 days. Will i put on weight? im a 7 year user.

  5. Melissa Newman

    Melissa Newman New Member

    @Sinead850 I have been experiencing some of the same symptoms and my last shot was in December. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question I was just told that the shot stores in your fatty pockets and was designed to last a year but in order for it to be 99.9% effective it needed to be taken every 3 months

    @tech_n9nebby I have started with some products that I truly believe in and I am actually losing weight. I used Depo on and off since 2004

  6. tech_n9nebby

    tech_n9nebby New Member

    @Sinead850 Im not currently over weight
    im 6 foot tall at 145 pounds. Ive been on depo for 7 years. when i first got on it i gained weight and got to 250 pounds within 3 years of starting. I lost that weight and got down to where i am now. But im not sure if getting off will cause weight gain.

  7. tech_n9nebby

    tech_n9nebby New Member

    is gaining weight inevitable or more about diet and exercise?
    Good diet, and exercise helps weight loss? or hormonal imbalance will inevitable cause gaining?

  8. molly91

    molly91 New Member

    I was on depo for 2 years then took a year off because off then went back on it for 3 years. I have been off depo for 4 month, the first month was ok the second I got mood swings. Then the third month I got my period for the whole month have experienced, mood swings, paranoia, sweats, cramp, tender breasts, sensitive skin, ache my wisdom teeth grow in like they were on steroids. I suffered anxiety and not the mild kind. I'm still having crazy mood swings and everyone annoys nr and I'm coming on to my 5th month off it. I think withdrawl is a long bumpy road and may take a year for the body to re adjust

  9. molly91

    molly91 New Member

    no you want gain weight coming off depo unless you over eat you gain weight on depo due to increased appetite. You will be fine

  10. Dee_jay

    Dee_jay New Member

    Hi! I just had my depo shot 2 days ago. After reading the posts I am sacred of the side effects I might have. I know it's off the topic, I just wanted to ask how long before the side effects show?


  11. Jennsnoakes

    Jennsnoakes New Member

    I've been looking over so many forums the last few months and reading about the frustrations of people coming off the DEPO injection. I first took DEPO for about 8 years starting from when I was 17. The first time I came off I had mood swings but that was generally it. My periods came back after a few months and I thought everything was pretty normal. I had a break for 2 years then decided to go back on as I was in a new relationship and after being told by nurses I should not use it for more than 2 years at a time I decided to have a break and had my last injection in April of this year. It's now November and I've never felt more of a mess than I do now.

    Currently I'm experiencing severe lower abdominal cramps. I wake up most nights in agony - having to pace until the pain eases with painkillers and a hot water bottle. The cramps are so severe I retch. I took myself to the hospital a week ago where they tested my water and it showed no sign of infection. I've been on antibiotics for the last 5 days and nothing has changed. I'm struggling to pee and feeling sick when I even think about eating. I've got back ache (around my kidneys which is why I thought it was some sort of infection) and my breasts have grown bigger for the second time since September. I must be at least 2 cup sizes bigger now. I've done about 6 pregnancy tests in less than 2 months and have all come out negative. I have days when all I can do is cry and cry.

    It's been an absolute nightmare and I'll never ever go back onto DEPO. Although everybody is different during/after the DEPO injection I'd advise people not to even bother - it really isn't worth the risk of all the pain I've been in!

    Wish somebody had warned me about the effects of coming off instead of just what would happen during DEPO.

  12. Mariaann12

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  13. tech_n9nebby

    tech_n9nebby New Member

    @molly91, youve been off for 5 months now, when did the symptoms stop? i know bleeding goes on and on for god knows how long, but the mood swings, bloating etc when did that stop? and you didnt have any weight gain?

  14. tech_n9nebby

    tech_n9nebby New Member

  15. niteowl1

    niteowl1 New Member

    Hello everyone! I am also new to this forum but after reading some of your comments I'm so glad I found it. I came off of depo a little over a year ago after more than 12 years. No one told me that you shouldn't stay on it for more than 2 years. My periods were always very heavy before, almost unbearable and the depo stopped them completely so I was content. I only stopped the depo because my Dr. told me that I had probably gone through menopause but, I haven't yet. I didn't really notice much of a change in my body while on the depo until the last few years. Someone told me that the formula for the injection changed somewhere along the way but I didn't investigate. I gained about 5 pounds a year and my body acted as though I was perpetually pregnant. A few months after stopping the depo, the withdrawal was almost unbearable. My breasts were so tender that I couldn't wear a bra at all and most of my clothes felt like sand paper against my skin. There were mood swings and extreme anxiety all of the time for about 3 -4 months. My period finally came back after 11 months but hasn't returned to normal and my body appears to be responding as though I had a miscarriage. Still waiting for things to return to normal and would appreciate hearing from anyone else that has experienced similar symptons. Still can't tolerate regular bras either. Had to by tank tops with built in support. Much more comfortable though. ;-) My Dr. has offered to put me back on depo to relieve some of the symptons but Never, Never again! I'll deal with the heavy periods again first. I think a lot more research is needed for this drug. Wishing everyone well and prayers that your symptoms fade away soon. Thanks !
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  16. Ana_325

    Ana_325 New Member

    Hi everyone! New to this forum ! I'm suppose to go in for my 2nd shot on Thursday but i don't think I am ! 2 weeks now and I started off with feeling nauseous then I began to feel anxious all of a sudden at one point I was shaking burning up from my face but my feet & hands were freezing I felt crazy and nervous .. Now beginning this week I've been feeling fatigued I feel like I can just fall asleep anywhere still feeling super worried stomach cramping and just two days ago I begin to have body aches really bad and I have vertigo and feel like I'm in a fog .. Everytime I eat I feel gassy and bloted I'm in so much pain from my body that even my face hurts ! Help me . I feel like I've lost myself

  17. Kazzaxmc

    Kazzaxmc New Member

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but so glad I've found it just to know that I'm not alone going through the awful side affects from stopping the depo injection.
    I was on the depo injection for about 9 months came off it Sep 15 and the past 2 months I've felt like my body isn't my own. Some of my side affects have been anxiety attacks, shaking from head to toe, Dizziness, head aches, nausea, nightmares, stomach cramps, muscle aches & weight gain. I've had slight spotting but that stopped after 2 days. Dr sent me for blood tests & gave me some diazepam for the anxiety. they do work when I'm feeling my worst but not good when you have 2 young children who need my attention & the pill makes me sleepy. I just want to feel normal again Xxx

  18. Emilee

    Emilee New Member

    In April I will have taken the shot for one year. This next shot in April is my last shot. What is a realistic expectation to have for possible pregnancy. From what I have read I know I should expect hell as my body goes through withdrawal, but should I expect a long wait before I get pregnant, even though I haven't been on it for very long? I'm just too excited to have a baby and I just don't wanna face too much disappointment waiting for my fertility to return. Help?

  19. Pants92105

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    I had the IUD for seven years and starting have problems in the last year on it. OBGYN couldnt fit me in for another month. was so desperate I self removed at it with directions from Google. I had really bad withdrawal for the first 4
    months and was doing for the last 5 months when I started bleeding for 20 days and was admitted in the hospital for a blood transfusion. The doctors in their solution was to give me Depo to stop the bleeding. I was so desperate and not thinking and now I'm afraid I'm going to have to suffer again through another round of withdrawals!

    I am currently taking a mix of castor oil, herbal teas and supplements to prepare for my body to get off Depo. This is week one of being on it and still spotting. I am trying to stay hopeful and strong through this. This is not what I signed up for when I get the IUD.

  20. babywanted

    babywanted New Member

    I started depo like 13 years ago.
    4 years ago I come off it and tried for a baby with my partner at the time, my first period was 6 months after coming off the depo, I fell twice in 4 months but lost both.

    This time round I went back onto the depo 2 years ago now, A different partner at the this time didn't want any more children. the funny thing is this is the bloke that made me take it 13 years ago, we meet back up and now have just finished our relationship, I would really love to have a baby when i meet the right one. so Its been a week yesterday since my depo was due and I refused to have it, I hate periods just like everyone, but with the trouble I had two years ago i want to come off it now while I am single. I wish I never had this depo.


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